The closer to the New Year, the higher the sellers of tangerines raise their prices. At the same time, citrus fruits are bought in large volumes and there is a risk that you will not have time to buy a quality product, but will have to “enjoy” the leftovers in warehouses. In order not to spend extra money, you can buy tangerines in advance. If no measures are taken, the fruits will last for about one and a half weeks. Let’s analyze the secrets of how to store tangerines at home for a long time.

What tangerines to choose for storage?

When buying tangerines for long-term storage, it is necessary to choose only whole, undamaged fruits. A tangerine that has a dent from a blow or a small area with the beginnings of rot can cause other fruits to spoil.

Mandarins from Abkhazia and Morocco have the best storage performance. You can identify them by the skin, as it is more porous. Spanish and Turkish tangerines are large and sweet, but they can spoil quickly during storage.

It is best to buy unripe fruits, not too bright in color, dense to the touch. If possible, buy tangerines on a small branch. Such fruits will be stored for a long time.

How to store tangerines at home

Container for storage

It is recommended to place tangerines in a perforated box to ensure air access. The container should not be very voluminous. Also, it should not be filled with a large number of fruits. It is enough to place tangerines in three layers. But tangerines stored in one layer, if they do not touch each other, last the longest. Mandarins should not be placed in plastic bags. This can lead to rotting due to moisture evaporation and the appearance of microbes.

Temperature regime and air humidity

The air temperature should be from 4 to 8 degrees above zero. This mode can be maintained if tangerines are stored on a closed glazed balcony or in a cellar. But if you do not have such premises, you can use the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, designed for storing vegetables and fruits, or the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Then tangerines should be placed in airtight boxes.

If the fruits are unripe and have a greenish tint, it is better to store them at a temperature of +2 to +6 degrees.

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For successful storage, air humidity should be approximately 80%. If the humidity is lower, then the fruits can quickly dry out, which will lead to deterioration of taste qualities. To prevent rapid evaporation, you should grease each tangerine sent for storage with a sponge dipped in any vegetable oil or in melted wax. After drying, tangerines can be stored.

You can store tangerines at home. Therefore, you should not succumb to the pre-holiday rush and buy tropical fruits at exorbitant prices.

How to store tangerines at home