Kombucha gained its popularity back in the eighties. Nowadays, it is better known under the name “kombucha”. If you want to make this healthy drink yourself, you should know how to store kombucha correctly. We will talk about this later.

Correct storage conditions

If you regularly drink kombucha, it should be stored in a glass container, for example, in a three-liter jar. It is undesirable to tightly close the container with a lid. To prevent dust from settling on the surface of the drink, simply cover the can with cheesecloth. Metal dishes are not suitable for storing kombucha.

It is not recommended to keep the container with infusion in the refrigerator, the mushroom may spoil in cold conditions. Place the jar in a darkened and ventilated place. The optimal temperature regime for a tea drink is from 22 to 25 degrees.

How to store kombucha correctly

How to store kombucha for a long time

If you need to go on vacation or want to take a break from drinking, it is not necessary to throw away the mushroom. You can extend his life in one of the following ways.

  • In solution

During the break, put the mushroom in a weak tea solution and take it to a ventilated place, for example, to the balcony, in the pantry, put it on the windowsill during the cold season. Make a fresh solution about once every 14 days, and before that, wash the mushroom thoroughly.

  • In the fridge

If you are going on a trip for a long time, remove the kombucha from the solution, rinse it and put it in a plastic bag. The mushroom should be put in the refrigerator, in the compartment for fruits and vegetables. Cold conditions will not allow the yeast to start life processes. In the heat, they will come out of anabiosis again, and the drink production procedure will begin.


By drying, you can also save kombucha for the time of your departure. Wash it well and put it in a dry bowl, turning it occasionally to avoid mold formation. It is recommended to place the bowl in a deep pan, which must be covered with cheesecloth or a napkin. This will protect kombucha from dust and insects. Put the dried mushroom in the refrigerator or put it in the closet.

To revive dried culture, prepare a tea solution by adding sugar to it. After the mushroom has been in its environment for a week, it will return to its previous state. The very first drink should be poured out, and the next infusion can already be consumed.

General rules for the care of kombucha

Many troubles can be avoided if proper kombucha care is provided:

  • Culture is grown only in glassware, avoiding the use of metal containers.
  • It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the container, not forgetting to wash and sterilize the jar.
  • You can use an iron strainer to strain the drink. Use cheesecloth or a plastic strainer.
  • Oxygen is necessary for the vital activity of kombucha, so do not close the container with a lid.
  • Do not leave the jar in direct sunlight. They can provoke the appearance of algae.
  • Provide the necessary temperature regime. At a low temperature (from 17 degrees and below), the drink will mature very slowly.
  • Drafts have a detrimental effect on the mushroom, especially in winter.
  • Kombucha should be washed once every 7 days in the warm season. In winter, this procedure should be carried out once every 3-4 weeks.
  • It is recommended to wash kombucha only in cool water, preferably boiled. The mushroom will die in hot water.
  • When preparing the tea solution, make sure that the brew does not get into it. And it is also necessary to thoroughly stir the sugar before placing the mushroom in the solution. Undissolved grains of sugar and brew damage the surface of this organism. Therefore, it is recommended to filter the prepared solution.

How to store kombucha correctly

Solutions to various problems

Sometimes kombucha can be attacked by various diseases and troubles. Let’s consider the most common:

  • Culture has grown too much

This fact is evidence of good care, but such a copy takes up a lot of space in the container. In this case, it is only necessary to remove the old layers.

  • The mushroom sinks to the bottom

Usually it floats on the surface, but if it started to sink, it means that the specimen is already old and it is time for it to rest. Remove the thin transparent layer from its surface and place it in a freshly prepared tea solution with sugar.

  • The drink matures very slowly

Maybe the mushroom is too cold. Just move the container to a warmer area.

  • A brown coating appeared

Remove the top layer and wash the mushroom. Put it in a new solution with tea, and monitor the condition of the mushroom more closely.

  • The mushroom was covered with small spots

The appearance of spots may indicate burns from sugar or tea. Be careful when preparing the solution, carefully filter it and stir the sugar.

  • Mold has formed

If mold or insect larvae are visible in the jar, it will no longer be possible to cure the fungus. The infusion is very attractive to flies, especially in the summer. You can prevent the formation of parasites if you cover the jar with a dense cloth or gauze.

How to store kombucha correctly