It is impossible to imagine our existence without tea. Tea is not only tasty, but also an extremely useful drink, which is sometimes called a healing gift of nature, discovered by the Chinese, and they taught us how to use this unusual product. But tea is extremely sensitive, it reacts very actively to external conditions, so its taste and healing properties depend on how to store tea.

Basic rules

The quality of tea is affected by many factors, and one of the most important is humidity, extraneous odors, storage temperature and lighting. When making tea, the main procedure that affects the quality of tea is fermentation. The output of finished products occurs at a humidity of 10%, no more. Therefore, when stored in conditions of high humidity, moisture is absorbed into the tea leaf and chemical oxidation processes begin, which change the color and taste of the drink. In conditions of high humidity, the processes of bacterial reproduction are started, which leads to mold and spoilage of the entire package. That is why it is so important to store tea properly.

How to store tea at home

  • It is best to store black and green tea in a dry, dark place where the temperature does not exceed 22-25 °C, with a relative humidity of no more than 70%.
  • The most optimal option may be to store tea in a porcelain dish with a tight lid. In addition, it is best to buy tea in small packages, so that with frequent opening of the container, it does not have time to oxidize.
  • Tea very actively absorbs extraneous odors, therefore, even in a sealed container, it cannot be stored next to objects that have a strong smell.

It is not recommended to use transparent glass jars for storage, as even scattered light can accelerate the destructive processes in the tea mass.

It is undesirable to store tea in plastic bags and simple paper balls. Some advise to store bags and containers with tea in the refrigerator, but here you need to take into account the physical processes that occur in conditions of low temperatures and high humidity, which is always present in the refrigerator compartments.

how to store tea

Special teas, such as puerh, oolong, red and white, are stored well at room temperature, while the main condition should be good sealing of the container. The shelf life of tea depends on its type.

  • Black tea is stored for a maximum of 1.5 years, after which it loses a large half of its qualities. You can brew it, but it will be a simple brown drink.
  • Oolong will keep well at low temperatures for up to a year.
  • Green tea is the most unstable, its shelf life does not exceed six months.
  • Puer tea should be mentioned separately. Under the condition of complete sealing, some of its varieties can be stored for ten years, but as soon as the package is opened, the storage period is drastically reduced.

How long can you store brewed tea

Freshly brewed tea can be stored in a teapot for no more than a few hours. After this period, it is no longer tea, but its “ghost”, since the majority of useful substances disappear. Therefore, it will be correct if tea, black or green, will be brewed specifically for one tea party, and the leftovers should be poured out. This is how the Chinese and Japanese come, who are masters not only of growing tea, but also created a special culture – a tea ceremony, which allows you to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of this priceless drink.

How to store tea at home