Even the most high-quality and durable outerwear gets dirty sooner or later. Sheepskin coats, especially light-colored ones, are no exception. This can be a put stain or greased places near the pockets, cuff, collar, buttons and hem. As a result, the coat loses its appearance and needs cleaning. But there are a number of restrictions, even contraindications, on how to wash a sheepskin coat made of genuine leather.

To understand whether it is possible to wash a sheepskin coat, let’s understand its features. This coat is made of leather, which is produced in a special way: the softness of the leather is achieved by treatment with a special solution of soda and acid, and the strength is achieved by the use of a tanning composition. But even in this case, sheepskin is leather, and leather does not tolerate water well, and such a product may lose its appearance after contact with it.

It is strictly forbidden to wash the sheepskin coat!

How to wash a sheepskin coat

If you want to wash a sheepskin coat in a washing machine, you can do it only for the sake of an experiment – to make sure that it is not worth doing. Hand washing is also not suitable. Remember – no water! Even in the most gentle mode, even if you wash carefully, even… But any “even” is turned off if water is present.

How can you wash a sheepskin coat?

If it is necessary to wash the sheepskin coat, then the best option would be to give it to the dry cleaner. But if there is no such possibility, then at home you can wash the sheepskin in the “dry” way. Let’s consider options for how this is done. Before starting to clean a sheepskin coat in one way or another, be sure to check the reaction of the skin to the selected product. To do this, use it on hidden areas of clothing.

  • Buy a leather cleaner at the store. And following the instructions, treat greased areas and stains.
  • If you want to refresh the sheepskin, just vacuum it using the nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Folk remedies:

  • A fresh greasy stain can be cleaned with starch or talc. It perfectly absorbs fat, change the starch several times.
  • Dirt can be removed with the help of semolina. Put on a textile glove, pour some semolina and rub it on the dirty area, change the cereal several times. Simply shake off the remains of semolina with a brush or a damp cloth.
  • Greased areas can be wiped off with a rubber brush or eraser. For the best effect, soak them in a soap solution with ammonia.

It is necessary to wipe off the dirt carefully, do not overdo it, otherwise the damage caused will be impossible to repair. If the tool does not help, then just try another option.

After cleaning the sheepskin coat, wipe the treated areas with glycerin diluted in water at a ratio of 20 ml per 0.5 l. You can also purchase a special tool for processing leather products. They improve the water-repellent layer of the thing, creating additional protection and extending the service life.

how to wash a sheepskin coat

You can also use some “wet” methods that will help wash a sheepskin coat at home:

  • You can clean a dark sheepskin coat with kerosene, which can be used to treat dirty areas with cotton wool or a soft cloth.
  • Light sheepskin is recommended to be cleaned with a solution of 1 glass of milk, 1 tsp. ammonia and 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide

After washing in these ways, hang the sheepskin coat on a hanger and dry it at room temperature out of the sun and away from heaters. Washed areas should be well crumpled, otherwise they may tarnish, and rubbed with a special emollient for the skin.

It should be noted that all the listed methods are folk, so we do not recommend trusting them 100%. It is better to seek help from professionals.

Fur on a sheepskin coat

The described methods apply only to the leather part of the sheepskin coat. If she has fur , then you can’t clean it with such methods. Cleaning fur is generally a separate topic for conversation. First, knock the dust out of it, then comb it carefully. If the condition is still not satisfactory, you can wipe the fur with a light soapy solution, and after drying, comb it again.

How to wash a genuine leather sheepskin coat

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