The appearance of rodents in an apartment is always a problem that needs to be solved immediately. Not only do they gnaw floors, things and eat your food, but they also carry diseases. In addition, they can attack a person. There are many ways to get rid of mice in the apartment, we will try to highlight the most effective of them.

Why do mice appear in the apartment

The main reason is food. Having very small body sizes, mice easily penetrate into the smallest and narrow gaps (holes) in the floor and walls. Products lying in the pantry, in drawers, in lockers and simply on the table become their easy prey.

How to get rid of mice in an apartment

However, it is not easy for them to get into the apartment, after all, it is not a private house standing right on the ground. Most often, in apartment buildings, mice live in the basement and near the nearest trash can. They can move to an apartment for several reasons:

  • The basement was flooded. In search of shelter, rodents begin to climb up the ventilation pipes. They find a cozy home with the smells of food and settle down next to it.
  • Disinfection of rats and mice in the basement or another apartment is carried out. Once again escaping, the rodents are looking for a new lair.
  • Mice can appear in the apartment together with new furniture or things, for example, in a parcel. If you brought furniture or a suitcase into the apartment that was previously stored in a shed, garage or in a private house, there is a risk that new residents will arrive with them.
  • Mice are attracted to warmth in the house, which is especially important in winter. During severe frosts, rodents leave the trash and cold basements, heading for the warm floors of the house.

However, not every apartment can accommodate mice or rats. They need a place to arrange a den – a cozy closed area. They can find such a place in the ceilings or in the floor. For example, the risk group includes buildings with ventilated facades, with clapboards in the walls, with insulation, frame houses, as well as apartments with wooden floors. Also, mice can settle on a cluttered balcony or in a closet filled with old things.


The very first rule of preventing the appearance of mice in the apartment is the quality of the floor and walls. To prevent rodents from entering from outside, it is necessary to make the apartment (and primarily the kitchen) completely “hermetic”. Any gaps and openings should be carefully closed and prevented from appearing in the future.

Modern building materials allow you to do this without much trouble and very efficiently. In houses and apartments of old construction (Soviet times), holes in the floor can simply be filled with cement. Fill the cracks in the walls with any kind of putty.

The second recommendation is not to keep products open. Mice, like cockroaches , appear exactly where any food is available for them. Therefore, it is recommended to store ready meals in the refrigerator or keep them closed on the table. The same applies to other products stored in the kitchen: everything should be in a well-closed airtight container. After eating, immediately clean everything from the table, carefully sweeping away even the smallest crumbs. The garbage can must also have a lid. And it is desirable to remove water from it every day, or even several times a day. Only perfect cleanliness will minimize the likelihood of mice appearing in the apartment.

If the mice still appeared

Having discovered traces of rodent activity, it is necessary to immediately draw up a plan for their removal:

  1. Spring cleaning. To get rid of mice, sometimes it is enough to block their access to water and food. Fix the water pipe if there is a leak. Put the food in the refrigerator. It is better to throw away all the food that the mice probably touched, it can be contaminated. After that, carefully check and clean all corners of the apartment. The peculiarity of rodents is their thriftiness. They rarely eat on the spot, as a rule, after grabbing food, they move it to cozy corners to eat later. Therefore, food can be anywhere – behind the closet, in the sofa, behind the battery, on the balcony, behind the stove, etc.
  2. Check the apartment for holes through which mice sneak into the room. Remove the plinth, inspect the floor and corners, the places near the sewer and water pipes, the garbage disposal and ventilation area. Holes can even be in the ceiling, especially if you have a stretch or suspended ceiling. All these holes must be closed with foam, cement, plaster, etc
  3. Call a rodent extermination service that will quickly and effectively destroy rodents. The cost of such services starts at $20.
  4. Use special means to get rid of mice: traps, baits, poisons, repellents. They can be bought in a store or made with your own hands from improvised means.

It will not be as easy to get rid of mice on your own as in the case of professional extermination. But in the complex, all measures to destroy rodents give a good result.


This is the easiest way to deal with mice. If there is an opportunity to keep a cat, then definitely use it. As an option, if for some reason you cannot keep a cat in the apartment permanently, you can temporarily borrow an animal from friends or relatives. Rodents sense a predator and reflexively leave the area where the ratcatcher is.

Run the cat into the kitchen and close the door. Do not forget to put a cat litter box.

how to catch a mouse

The disadvantage of the method is that not all cats are rat-catchers. Purebred cats most often lack the hunting instinct, and it is not a fact that in the morning you will see a couple of mouse corpses on the floor. If you use a cat to catch mice, it is necessary to take one that lives in the countryside and is trained to hunt. If you decide to get a rat-catcher kitten, it should be taken from its mother at the age of 3-4 months, so that the mother-cat has time to teach the kitten all the skills of catching mice.


It is also considered an effective way of fighting. If you set a mousetrap with bait at night, you will almost certainly catch one animal every day.

But this method requires a lot of patience and a lot of mousetraps. If mice crawl into the apartment from the basement, then their population is probably counted in tens or even hundreds of individuals. To get rid of them in this way, it will take more than one month. And if the mouse had time to bring offspring (up to 12 cubs in the litter), then it will take even longer to catch all the rodents with mousetraps.

Mousetraps are different:

  • Classic with a spring lever. There are open and closed types. A simple and cheap option, you can buy a lot of these, placing them in all corners. Disadvantage: false positives. Moreover, if a mouse falls into a trap with its paw or tail, it is quite capable of escaping by pulling a mousetrap or biting off a limb.
  • The alligator mousetrap is more effective than the classic one, although it has the same principle of action. The difference is that the trigger occurs only when the mouse is completely trapped in the device. Disadvantage: danger to a person when starting a mouse trap. If the spring is not carefully wound, the device can work and cut off your finger.
  • Glue mousetrap. Adhesive tape or a device with a special glue to which the paws of a rodent trying to reach the bait are quickly glued. Advantage: you can catch several individuals on one trap. Disadvantage: a nimble mouse can escape from a sticky surface, and those caught will emit an unpleasant squeak. Also consider that the rodent does not die, and in the morning you will have to get rid of the live mouse.
  • Electric mousetraps shock rodents with electricity when they approach the bait. Plus: reusable. You can set one such trap and in the morning see several mouse carcasses near it. Disadvantage: power supply and danger to pets.

Repellents for rodents

Today, there is a large selection of ultrasonic or electromagnetic devices that are effective and at the same time harmless. They work from an ordinary electrical outlet, emit signals that scare away any rodents within a radius of several tens of meters, and at the same time they are not visible to humans. It takes 2-3 weeks to get rid of mice. They will simply leave the unpleasant area in search of more comfortable housing.

Advantage: safety, ease of use. Mice have a good genetic memory, and even after a generation they will not return to an unpleasant place for them.

Disadvantage: ultrasound does not pass through walls. Therefore, the effect of the device will be only in the room where it is installed.

Importantly! Do not use ultrasonic devices if there are pets in the apartment. They will also react to an unpleasant sound.

how to scare away mice from the apartment


You can buy them today at almost any hardware store. These can be liquids, gels, powders, poisoned treats in the form of cookies.

The method of application is very simple – just sprinkle the poison on the floor near places where mice are likely to appear. It is best to place the bait where mouse droppings are found. Mice will eat it with pleasure. But make sure that this poison is not eaten by pets or a child.

Disadvantage: it will work to get rid of mice with the help of poison, but keep in mind that after eating the bait, the rodent will go to its hole and die there. As a result, several dozens of mouse carcasses can accumulate in the wall covering. Poisons for rodents are suitable only when used in private houses, since mice in this case dig their nests in the ground.

Importantly! Rodents quickly adapt to poisons, so they need to be changed every 3 months if you have a regular mouse problem.

Folk methods

It is not necessary to buy rodent control products in a store. You can get rid of mice on your own by building traps and deterrents, as well as prepare poison at home.

  • Calx. Break any glass object, make the shards small and very sharp, and fill them in the holes through which mice crawl. Having wounded the paws once, rodents will look for other ways. But it is necessary to scatter the glass very carefully and thoughtfully, so that none of the people or domestic animals are injured.
  • Wood ash. Ash is inherently alkaline, so it has an irritating effect on the paws of mice and rats. Ash can also be poured into those holes in the floor from where mice can potentially appear.
  • A vessel with oil. Take any glass jar. Pour a little vegetable oil and twist it so that the oil spreads evenly along the walls. Leave pieces of bread or other bait on the bottom. Place the can on the floor in a horizontal position at an angle so that the neck is slightly raised. Leave it like this overnight. Mice will climb inside, but they will not be able to climb back along the slippery walls.
  • Frightening smells. The smells that mice are afraid of include: mint, wormwood, milk thistle, elderberry, black currant, coriander, cloves, turpentine, and Vishnevsky’s ointment. Spread the chosen tool, plant or seasoning in the corners and mouse paths, near the burrows. Change as the smell wears off until you get rid of the mice completely. Pests will try to permanently leave the smelly room for them within several weeks.
  • Poisonous treats for rodents. The following are suitable as a poisonous base: gypsum, cement, borax, boric acid. They are not edible, and even omnivorous mice will not attack such a treat. Therefore, mix the selected substance with dough, sugar, meat. Roll the balls and spread them around the apartment. Gypsum and cement will harden in the mouse’s stomach, and boric acid and boric acid will cause paralysis and death of the individual.

If none of the measures taken independently have helped, then you can call the deratization service, if it is available in your city.

How to get rid of mice in an apartment