One of the most common fabrics for sewing outerwear is bologna. In the off-season and in the summer, when it often rains, a more practical jacket than a bologna jacket is worth looking for. But such clothes require quite frequent washing. Let’s consider ways to wash a bologna jacket.

Preparation and cleaning

If there are greasy or any other stains, it is necessary to remove them before washing, consider how to clean a bologna jacket . To do this, take a suitable spot detector and conduct a test for the reaction of the fabric. She can drool. Use a cotton pad to apply the product to an inconspicuous area, for example, on the inside of a shelf. If the fabric did not become lighter, and the cotton pad did not change color, everything is fine, the product is suitable.

how to wash a bologna jacket

Greased areas can be rubbed with laundry soap and left for several hours. Pour table salt or dry mustard on the newly planted spot of fat. If the bologna jacket is white, use ammonia.
Preparation for washing also includes unfastening all removable elements of the jacket. After that, the product is fastened with a lock or buttons.

How to wash by hand

Before washing, it is necessary to study what conditions must be observed when caring for the product. This is indicated on the label. As a rule, bologna should not be twisted and crumpled for the purpose of wringing. This can lead to the appearance of folds and creases, which will be impossible to get rid of later, since this fabric cannot be ironed either.

  1. Prepare a basin with water, the temperature of which should not exceed 40 degrees.
  2. Dissolve in water a special agent for washing synthetics or a universal one. A liquid detergent is better, as the powder does not rinse well.
  3. Soak the jacket in the solution. The stronger the contamination, the longer it should soak. If they are minor, 15 minutes is enough.
  4. Since it is impossible to wrinkle the fabric, and the stains must be removed, you can use a brush with semi-stiff bristles for this purpose.
  5. Rub contaminated areas, sleeves, collar, pockets, elbows. If it is not possible to wash them, apply a stain remover approved for bologna directly on difficult areas, and hold for a while, then rub again.
  6. Rinse the bologna jacket after washing in clean water, changing it several times. It’s even easier to direct the jet from the shower at it and achieve a complete rinsing of the foam.

washing the jacket

Can it be washed in a washing machine?

It is not advisable to wash a bologna jacket in the machine, there is a high probability of wrinkling. If there is such a desire, then you need to choose the most delicate washing mode, and refuse to spin completely. The water will drain after the product is hung to dry.


If the product is without filler, it is quite possible to hang it on a rope in a draft, but not in the sun. You can hang the jacket on the shoulders.

If the jacket has padded material, the drying method may be different. Syntepon filler requires the mandatory use of shoulder pads. And the down jacket is dried horizontally, laid out on a terrycloth or ordinary, but folded several times, sheet. This is necessary for better moisture absorption.

The flatter the bologna jacket will be during drying, the better, because it cannot be ironed.

How to wash a bologna jacket in a washing machine and by hand

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