It is very easy to get clothes dirty. But if dirt stains or water and salt stains are easy to remove, then traces of rust can become a serious problem, especially on light-colored clothes. And if there is a red spot on your favorite jeans or a white sweater, not only the item is spoiled, but also the mood. However, you should not despair, because for an experienced housewife there are no unsolvable questions about how to remove rusty stains from clothes.

Why do rusty marks appear?

Reddish-brown spots formed by iron oxides can remain on clothes in various situations:

  • If laundry is dried on metal structures in wet and cold weather. It can be a wire, heating radiators, iron rods, etc. Where still wet items are in close contact with the exposed metal surface, a rust mark can soon form.
  • Sometimes, when sending clothes to the washing machine, people forget to check the pockets. If there is a metal trifle in the pocket – coins, paper clips, nuts, etc. – red spots will remain on the fabric.
  • Often, traces of rust on children’s clothes appear after sliding down slides, playing on metal benches, carousels, etc.
  • Modern clothes are equipped with many buttons, rivets or decorative elements made of metal, which can rust during washing and stain the fabric.

How to remove rust stains from clothes

General rules for rust removal

There are various methods of removing rusty stains and stains from white and light-colored clothes. For this purpose, you can use:

  • Different acids.
  • Detergents.
  • Special means for removing stains.
  • Professional dry cleaner.

The decision about which method is best to use must be made taking into account the quality of the fabric.

Do not soak products made of genuine leather, suede, velor and wool. The same materials are afraid of processing with acids, do not tolerate compositions with acid and some synthetic fabrics.

But cotton, linen and denim are perfectly soaked and ironed. Bleach and stain removers can be used for these fabrics.

In order to be sure of success and not to spoil the thing for good, it is better to first test the product on an inconspicuous part of the clothing (for example, in the area of ​​the seams on the wrong side).

Express methods of removing fresh stains

If a rust stain on a blouse or t-shirt has appeared recently, there are several methods available to remove it at home.

Those who are at least slightly familiar with chemistry know that rust is destroyed by contact with acid. You can use this property for your own purposes. Vinegar or citric acid is probably found in every house. With their help, you can easily clean white clothes from rusty stains:

  • Mix half a glass of water with 20 grams of citric acid powder. The resulting solution is heated, but not to boiling point, and poured onto the stain on the clothes. If the rust stain is still fresh, it will dissolve under the action of acid in literally 5 minutes.
  • You can replace the citric acid powder with a thin slice of lemon wrapped in cheesecloth. The prepared fruit is placed on the spot, and several layers of paper or white cloth are covered from below. The place of contamination is ironed from above with a hot iron. After removing the rusty stain, the clothes should be washed in the usual way.
  • To bleach clothes, you can dissolve 2 tablespoons of 70% acetic acid in a glass of water and heat the mixture to 70 degrees. Immerse the contaminated area of ​​clothing in the heated solution for 5 minutes. Then the thing is pulled out and rinsed with the addition of ammonia. For 1 liter of water, you will need half a tablespoon of ammonia.
  • If there is no vinegar essence at hand, you can use ordinary 9% table vinegar. It is mixed with table salt to the consistency of thick gruel and lubricated on the rusty spot. In this form, the thing is left for 30 minutes, then it is washed by hand or in a washing machine.
  • Very delicate products made of tulle or wool can be cleaned with ordinary toothpaste. Smear the contaminated area and leave for 30 minutes, then wash the product in the usual way.

All the described methods will be effective if the rust stain is fresh. If the contamination is old, it is better to use special means for removing stains from the store or hand the item to a dry cleaner.

How to deal with old stains

If traces of rust have appeared on clothes for a long time, and home remedies do not help, you will have to resort to more radical methods of solving the problem:

  • Rust can be removed using oxalic acid and vinegar essence. Half a tablespoon of oxalic acid and the same amount of essence are dissolved in a glass of water. The resulting solution is heated in a water bath and the contaminated part of the product is immersed in it for 3 hours. After the traces disappear, the clothes are rinsed in water with the addition of ammonia (150 ml of alcohol will be needed for 1 liter of water). Only dense fabrics can be bleached with this tool.
  • With the help of a mixture of salt and wine vinegar, rust stains are removed not only from white things, but also from printed ones. You can use this tool only when all others have proved ineffective. Kitchen salt and table vinegar are mixed in equal proportions, the resulting gruel is smeared over the place of contamination. The product is carefully straightened and exposed to the sun for 1 hour.
  • The bravest housewives can conduct a small chemical experiment at home to obtain real bleach. To do this, pour 30 ml of oxalic acid into a glass of water and pour a tablespoon of baking soda. In some cases, potash is used. The composition is applied for 15 minutes, after which the product is washed.
  • You can remove stains from your favorite jeans with the help of “Anti-stain” product. It is applied to a soft rag and the stain is wiped, after which the pants are rinsed and washed as usual.

Removing rust from colored items

The appearance of traces of rust on colored clothes can put even an experienced housewife at a standstill. Here, the use of aggressive bleaches can permanently damage the item by dissolving the paint on the fabric. In this case, you can use softer, gentler means:

  • White chalk is ground to a powder state and mixed in equal proportions with water and glycerin. Pollution is treated with the resulting gruel and left for a day. Then the remains of the chalk are washed off, and the thing is washed in a washing machine.
  • You can remove stains from colored or delicate fabrics with the help of “Fairy” dishwashing detergent. It is mixed in equal amounts with glycerin and applied to the product. After a day, the item can be washed.
  • A mixture of glycerin and grated soap can be a more effective tool. This gruel is liberally smeared on the contaminated area and left for at least 24 hours. After the stains disappear, the thing is first rinsed with clean running water, and then washed with the addition of liquid soap.

You can use acid to remove rust stains. This tool not only effectively dissolves rust, but also fixes the paint on the fabric, preserving the brightness and saturation of the color.

Features of cleaning delicate fabrics

Thin fabrics require more careful processing. You can use home remedies to remove rust from silk, fine wool, or knitwear.

Grated laundry soap, water and glycerin are mixed in equal proportions. The result should be a porridge of medium thickness. The resulting mixture is applied to the stain and left for 24 hours, after which it is washed by hand. In addition to soap, you can use dishwashing detergent.

If there is no stain remover at hand, you can use another home remedy. For its preparation , glycerin, toothpaste and water are mixed in equal parts . Instead of paste, you can use white chalk, crushed into powder.

To clean clothes made of fine natural wool , you need coal powder and kerosene in equal proportions . The stain is treated with this mixture and left for 3 hours. When the traces of rust on the fabric have completely disappeared, the product is washed in warm water with liquid soap.

How to remove rust from clothes

What is offered in the store

To combat rust stains on clothes, you can use household chemicals sold in hardware stores.

Chlorine bleaches can be used to whiten dense synthetic or cotton fabrics. However, such a tool can spoil clothes made of fine silk, organza and other delicate fabrics. It is better to purchase special means for removing stains based on oxygen or with a special marking “for delicate fabrics.” The same applies to products made of colored fabrics.

To combat relatively fresh stains, you can use the following store products:

  • Antipyatin
  • Ass.
  • Sarma.
  • Amway.
  • Vanish.
  • Oxy.

According to experienced housewives, the most effective stain removers are available in the form of gels. Compared to powder bleaches, they penetrate deeper into fabric fibers and act less aggressively.

To remove rusty traces, a few drops of the gel are applied to the surface of the fabric and cleaned with a soft brush for a few minutes. Then the product is set aside for the time specified in the instructions (usually 10-15 minutes). After that, the thing can be washed, and it is better to do it by hand. If the stain has not disappeared, the procedure can be repeated.

Useful recommendations

Fighting rust stains on clothes is a rather difficult and time-consuming process. To speed it up and make it more effective, it is recommended to carefully study and adopt several useful nuances:

  • The earlier the fight against traces of rust on clothes is started, the greater the chances of success.
  • It is best to remove stains before regular washing. Contact of iron oxides with water can worsen the situation. It is advisable to clean outerwear from dust and dirt before processing.
  • When using recipes with toothpaste, you should choose a whitening variety. After processing, the paste should be washed off and the result checked. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.
  • If the stain remover contains concentrated acid, it is better to work with gloves to avoid chemical burns. When working with sorrel or vinegar essence, you must wear a mask and ventilate the room to avoid unpleasant health consequences.
  • When removing rust stains from delicate clothes, it is not recommended to use chlorine bleaches. In this case, rust particles can eat into the fabric even deeper, and then it will be impossible to solve the problem. It is better to choose products containing active oxygen atoms or organic enzymes to remove stains.
  • Some sources recommend using hydrochloric acid to remove rust stains. However, this method is not only ineffective, but can also be dangerous to health, since hydrochloric acid has a high degree of toxicity.
  • Do not try to clean white leather or suede products yourself. Such things are better to entrust to professionals.

Rusty stains on clothes are quite a serious problem. It is not always possible to get them out the first time. Sometimes you have to use more than one method. If it was not possible to achieve success at home, it is better to contact a dry cleaner, where more powerful professional preparations are used.

How to remove rust stains from clothes