From time to time, it is necessary to refresh the curtains so that the room shines clean, and the sunlight penetrates and delights with bright rays, and not through the prism of dirt and dust. There are no special difficulties in how to wash tulle, but it is necessary to take into account some nuances, such as the material of the curtain and the appropriate washing mode for it. Let’s consider the basic rules that need to be taken into account in order to get clean tulle from the washing machine, and not crumpled “something”, as well as how to properly dry and remove stains.

Before washing tulle, determine what fabric it is made of. Different materials – different features of care, some can be washed as usual with other clothes, others require a delicate approach. The following types of tulle material are distinguished:

  • Organza. Wash either by hand or on the delicate mode of the washing machine . The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. It is forbidden to squeeze and twist organza curtains, so turn off the spin in the washing machine. Iron only with a warm iron.
  • Polyester. Normal hand or machine wash. You can iron, but only through the fabric with a warm iron, otherwise the fibers will be damaged.
  • Veil. Like organza, it requires a delicate approach. The temperature of washing tulle from a veil is up to 30 degrees. Bleach and aggressive detergents are contraindicated. Do not iron with a steam humidifier. Ironing through the fabric is allowed.
  • Kapron. Such tulle washes away dirt well. Normal washing at 40-60 degrees is allowed, but at high temperatures white kapron fabric can turn yellow, so it is ironed at 30 degrees. Do not wash with chemical bleaches. Ironing is not recommended, it is enough to set a weak spin so that the fabric does not wrinkle too much, and hang the washed curtain in place, it will flatten itself as it dries.
  • Haze. Machine washing is allowed, but at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees and in a special bag for washing. Ironing is prohibited. It is enough to hang a wet curtain out of the haze and let it drain and dry naturally, as a rule, there is no crumple left.

How to wash tulle

General rules for washing, drying and ironing

Tulle can be easily soaked for a long time. This is convenient if you plan to wash by hand. Soaked in the morning, and after coming home from work, quickly wash and hang the curtain to dry.

If washed in a washing machine:

  • Be sure to turn off the spin cycle or set the speed to a minimum, otherwise the delicate fabric will be torn, the threads will come out, plus it will shrink, and it is forbidden to iron most types of tulle.
  • Washing temperature – up to 30 degrees. Some types of tulle made of nylon and polyester can be washed at a higher temperature, but this is not necessary – dirt is perfectly removed even with low water heating. In addition, a low temperature reduces the risk of damage to the material and its yellowing.
  • The washing mode is delicate.
  • So that the tulle does not wrinkle, it is better to lay it flat, and not in a crumpled pile, as is done with bed linen.
  • If you wash the curtain with other things, put it in a laundry bag to avoid damage.

Ironing is not desirable, besides, it will be an unnecessary action. The tulle straightens perfectly under its own weight. After washing, let the excess water drain, and then hang the wet curtain in place. If the crease is strong, ironing with a warm iron through cotton fabric is allowed. A hot iron is dangerous and can cause puffiness and burnt areas.

In order for tulle curtains to keep their shape longer, they can be starched.

Removal of stains

Sometimes it is not enough to just wash, sometimes there is a problem, how to wash the tulle from greasy stains and other dirt, especially this applies to the curtains in the kitchen.

To wash the curtain from greasy stains, sprinkle the material with starch, leave it for half an hour and close it.

Yellow. It is not recommended to whiten tulle curtains with special means; to restore their linen, tulle is washed with salt.

The most difficult thing is with old tulle curtains, since it is impossible to remove tulle from grayness, no bleaching will help. But you can save the situation by painting the curtains with blue or green. Just add the product to the water when rinsing. The more concentrated the solution you prepare, the brighter the new color will be.

How to wash tulle: basic washing rules

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