Such an unpleasant phenomenon as a fire can happen to each of us. Sometimes it catches fire for various reasons – from food left on the stove to an iron plugged into an outlet. And if the hosts manage to fight the fire on their own, that’s only half the battle. After a fire, you will not only have to tidy up soft furniture and household appliances, but also remove the caustic “aroma” from the apartment. Do you know how to remove the smell of burning after a fire?

Basic recommendations

If the fire was not large-scale, and only a few items were damaged, then the first thing you will need to do is to take them out of the apartment (of course, if they cannot be restored), there should not be anything charred and burnt in the room. After that, follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • Create a powerful draft. Open all the windows, the balcony, and the doors wide open. The thrust should be maintained as long as possible.
  • Since the smell is very well absorbed by fabrics (clothes, carpets, curtains), you will need to wash them as soon as possible and hang them to dry. As for carpets and dense covers, it is generally recommended to take them to the dry cleaners.

How to remove the smell of burning after a fire

  • Turn on the hot water. It will also help to remove the smell after the fire. Note that the water must be spilled for several hours. If you want to speed up the process, put several full pots of water on the stove and bring them to a boil as well. At the same time, do not forget to add water from time to time. You can also hang wet towels around the apartment – they will absorb unpleasant odors.
  • If you have air humidifiers, turn them on.


If you are not aware of how to get rid of the smell of burning, then try using ordinary vinegar. This product was used for cleaning and washing apartments (in all senses of the word) several decades ago.

  1. Dilute a small amount of vinegar in water.
  2. Dip a cloth in the solution.
  3. Take a good walk along the floor, walls and ceiling.
  4. Ideally, the procedure will need to be repeated several times.

Do not forget that air accumulates at the top, which is why you will also need to process the chandelier and cornices. As for windows, window sills and plinths, wooden products can also be washed with this composition, but with plastic, the matter is completely different. If you want the ombre to go completely, you will have to replace the windows, because the plastic instantly absorbs everything.

Air purifiers

Air fresheners, which today can be easily found in virtually any market, will help deal with the unpleasant smell. Of course, ideally, you should buy a professional product, because the composition in it will be completely different, and the cleaning will go faster. Such air fresheners will need to be installed in each room.

How to remove the smell of burning after a fire

If you don’t have time to go to the store, you can also use natural products that have the ability to absorb the smell. Coffee, ammonia, starch and ordinary soda are suitable for this.

  • Pour coffee into several open containers and arrange them around the apartment (the same is done with other products).
  • Keep in mind that removing the smell of burning is not such an easy task, so that the long-awaited effect comes as soon as possible, you will need to change containers as often as possible.

We found out how to get rid of the burning smell after a small fire. Keep in mind that it is best to carry out such cleaning in the absence of children and elderly people, since their bodies may be too vulnerable, and toxic substances may affect their health.

How to remove the smell of burning after a fire