In fact, there are many ways to make coffee without a cezve or coffee machine. And you yourself will soon be convinced that there is nothing difficult in preparing a popular drink. Even if you suddenly found yourself in an unfamiliar apartment, the owner of which only drinks tea.

What will we need?

  • Ground coffee. Medium or coarse grinding is better. If only finely ground coffee is available, it is advisable to dig out a strainer to strain the finished drink.
  • The smallest pan you will find. It is better enameled, but due to the shortage, a container made of stainless steel or aluminum will also work. The author of this article cooked in different pans and claims that everything is real. Although from experience, stainless steel is the worst option.
  • A stove or any other device on which you can heat a pot of coffee.
  • Water, preferably bottled. Or at least filtered. The quality of water for coffee is important.

More about the choice of coffee

You can buy ground coffee for the cezve – its grinding will work well for our purposes. If you do not have pronounced preferences in matters of coffee, then take a drink made from beans of medium roasting. And it is desirable that it says 100% Arabica, if you do not have a particular passion for bitter taste.

As for the brand. I will not advertise, but everything is logical here. If your coffee is good, even in a pot there is every chance to make a good drink. If you take some “Black Card” with the hope of getting a taste of the best Italian coffee shops, you will get a complete bummer. Therefore, even for cooking in a pot, find something decent.

How to make coffee without a Turk

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Put the required amount of coffee in the pot. It is believed to be about 2-3 teaspoons for a regular average cup. But here everything depends on your taste and type of coffee. If it is Arabica, from which all the smell has already evaporated, then you can put more. If the ground coffee is very dark, add a little less. In general, it is necessary so that water with the taste of coffee does not come out or, on the contrary, a bitter killer drink. Turn on your intuition.
  2. Measure the required amount of water. The easiest way is to take cups from which you will drink coffee. Pour water into them. Pours water into a pan. Do it again if you drink two cups each. And so on. I think the principle is clear.
  3. Pour water into a saucepan and place it over medium heat. Never leave the pan alone. Do not cover the pan with a lid. Do not stir the coffee.
  4. Wait until the coffee starts to rise. Turn off the heat at this point. Do not wait until the liquid rises too much or boils for a while.
  5. Immediately pour the coffee into the cups using a sieve, if you have one. If not, wait a little while the coffee settles and pour directly from the pot. The more grinds in the coffee, the less you will have to wait.

What to do if it is impossible to drink

If, as a result, you still have a terrible drink that even a coffee fanatic will not drink in its pure form, try to correct it with additives. The simplest option, which can be found in many apartments, is condensed milk. Add more condensed milk – and there is a chance that the drink will become quite tolerable. Cream and milk are also suitable if you have such fancy dishes. But I do not recommend adding strong alcohol, only if you have an iron stomach and nervous system.

How to make coffee without a cezve : step-by-step instructions