Wild bees live mainly in forests. In most cases, they make their homes in the trunks of perennial trees, where there are voids. However, there is a possibility of the appearance of such insects in private property. If a nest is found, you will have to make an effort and figure out how to get rid of the bees. Otherwise, there is a possibility of painful stings, as well as serious damage to the home apiary, if you have one, by wild bees.

Reasons for the appearance of insects

Most often, wild bees arrange their nests in the neighborhood of people for the following reasons:

  • There are many flowers growing on the site with an excessively strong aroma that attracts insects;
  • There are trees with hollows near the house;
  • Many flowering plants on private property;
  • Part of the wild swarm separated from other individuals and chose your house as a home.

The specified reasons are among the main ones, but there may be others. In any case, it is extremely difficult to prevent the appearance of wild bees, because you will not cut down all the flowering trees and pluck the flower buds.

How to get rid of bees in a private house

Before proceeding directly to the destruction of insects, you should make sure that they are actually wild bees. The fact is that methods that are effective in the fight against wasps and hornets may not bring results in this case.

Unlike the wasp, the wild bee does not have bright yellow stripes. Their distinctive features are a uniform gray color, the body is covered with small hairs. Compared to their domesticated “relatives”, wild bees are smaller in size.

Where they settle more often

If you find a wild bee in a house or apartment, start by looking for a hive. Most often, such insects choose the following places to arrange a nest in the house:

  • under the roof and in the attic;
  • in the chimney;
  • in the walls of a wooden house;
  • under the stairs;
  • on the balcony (this especially applies to apartments).

As for the area around the house, insects can settle on a tree or in a greenhouse. Another option is in the ground.

Methods of struggle

If a couple of individuals have flown into the house, you can get rid of them with the help of such ready-made means as “Dihlofos”, “Karbofos”, “Super-Cobra” and similar preparations, which can be bought at any hardware store. If it is necessary to destroy an entire colony of insects, these drugs will be ineffective. Here we will have to act radically and comprehensively.

In order not to resort to chemicals that are dangerous for pets and children, you can use folk methods:

  • Plants that repel bees. These include lavender, lemon balm, mint, basil, calendula, wormwood and the smell of citrus. If you live near an apiary or a forest, and bees often fly into your house, plant repellent plants in the yard, hang dry herbs, or periodically light an aroma lamp with essential oils of appropriate smells.
  • Insect trap. Perfect for catching bees that have not yet had time to roll the hive. Cut the plastic bottle into two parts: 1/3 at the neck and 2/3 at the bottom. Pour sweet syrup, jam, honey on the bottom, close the neck so that it is directed inward. Bees will fly to the bait, but will not be able to get out. It will not be possible to get rid of all insects in this way, but it will be possible to catch not only bees, but also flies , wasps, cockroaches and other pests.
  • Fumigation. With the help of smoke, wild bees can be driven away from their chosen place. However, here it should be taken into account: fumigation can be used only in the case of fighting insects in open areas, in order to avoid the house catching fire.

Destruction of the hive

Importantly! We recommend asking beekeepers for help in destroying the hive. A specialist has the necessary equipment so that he is not stung by bees, as well as the experience and knowledge of how to remove insects correctly.

If you decide to act on your own, you can use the following tips for eliminating wild bees:

  • At night, wild bees sleep, so it is better to get rid of them at this time of the day. If you act during the day, then the frightened insects will begin to attack and sting you.
  • Find the hive. Estimate its dimensions. The nest can be very large and heavy (up to 40 kg), so think about how and with what you will remove it.
  • Destroy a beehive only in tight clothes, gloves, covering your head with a hat with a net. Make sure you don’t smell of perfume or other strong odors that might make the bees angry.
  • If the hive is on the roof or in the wall, it will be easier to remove it together with the ceiling to which it is attached. Implied? For example, the nest is attached to the roof to a certain panel or to a sheet of slate – you remove it completely, take it away from the house, and only then decide how to get rid of the beehive. Attempts to tear off the hive can lead to the fact that the bees will fly away and make a nest in a new place, and other insects (wasps, hornets, flies) will fly to the honey that has spread.
  • If bees have settled in the chimney, then attempts to smoke them out by lighting a cauldron or fireplace will lead to the fact that the honey will melt from the high temperature, spread along the walls of the chimney and attract other insects.

how to breed wild bees

Taking into account the tips described, you can independently do the following to breed wild bees:

  • Use intexicides (Kukaracha, Medilis, Get and others). Dilute the bee repellent according to the instructions. Pour into a tight bag and put the bag on the bee nest (do this at night when all the bees are in your house). After the allotted time, you can get rid of the hive.
  • In the dark, remove the nest using, for example, a stick and place it in a tight bag. After that, it is poured with a combustible substance (gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel) and burned.
  • Use of acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or turpentine. One of these means is poured into a sprayer, after which the hive, again in the dark, is thoroughly sprayed. On top, you can wear a bag to concentrate the product. The principle of action of this method is to neutralize the smell of insect pheromones.
  • To get rid of a colony of insects that have settled in the ground, the hive must be treated with boiling water. Depending on the depth of the hole, it will be enough to pour 7-10 liters of hot liquid into it.

It is advisable to resort to radical measures in the fight against wild bees only in those cases when the insects pose a serious danger or threaten the economy. Basically, they bring only benefit, pollinating the flowers of plants in the yard, which contributes to obtaining a good harvest.

How to get rid of bees in a private house