Enamelware are good in many aspects. It is enough to follow simple rules of use and care, and it will last for many years. Now let’s talk about what to do in difficult situations, when something burned in the cookware, or it lost its snow-white appearance. Define the rules, how to clean an enamel cookware and not spoil it.

An important rule of care for enamel: in any case, you cannot use abrasive detergents and metal brushes, and you cannot use cold water to heat a heated pan and vice versa.

How to clean an enameled cookware

Simple washing

To wash the cookware is best right after it is freed and went to the sink. Otherwise, it is better to fill it to the brim with water. It is sufficient to use any liquid detergent and a hard sponge. Even the lime scale, which is formed after boiling of not too pure tap water or after broths, clean a hard polypropylene sponge.

If there are small stain or lumps of burnt food or it is not possible to clean the strip along the edge of the pan, then it is better to fill it with warm water with the addition of detergent and let stand for 30 minutes. After this, everything is cleaned with a sponge. Do not in any case, delete lumps of burnt food with spoons, knives or other sharp objects.


Before cleaning the cookware from the limescale, you can sprinkle all the dirty places with salt. If the dirt is too dry, then you can prepare a brine solution.

  1. On a liter of water, put 5-6 tablespoons of salt.
  2. Enameled cookware is filled with the resulting solution for 2-3 hours.
  3. To speed up the process, you can put the pan with salt solution on the fire and boil for 30-40 minutes over low heat.
  4. After this, the dirt is washed off with a sponge with a detergent without problems.


A thick solution of soda is just as good if the enameled pan is burned.

  1. Pour 5 tablespoons of soda with hot water, mix thoroughly.
  2. Pour the solution of soda into dirty cookware.
  3. Leave to stand overnight, so that the dirt and burnt remains of food is soaked.

After such a procedure, it will be easier to clean the enamel cookware inside. Dirt does not just fall off the walls, but becomes porous and soft, so that after it is easily washed with the same first method with a hard sponge and dishwashing detergent.

How towash an enameled cookware

Disposal of scale

  • If it concerns a dark plaque on an enamel pan, then simple citric acid will help. It is enough to pour water on the edge and fill a half-pack of citric acid (50 grams), and boil for 10-15 minutes. Even if not all the scale is gone, the remnants will be a loosened dirt that will be washed off with a detergent. This is the easiest option, how to whiten the enameled cookware.
  • A more extreme method is the use of chlorine or whitening tablets. Pour the whiteness into a saucepan for half an hour, after pour into a bath or sink. Enameled dishes after thoroughly cleaned under running water. After a while the smell of chlorine will fade away.
  • Alternative to citric acid – sour green apples. The essence is the same, in apples there is an acid that dissolves the scale. It is enough to grate the surface of a cookware with apple slices and let stand for a couple of hours. After washing the enamel from the dark scale.

Before you clean enamel cookware, you should be patient and not hurry, use only liquid and gel-like detergents and hard synthetic sponges.

How to clean an enameled cookware

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