Parka (Alaska) is a very comfortable and practical outerwear. It can be made in both autumn and winter versions. It can be of different colors and lengths, as well as filled with different fillers. That is, depending on which insulation is used, there are different ways to wash the parka. Let’s consider this process in more detail, taking into account all the nuances.
Is it possible to wash the parka? Of course you can. With the exception of parkas with sewn-on fur, that is, it cannot be unfastened. And now we will consider how exactly it should be washed depending on the different types of Alaska.

The parka can be with fur, down or synthetic material. At the same time, fur can be both natural and artificial. You can check this by looking at the tag on the clothes. If they are broken, then you can only rely on your knowledge of insulation and fabrics. We will consider in more detail below how to wash different types of parka, and for now we will consider some nuances of fabrics.

How to wash a parka

Preparation for washing

  • Before washing, unfasten all fur linings and collars.
  • Close all pockets, zipper, buttons and buttons, straighten the lace at the bottom of the parka.
  • You can use a special bag for washing – this will protect the jacket from possible deformations.
  • Turn the jacket inside out. So metal accessories will not damage the fabric during washing.

Rules for washing parks made of cotton, polyamide and membrane fabric

To begin with, understand how this or that fabric is woven that can be used in a parka. It can be polyamide or cotton, or their combination, as well as a rare option – a membrane fabric.

If you have a parka made of cotton or polyamide , it can be washed in a washing machine. It is enough to set a delicate washing mode with water not higher than 40 degrees, since you cannot wash a winter parka made of these fabrics at a high temperature, and the insulation will not tolerate it either. Be sure to turn off the drying mode in the washing machine.

Keep in mind that cotton can shrink under the influence of hot water, so set the temperature to no more than 50 degrees.

If desired, white or light cotton parka can be washed with bleach, but in no case not with an aggressive one, as this can damage the fabric. Add only mild detergent or regular powder to colored items.

If there is a drying mode in the drum, then turn it off. You should also not dry the jacket near heating devices. It should be hung on a hanger or spread horizontally on an absorbent cloth in a wet state and wait for it to dry. After washing, the cotton will dry for a very long time, but you should not speed up this process with heaters.

how to wash a bologna jacket

If membrane fabric is used in the parka , do not wash it in the washing machine under any circumstances. Hand wash only. And only with the use of special means for the care of membrane tissue. How to wash things with a membrane is described in detail in this article .

It is clear from the above that the fabric does not have any special requirements. So all the main points depend on the heater.

How to wash a synthetic parka

The easiest way to wash alaska (parka).

  • It can be washed in a washing machine.
  • The parka washing mode is for synthetic fabrics.
  • The temperature is up to 40 degrees.
  • It is better to turn off automatic drying and spinning.
  • Detergent – ordinary powder or detergent for washing synthetic fabrics.

After washing, take out the parka and lightly squeeze out the remaining water with your hands. Hang the jacket to dry away from heaters.

A synthetic parka can be ironed with an iron with a steamer.

How to wash a parka down jacket

There is a separate article about washable down parkas , so here we will list only the main points.

If you decide to wash in the washing machine, you will need several tennis balls and a special gel for down jackets. Put them in the drum together with the parka. It is necessary to wash at a temperature of up to 30 degrees without spinning. The rest of the water will need to be squeezed out by hand, and then absorbed with a terry towel.

For hand washing, it is enough to soak the parka down jacket in barely warm water with a diluted gel for several hours, then rinse and wring it out, as in the version with a washing machine.

washing a polyester jacket

How to wash a fur parka

It is ideal if the fur lining can be unfastened. In this case, the parka can be washed in a machine on delicate mode at a temperature of up to 40 degrees, and the fur can be taken to the dry cleaners. If it is sewn tightly, or you do not have the opportunity to use the services of a laundry, then you can try to clean the fur yourself. Let’s consider how to properly wash a fur parka.

If you have faux fur, there are two options:

  • In the washing machine: on gentle mode in cool water. Use only special detergents for fur. Turn off spinning and drying.
  • Manually. Dissolve the detergent in water, take a clothes brush, wet it and brush the fur parks in the direction of the pile. Do not press hard. Rinse under warm water. Do not twist, let the water drain on the vase, slightly wringing the thing. Absorb the remaining water with a terry towel.

After the fur dries, comb it. This will not allow it to fall and return the splendor of the product.

It is better not to wash natural fur yourself. It uses “dry cleaning” without the use of detergents. We will consider how this is done in the following articles. It is better to take the fur to the dry cleaners.

How to wash a down parka, fur parka, and synthetic leather

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