If the laptop turns off during operation, the problem is not always in the operating system or hardware. Household rubbish enters the cooling system, clogs it, and the appliance turns off to prevent damage to the hardware. Cleaning the laptop from dust prevents overheating and prolongs the life. You can solve the problem yourself if the appliance is not under warranty. Consider how to clean your laptop from dust yourself.

Cleaning Tools


  • Crosshead screwdriver to remove the back panel;
  • Dispenser with compressed air from the building store;
  • The usual vacuum cleaner;
  • Soft rag;
  • A firm and clean surface for work.

How to clean your laptop from dust yourself

Quick cleaning of the ventilation system

The option is suitable for those who are in a hurry, or bought a gadget recently. If the device has worked for years without care, it is better to clean the entire system, paying attention to the fan blades.

Cleaning the inlet and outlet holes of the ventilation system will help cope with dust and small dirts. It takes only 5 minutes to make the laptop quieter and stop heated.

It is necessary to find instructions to the laptop, and determine where the holes are. The outlet is vacuumed by simply removing the cleaning head from vacuum cleaner. Inlet clean with a dispenser with compressed air. In both cases, it is necessary to ensure a smooth flow of air without stopping for a long time in one zone.

Important: vacuuming is not suitable for appliance that have been subjected to “home” repair. The displacement of small parts is the usual result of this activity. It is necessary to fix all loops with clamps, and wrap small details.

Complete cleaning of the laptop

This option allows you to get rid of dust between the fan blades, remove small objects which fell into the ventilation, and achieve a truly quiet work.

In the steps, the cleaning looks like this:

  1. Turn off the laptop completely, you cannot have it in hibernation mode;
  2. Put it on the table like a book, turning the monitor away from you;
  3. Unscrew the back cover fasteners using a screwdriver. In some models, they are hidden behind rubber feet, if at first glance there are no bolts, it is necessary to remove feet;
  4. Carefully remove the panel, and find the fan assembly;
  5. Check the fixation of all the cable loops, they must be neatly laid and fixed with silicone clips;
  6. Remove small objects from the fan blades;
  7. Clean the fan with a dispenser;
  8. Clean the inlet and outlet of the ventilation system with a dispenser;
  9. Remove traces of dust with a rag;
  10. Check the fixing of the fan, loops;
  11. Close the cover so that it is in the grooves;
  12. Screw with a screwdriver;
  13. Test the laptop
How to clean laptop
Dispenser with compressed air for cleaning laptops

Cleaning the keyboard and the front panel from dust

The keyboard should also be cleaned from dust. When the “general cleaning” of the laptop is planned, it is necessary to start with it. If we plan to just clean the dirt from the front panel, you need to use a dispenser.

Technology of work:

  1. Turn off the laptop, put it on the rag on the rib like a book;
  2. Use a dispenser to move from top to bottom, blowing dirt onto the fabric;
  3. Turn the laptop over, apply a cleaning detergent to the keyboard and monitor;
  4. Clean with a rag of microfiber;
  5. Allow to dry completely, check operation.

Important: cleaning the front surfaces does not help against noise and overheating, this is a cosmetic procedure.

Maintain the cleanliness of the appliance easily. You need to stop putting the laptop on the bed, cushions or use in a dusty environment. Preventive cleaning should be carried out regularly, spring cleaning – once every three months. If the device is under warranty, you will have to apply for cleaning to an authorized center, otherwise you will lose the possibility of free repair.

How to clean your laptop from dust yourself