Rats are very dangerous rodents. They are smarter and more cunning than ordinary house mice, they quickly adapt to the conditions and it is not easy to breed them. Rats not only spoil things, food stocks, but also attack pets, carry dangerous infectious diseases. There are several ways to get rid of rats in a private house, which are better used in a complex manner for better efficiency.

Why do rats appear in the house?

Rodents multiply quickly, literally filling a person’s home, so you need to start the fight against rats at the first signs of their appearance. They prefer to live not only in private houses, barns, chicken coops. They can often be found in apartments, garages, basements of high-rise buildings.

How to get rid of rats in a private house

Reasons for the appearance of rats:

  • storing a large amount of food stocks in the house (flour, cereals, sugar);
  • violation of sanitary standards in housing;
  • open ventilation shafts and openings, holes, cracks in the walls and floor;
  • location of the house near a cafe or restaurant.

As a rule, rats seek shelter in houses with the onset of cold weather, and it will not be difficult for them to get into a human dwelling. The appearance of uninvited residents can be detected by the left traces of excrement, constant squeaking and rustling, damaged furniture and an unpleasant smell.

What to do if rats are found?

You should not immediately panic, because getting rid of rats, although difficult, is quite possible. Make an action plan and buy all the necessary tools:

  • Check the entire house and the area around it for sinkholes. If you find their lair, getting rid of rodents will be much easier and faster. After using rodenticides, all holes in the house must be closed with cement, plaster, filled with mounting foam, etc.
  • Hide all the food. If you store grains in large quantities, transfer them to dense polyethylene bags or boxes, which are treated with rodent repellants on the outside.
  • Choose means of extermination. The more options you use, the faster you will get rid of rats.

There are several ways to destroy rats:

  • use of rat traps;
  • professional chemicals, poisons;
  • electronic deterrents;
  • folk remedies

Cats and dogs against rats

If the problem of rats in the house is frequent, then it is better to get a cat that knows how to catch rats and mice . However, with a large number of pests, this method does not work. The cat simply will not be able to catch all the big rats and will suffer himself. Cats are effective against mice, and as a deterrent, rodents will instinctively avoid homes with rat traps.

A small hunting dog (dachshund, fox terrier) is much more effective at catching rats, which, thanks to its hunting instincts, perfectly catches and destroys even the largest and most experienced individuals. They also differ from cats in that they are able to find and dig rat holes. This will greatly facilitate the destruction of pests.


Rat traps are a classic method of catching rats and mice. In the store you can find several types of traps:

  • With a spring mechanism. A simple, cheap and effective method of destroying rodents. Minus – false positives and slow catching of rats. One mousetrap catches one individual. Rats reproduce quickly, and it will take many days and many rat traps to get rid of them all.
  • Sticky traps. They can be in the form of adhesive plates, special glue or sticky tapes with an attractive smell for rodents. They are more expensive than mechanical rat traps, but they catch several individuals at a time. The disadvantage is that in the morning, live rats will be stuck in the glue, which you will need to get rid of on your own.
  • Electronic rat traps. They are a house with a bait, going inside the rat gets an electric shock and dies. Compared to other methods, it is the easiest to use method of exterminating rats. All you have to do is shake out a dead rodent in a garbage bag: there is no blood, no need to deal with a live individual. The only drawback is the high price.

how to catch rats in the house

This method is good for a small number of pests, and only for a short time. If a family of rats settled in the house, only the first few rodents will fall into the traps. The rest will quickly assess the danger and will not approach them. It is better to use traps in combination with other means of rodent control.

Professional means against rats

The use of poisons is much more effective, and they are produced in the form of granules, liquid solution or powder. Poisonous bait can be mixed with food or simply spread granules in places where rats are most often found.

Such poisons can be both instantaneous and long-acting. It is important to understand that fast-acting poison is suitable only for a small population of pests, but will get rid of them in one day. The use of drugs with a prolonged effect is perfect for fighting a large accumulation of rats, but you will have to spend much more time.

The most effective means of long-term action are:

  • ratindan;
  • chrysides;
  • Chrysomor;
  • Rakusid;
  • zoocoumarin

Among the instant-acting drugs, it is worth noting KRYSIN, which kills pests within one day.

Poisons effectively destroy rodents, but have a number of disadvantages:

  • Poisonous bait can be eaten by a pet or a child.
  • A poisoned rat can go to die in the house. As a result, you will have a smelly corpse in the walls or under the floor. It will be necessary to find and destroy it in order to get rid of the unpleasant smell.
  • Rats adapt to poisons. If the rat survived after eating the poisonous bait, its offspring will already be immune to this type of poison.

Ultrasonic deterrents

Recently, special ultrasonic devices operating from the network are gaining popularity. They emit ultrasonic signals or magnetic waves that are perceived only by rodents. Thanks to this, pests begin to feel strong anxiety, discomfort and quickly leave a private house in search of a new shelter.

The choice of ultrasonic devices is quite large, and you need to buy them based on the space of the room and your own financial capabilities.

Folk tips and remedies

Proven folk recipes are suitable for families with small children or small pets. After all, this method is the safest and does not require special efforts and financial costs. You can make repellants and poison for rats with your own hands.

how to breed rats

If there are few rats and you do not want to destroy them, you can scare away rodents with unpleasant smells or create uncomfortable conditions:

  • Place small cloth bags filled with dry chamomile, black seed, and tansy in the rooms.
  • Use essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus. They can be sprayed on the places where rats appear or moisten a cotton ball or a rag in oil and put them near rat tracks and burrows.
  • Plant chamomile, mint, wormwood, elder, black root on the plot around the private house. Black root is also called chrysogonum, as the seeds of these plants are prickly and cling to rat skins, which rodents do not like.
  • Treat the room with formalin, naphthalene or kerosene. It is not suitable for a private house, as the smell will be unpleasant for a person, but in non-residential buildings it is quite possible to use this repellent.
  • Collect the ashes left from the hearth of the stove, boiler or bonfire. Ash irritates the skin of rodents. Sprinkle her places where rats appear. If you find rat holes, fill them in.
  • Broken glass can be used to get rid of rats and mice. Break the glass into small shards and fill them in the holes. After injuring their paws, rodents will rush away from the hated house.

We prepare poison for rats with our own hands:

  • Gypsum or lime will do an excellent job of killing rats. Mix lime or gypsum powder with flour or sugar. Pour the powder near the rat hole and place several saucers and jars of water nearby. After eating the bait and drinking, a solution is formed in the rat’s stomach, which will later harden, which will lead to the death of the pest.
  • Cut the wine cork into small pieces (remains from cork wood coatings will also work). Mix these pieces with bread and sunflower oil and spread near the holes. Once in the rodent’s stomach, the plug will begin to swell and clog the intestines, the animal will die.

Importantly! It is necessary to prepare the poison in gloves, because rats can smell the human smell and may not eat the offered bait.

Prevention of occurrence

You can avoid an unpleasant neighborhood only by regularly taking preventive measures to strengthen your home. It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of floors, walls, ventilation grills. Carefully fill any cracks, and some experts advise adding Tsimat to the plaster mixture at the construction stage, a drug that repels rats and mice from the house for 4-5 years.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and order in the house, to monitor the implementation of all sanitary standards. You should not store large stocks of food in the house, and if this is not possible, then regularly check the basements and cellars.

How to get rid of rats in a private house