Dried apricots are dried apricots. As a result of fermentation, they produce a wonderful dried fruit, rich in vitamins and trace elements. 100 grams of dried apricots contain 200 calories, as well as 5 grams of vegetable protein and 50 grams of carbohydrates. The special benefit of this product is that it is the most valuable source of potassium. It is used in cooking in baking and eaten simply like candy. This product spoils easily and is quite capricious in storage. Therefore, it is important to know how to store dried apricots correctly at home.

How long to store dried apricots:

  • 30 days on the shelf at room temperature.
  • In the refrigerator for up to 10 months.
  • In the freezer for up to 1.5 years.

Storage rules

Dried apricots are obtained by drying pitted fresh apricots, as a result of which they lose up to 80% of moisture, leaving all the useful substances. The presence of water inside the product contributes to the fact that if it is stored improperly, mold appears on it or it dries out and turns black.

To store dried apricots, you should choose a place where the following conditions will be observed:

  • temperature 15-20 ° C;
  • humidity 70-75%;
  • absence of direct sunlight.

So that it is always at hand, you can organize the storage of dried apricots at home as follows:

  • put in a clean, dry glass jar with a tight lid;
  • keep in a dry, cool pantry or in the kitchen in a cabinet.

How to store dried apricots

If the dried apricots have turned black, this is a sign that either the product itself was of poor quality, or you stored it incorrectly.

It is also not recommended to store dried apricots for a long time: in the process, they lose part of their moisture and dry out even in a tightly closed container.

Dried apricots are prepared exclusively from unwashed apricots, as there is a plaque on fresh fruits, which consists of natural bacteria that protect them from pests. Therefore, dried fruits are washed or soaked in boiling water only before use. It is impossible to store dried dried dried apricots, as they spoil quickly.

The storage period at room temperature is 30 days under the above conditions. But if you find a place where it will always be +12-15 °C, then you will be able to keep it for up to six months.

In the fridge

In the refrigerator, the storage conditions for dried apricots are optimal for long periods (up to 10 months). Here, the necessary humidity and temperature of 5 °С are maintained, at which even the home-made product remains fresh for a long time.

Ways to properly store dried apricots in the refrigerator:

  • in a tightly tied bag on the middle shelf;
  • in a plastic container with a lid;
  • in vacuum packaging.

In the freezer

To store dried apricots in the freezer, it is necessary to package them in portions. If there is little space, you can carefully fold them one by one in a plastic container with a tightly closed lid.

How long is frozen dried apricots stored at what temperature -18 ° C and below – 18 months.

It is worth noting that for long-term storage, it is necessary to completely remove the air from the container in which the frozen dried apricots will be stored. Therefore, it is recommended to use vacuum bags.

Since dried apricots contain relatively little moisture, they do not clump together when frozen, so it will not be difficult to get them out of the freezer and separate the required amount. You need to defrost dried apricots gradually. It is best to send it to the middle shelf of the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

how to store dried apricots

Homemade dried apricots

A natural product is always better than a purchased one, as it is difficult to find out what dried apricots are treated with in order for them to have an attractive appearance. Housewives often prepare homemade dried apricots in a fruit dryer or in the oven. For ITS storage, it is necessary to observe the same conditions as for the store. The only important condition: you need to carefully bring it to full readiness so that mold does not form on the product during storage.

It is best to keep homemade dried apricots for the winter in the freezer. You can also send it to the refrigerator and store it as described above.

With long-term storage, regardless of the method, it is advisable to check your stocks of dried fruits once a month and, if necessary, remove blackened fruits. But in the presence of mold, the entire stock should be thrown away immediately, since its spores could penetrate even into an unchanged product.

How to store dried apricots at home