Things made of acrylic have long taken their permanent place in our wardrobe and everyday life. They are valued for their softness, lightness, strength, hypoallergenicity and ability to retain color. Knowledge of the basic rules for their care will help to increase the service life of your favorite sweater or blanket made of this synthetic material. Let’s consider how to wash acrylic by hand and in a washing machine so as not to spoil the thing.

General useful tips

Acrylic products are best washed by hand, especially if they are decorated with beads, brooches and other decorations. Machine washing is also possible if the rules described below are followed. True, the composition of the fabric of such products often also contains wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. Therefore, first you need to study the information on the tags sewn on the inside of the thing. They may include individual care recommendations.

How to wash acrylic by hand and in a washing machine

It is important to remember: the consequences of improper washing of acrylic are stretching, deformation of the product, as well as rolling of the fabric. If this happened, there are several ways to return the shape of a sweater that has sagged or stretched.

Acrylic things should be washed, guided by several basic rules:

  • The use of hot water is inadmissible – no higher than 30 °C;
  • It is recommended to soak very dirty things in a soapy solution before washing;
  • It is necessary to try to wash off greasy stains as soon as possible when they appear – the fabric has the property of persistently absorbing such dirt;
  • It is advisable to use softening and antistatic agents (conditioners) to avoid the appearance of coils and electrification of products;
  • Do not use chlorine-containing products (bleachs, etc.);
  • It is not allowed to squeeze or twist wet acrylic items.

How to wash by hand

Manual washing of acrylic products includes the following list of actions:

  1. Leave the thing for 10 minutes in water at room temperature with detergent mixed in it (household or baby soap, shampoo). In the presence of heavy pollution, soaking can be extended up to 1-2 hours.
  2. When you wash, remember the thing and lightly rub the soiled areas.
  3. Carefully rinse the acrylic thing a couple of times. When rinsing, you should use agents with an antistatic and softening effect. For this purpose, you can add a little table vinegar, juice of half a lemon or citric acid to the water (1 teaspoon of powder per 10 liters of water).
  4. It is impossible to squeeze a thing by twisting it strongly. You can only lightly press with your palms, allowing the excess water to drain.

How to wash in a washing machine

If there are no contraindications for automatic washing on the labels of acrylic products, then they can be washed in a washing machine. At the same time, follow the following procedure:

  1. A thing made of acrylic or several things compatible in color must be placed inside the machine in a special bag for washing. At the same time, the drum should not be tightly packed.
  2. Add detergent (preferably gel), air conditioner (or 1/3 cup of 9% vinegar) to the compartments specially provided for them.
  3. Select one of the following modes in the settings: “delicate wash”, “wool”, “hand wash”, set the water temperature to 30 ° C, turn off the spin and drying functions (if available).
  4. After washing, remove the item and start drying.

How to wash an acrylic sweater

How to dry acrylic things?

Acrylic products cannot be hung on ropes – they can only be dried on a horizontal surface. For these purposes, the thing is spread out on a large terry towel or cotton cloth. After the litter has absorbed the first moisture, it can be changed to a dry one.

Acrylic products should be dried away from heat sources, without direct sunlight.

Violation of these rules will lead to deformation of the acrylic sweater or discoloration of the fabric.

Recommendations for the care of acrylic

Can you iron things made of acrylic? No, it is not recommended to do this. If absolutely necessary, you can iron them through wet gauze, choosing the lowest temperature setting on the iron.

An unpleasant feature of acrylic fabric is its tendency to form coils. They can be carefully cut with a razor or removed with a special machine.

Thanks for reading. Let your acrylic things serve you for a long time!

How to wash acrylic by hand and in a washing machine