Today, almost all meat products on the shelves contain preservatives and flavor enhancers that have a negative effect on the human body. For supporters of healthy eating, a ham cooker is simply necessary. With its help, you can prepare not only home-made ham, but also sausage, meat and fish sausage. Let’s consider how to cook ham in a ham cooker at home.


A ham cooker is a small container made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic with press lids actuated by two springs. The height of this kitchen utensil is usually 16-17 cm, width 10-11 cm. Cooking meat delicacies in a ham cooker has its own characteristics:

  • The device must be briefly immersed in boiling water;
  • Put the meat cut into pieces with the addition of gelatin, garlic, pepper and other ingredients tightly in a special bag for baking, place it in the device, having previously installed the bottom cover on it;

Importantly! The ham will be tastier and juicier if the meat is pre-beaten and marinated!

  • Close the device with the top cover, install the springs;
  • Immerse the filled ham cooker in a container with water with a volume of 5 liters or more. For these purposes, you can use a multicooker, an air grill, an oven, depending on the cooking recipe on which the choice was made;

How to cook ham in a ham cooker

Importantly! The meat should slowly simmer in its own juice for at least 3 hours. Under pressure, the mass is preserved from “boiling bubbles”. Thanks to this, all nutrients are completely preserved in the finished dish. The culinary masterpiece turns out to be very tasty, juicy, and retains its shape.

  • After cooking, place the ham cooker in cold water;
  • In order for the dish to infuse, after cooling, put it in the refrigerator for about 9-12 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of ham cooker

Ham cookers appeared on the market more than five years ago. But some housewives still do not know about this miracle device. And for nothing! With the help of such a technique, it is easy to prepare appetizing, healthy meat and fish delicacies, delighting your household. The device is environmentally safe, easy to clean, compact, and inexpensive. It will also be a good gift.

However, you should not buy suspiciously cheap ham cookers. In such models with insufficient tightness, poorly processed edges, it will not be possible to prepare tasty and healthy dishes.

Shinkovar is an excellent solution for fans of proper nutrition, fans of meat products. If you are not too lazy to cook – buy this new-fangled kitchen gadget!

How to cook ham in a ham cooker