The starting material for the production of viscose is wood pulp, and it is believed that this fabric is quite durable. However, its structure is very fragile. In a wet state, all its strength is lost and its capricious character is manifested, it is very easily susceptible to any mechanical damage. That is why the question often arises, how to wash viscose and whether it is possible to do it at all, with what means, so as not to damage the appearance. Tips on what you can wash viscose with and what are the secrets will be useful.

We are preparing for washing

The very first step before washing should be a careful study of the label attached to the item of clothing. On it, there are symbols showing advice on how to handle the type of fabric from which the product is made. Viscose fiber can be added to the composition in different proportions, which determines the type of washing. It is possible that the item cannot be washed in a washing machine, or it can only be dry cleaned. This is why you should dance.
How to wash viscose

  • White viscose products are washed separately from colored and black ones.
  • Be sure to check the pockets, if there are any, so that an accidentally left object cannot damage the delicate fabric.
  • It is recommended to wash viscose items inside out and with all fasteners closed.
  • The best solution is a special mesh bag used for washing clothes made of delicate fabrics, as a more gentle method. It makes sense to place a viscose product in it, so that it does not mix with others, and there is no possibility of spoilage.

How will we wash?

So, it was clarified that the machine wash symbol was not crossed out on the label. Now you need to choose fabrics that are similar in delicacy. If you wash everything together, coarser fabric can catch and damage the viscose fabric.

The mode of delicate or manual washing is set. Spinning must be turned off. The water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees.

Many experts believe that even with the “permissive” washing symbol, it is better to wash by hand. We have already mentioned the fragility of viscose, and therefore it is easy to imagine how dangerous it is to scroll repeatedly in the drum of the machine.

It makes sense to first soak the items of clothing to be washed.

  • Cool water is poured into the basin – with the same temperature as during machine washing. A powder intended for washing very thin fabrics by hand or a special liquid preparation dissolves in it.
  • Viscose clothes are immersed in the solution for half an hour, rinsed in a soapy solution, after which you can start your own washing.
  • The viscose items are again placed in a basin of cool water and a little liquid hand wash is added. In the created foam, the thing is rubbed very carefully, with massaging movements. It is absolutely impossible to rub and twist the fabric, squeeze it into a lump.

What to wash?

The composition of household washing powders includes various additives and enzymes that have a destructive effect on viscose fibers, causing damage to their protein structure.

You should choose detergents for washing viscose, paying attention to their composition, which should be gentle on delicate and thin fabrics – this should be indicated in the instructions for use.

You can use a laundry conditioner.

Among the recommended products is the German product AlmaWin, which can be used to wash woolen , silk and viscose products.
Wash viscose

Sodasan, also made in Germany, has the same characteristics.

There is also such a development as a gel containing lanolin, which is also quite effective when washing viscose. Due to the content of lanolin, the necessary care and softness of the fabric is provided, and the presence of a special polymer preserves its color.

A few important points

Viscose can completely unexpectedly react to the use of household improvised means, so beloved by our housewives, such as soda, ammonia, etc. In particular, products made from it do not tolerate vinegar well.

Soft water should be used when washing knitted viscose products. It is allowed to soften it by adding ammonia. The water temperature in this case can be slightly higher – up to +45 degrees. The foam from the detergent is whipped up in it, it is necessary to wash carefully and carefully. And only in this case – to add shine and brightness to viscose knitwear – you can add a little table vinegar to the water for rinsing.

For white viscose items, it is recommended to use oxygen bleaches. Sometimes hydrogen peroxide is used.

How to wash viscose: washing tips

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