Viscose is a very light and pleasant to the body fabric, which has one significant drawback. After ironing your clothes, you may find that the viscose has settled after washing. How to deal with this problem, if the thing has already decreased in size, and you still want to wear this wardrobe item, returning it to its original appearance?

If you have washed viscose clothes, dried them and found that the product has shrunk, you can immediately begin to correct this defect. For this, there are three most elementary methods that do not require the use of complex devices and ingredients.

Viscose sat after washing

  • Wet the clothes thoroughly with a spray bottle. Put on yourself and walk like this until the fabric dries completely. Viscose can stretch and take the shape of the human body with a high probability.
  • Take an iron, set the silk ironing mode. It is good to iron viscose, use a steam generator and periodically lightly spray with water. At the same time, it is necessary to slightly stretch the fabric with your hands, pull it a little in different directions.
  • Wet the viscose clothes completely. Wring out the fabric and hang it to dry on the ropes in the bathroom or on the balcony. Stretch along the length and sleeves and fasten with clothespins. After a couple of hours, remove the clothespins and let them dry naturally.

Folk ways

If the viscose sat down, and the simple tips listed above did not help, then you can resort to the recommendations of experienced housewives and use improvised means to enhance the effect:

  • Take gauze, soak it in a soda solution (a teaspoon of soda per glass of warm water). Put the soaked gauze on the clothes and iron on top with an iron with a steam generator.
  • Completely wet the viscose product, moisten it with the same soda solution. Carefully roll the fabric into a tube. Pull the edges several times. Unfold and roll it into a tube from the other side. Repeat the operation. Rinse in cold water and dry naturally.
  • Wet a cotton sheet with a solution of water and salt (a teaspoon per 1.5 cups of water). Place the sheet on a flat surface so that the entire viscose product fits completely on it. Cover with the rest of the sheet. Leave in this state for 1-2 hours, then rinse well and dry.
  • Place the wet viscose item on an inflatable pillow, box, or similar structure so that the item is stretched. Gently pulling the fabric in different directions, dry it with a hair dryer.

How to wash viscose

  • If the viscose sat down and became shorter in length, wet it, carefully pull the bottom of the garment with a hair elastic, and attach a small load to it from below (300-400 g maximum). The same method can be done with sleeves or pants. You can leave the thing in this state for half an hour to an hour, otherwise the product will stretch and the bottom will become uneven.
  • Wet the thing with a solution of table vinegar (100-150 ml) and 500 ml of cold water. Stretch it slightly, put it on the table in this form, prop it up on four sides with loads (books, weights, etc.). Wash off the vinegar after half an hour, put it under the load again on the table until it dries completely.

If funds allow, then damaged clothes can be taken to the nearest dry cleaner. Specialists will competently stretch viscose to the desired size, the thing will not lose its shape and original color. Do not forget to wash the viscose product at a low temperature, and consider before buying that viscose will shrink a little after the first wash.

Viscose sat after washing: how to stretch

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