There are many ideas on how to store coffee beans or ground coffee. One of the popular ways is in the freezer for later use. But is this a better method for storage? Will the drink not lose its taste properties? Let’s discuss in detail whether you can store coffee in the freezer and how to do it correctly.

It happens that we buy too much of a product (we got a promotion or decided to stock up a month in advance so as not to go to the store again). If most products rot over time, coffee loses its taste and requires special conditions for long-term storage. Basically, for long-term storage, freezing is recommended, but is it suitable for coffee?

Can you store coffee in the freezer?

Freezing has been used by humans for centuries as a way to extend the life of many foods. A wide variety of foods can be frozen in the freezer. Bread, meat, fruit, vegetables and even butter can be successfully stored in the freezer.

Freezing even maintains many of the vitamins and nutritional value of a wide variety of foods. Coffee, however, is not a likely candidate for freezer storage.

Precious coffee beans have 4 main enemies: moisture, light, heat and air. At first glance, the freezing method of storage does not seem to be dangerous for the product. Assumptions, however, can be deceiving.

The effect of freezing on the taste of coffee

Roasting the beans gives coffee most of its flavor. Baked beans are porous. Unfortunately, the beans can absorb other undesirable flavors than the coffee flavor you want them to produce. Freezers often contain many odors that you probably don’t want to smell in your coffee. Some flavors may be nice, but few people want to drink coffee with onions or seafood!

Coffee beans can also absorb moisture from the freezer. Moisture can cause deterioration of quality and loss of taste in beans. The more often you take the coffee out of the freezer and put it back, the more moisture absorption occurs in the beans.

If you absolutely must freeze coffee because you have a large surplus of coffee that you would like to keep, then freeze only once. The more you take the product out of the freezer and put it back, the more damage you do to the coffee beans and their taste.

Oils contribute to the taste of coffee. The destruction of oils removes the aroma of the coffee, and after brewing you will not even want to look at it, because a large part of a good cup of coffee is the aroma.

Can you store coffee in the freezer?

How to store correctly

When it comes to storage, freezing is not the best way to store coffee! Store coffee in a cool, dry, airtight container away from light. Here are all the rules.

If you still want to freeze coffee, do it once. For example, package coffee in batches and then defrost these parts as the drink ends on your shelf.

As a result of the loss of taste and quality from re-freezing, you will know for yourself that this method of storage is one to stay away from. It is best to buy enough coffee beans or ground coffee to supply you with your favorite drink for 1-2 weeks. Enjoy aromatic coffee in the fresh air!

Can you store coffee in the freezer?