If the food in the fridge deteriorated or something has been spilled, then over time (if you do not clean up) there will be a specific smell. The most unpleasant and persistent aromas produce rotten meat or eggs, sour milk, rotten vegetables and fruits. To solve the problem, you can use a special chemical or improvised detergents that are present in any home. Consider how to remove a bad smell in the fridge quickly and efficiently.

Users are encouraged to follow the sequence of actions:

  • Disconnect the fridge from the electrical, and free the cameras of all contents.
  • Clean joints, corners and inaccessible areas with a detergent.
  • Leave the fridge door open and wait for all surfaces to dry.
  • Spread on the shelves an agent that absorbs bad smells.

And now let us pass directly to the consideration of what agents absorb smells.

How to remove a bad smell in the fridge

Housewives tips

For a long time to keep the freshness in the fridge will help substances from the first aid kit or kitchen table, which are excellent absorb different smells.

  • Ammonia alcohol. As a safe agent for eliminating persistent odor, ammonia can be used. To prepare the solution, add a teaspoon to a liter of water and clean all surfaces.
  • Soda. Pour 2 tablespoons of powder into a liter of water and mix thoroughly. Clean the walls and shelves of the fridge. To remove the persistent smell, pour additional soda into the saucer and leave overnight in a closed fridge. All bad smells will be absorbed.
  • Vinegar. Prepare an aqueous solution in a 1:1 ratio. The acid neutralizes the unpleasant smell and cleans the surfaces of dirt.
  • Lemon juice. To obtain a solution, mix the lemon juice with ammonia in a proportion of 1:10. Fresh fruit can be replaced with lemon essence, which is enough to mix in cold water.
  • Permanganic acid. The cause of the bad smell from the fridge can be rotten eggs. Remove persistent fragrance with potassium permanganate. Light pink solution must be cleaned with all surfaces.
  • Orange. Remove the smell of rotten fish or meat with citrus. The owner of the fridge only needs to put orange crusts on the shelf and wait for 2-3 days. This method is also good for microwave ovens.
  • Activated carbon. The porous structure of the adsorbent will quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell. Chop 10-20 tablets on a saucer and put it inside. Perfectly suited as a prevention of the appearance of fetid odors.
  • Ground coffee. Fill the chopped grains in a cup and put in the fridge for a day.

Household detergents and scent absorbers

Use special detergents for cleaning the refrigerator. They will easily wash the surface and also quickly remove smells.

  • Thanks to the Clean Home gel for refrigerators, you can get rid of the unpleasant smell for a long time. In this case, it does not need to be washed off, it is enough to spread the surface of the refrigerating chambers. As the active substance, hydrogen peroxide is used, which permanently removes the source of persistent aroma.
  • OdorGone Professional for Home – a universal helper in removing any smells. It differs in that it destroys harmful bacteria and food residues, affects the sources of aroma at the molecular level, removing them forever.
  • Indesit can be purchased to clean the refrigerating chambers. The user only needs to spray the solution with an atomizer. After the procedure, the product must be washed with clean water.

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Also in the domestic industry can be allocated special means-absorbers of smells. They differ in performance and the active substance, but the principle of their work is one – to absorb all the smells. There are several options for such “assistants”:

  • Freshening balls. The active substance is silica gel, designed to remove all smells in the fridge. The package contains 3 balls, which are laid out inside.
  • Absorbers with a dispenser. The device contains a removable filter in which the coal granules are located. The adsorbent absorbs odors that cause discomfort. Cassettes need to be changed every 2 months.
  • Helium absorbers. When they are made, extract from algae and lemon extract is used. As an additional component, silver ions are used. The agent destroys pathogens that actively multiply on dirty surfaces.
  • Absorbers-ionizers. The agent absorbs the unpleasant odor, and also prevents the spoilage of products. 4 C type batteries are required to operate the device.
How to remove a bad smell in the fridge