Dust mites are microscopic insects that are invisible to the naked eye. Temperature from +22 to +260 ° C and air humidity of 55% are favorable conditions for them. They feed on wool fibers and dead scales of human skin. They are imperceptible, but they are very harmful to humans, in particular, they cause severe allergic reactions. When detecting the first signs of allergies, it is first of all important to understand how to get rid of dust mites.

Danger of contact with dust mites

One gram of dust can contain 10,000 insects. At the same time, the safe amount for humans is 100 insects per 1 gram of dust. The presence of 500 individuals causes the risk of an asthma attack. Allergy and chronic runny nose can be provoked by 1000 individuals in a gram of dust.

How to get rid of dust mites

Contact with dust mites and waste from their vital activity can endanger a person:

  • allergic damage to the respiratory tract,
  • Quincke’s edema
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • conjunctivitis and rhinoconjunctivitis,
  • acarodermatitis and deep acariasis.

Environment of dust mites

Bird down and feathers, animal fur are the main carriers of dust mites. They penetrated the human dwelling many centuries ago. These insects are a component of dust, like other small particles: fungal spores, cellulose, fibers, dead skin cells.

Favorite places of residence:

  • stripes and carpets,
  • vacuum cleaner,
  • upholstered furniture,
  • bedding,
  • stuffed animals.

It is these interior items that must first of all be treated against harmful insects.

Dust mites can also be found in the fur of domestic animals and on the hair and skin of humans. But they are already a sign of a huge population of insects in the house. After cleaning the main habitats, it is important to treat all the inhabitants.


There are many ways to get rid of dust mites. From traditional folk methods to the use of modern technical developments. To get rid of insects quickly and permanently, it is not enough to simply treat surfaces, you need to approach the issue comprehensively:

  1. Assess where dust mites can settle in your apartment. As a rule, this is a poorly ventilated place that is rarely cleaned. For example, the far corner of the closet, a sofa or carpet that has not been cleaned for a long time, a pile of unused bedding, an old fur coat or down jacket. All this must be cleaned and washed. Take outside to shake out, do not vacuum. If you are going to vacuum, take out the bag immediately, close it tightly and throw it out of the house.
  2. Take all things where dust mites live (pillows, blankets, blankets, toys) outside, hang them up and spread them out for a few hours to air out. In addition, insects do not tolerate low temperatures (below 5 oC) or direct sunlight.
  3. Ultraviolet radiation. The dust mite is afraid of ultraviolet radiation. If it is impossible to take the bedding out into the fresh air, you can get an ultraviolet lamp.
  4. Rewash all bed linen and washable items at a temperature above 65 °C.
  5. Treat soft toys, carpets and furniture with hot steam using a steamer or an iron with the appropriate function.
  6. Wet cleaning. Walk around all corners of the apartment with a damp cloth. Dust mites live in dust, so reduce its amount.
  7. Treatment of surfaces from dust mites.
  8. Airing the house for several hours.
  9. Prevention.

It is not necessary to perform all the listed points. For example, not everyone has an ultraviolet lamp or steamer, and not all products can be washed in hot water. It is important to carry out general cleaning with the use of means against dust mites and to observe prevention against insects.

How to get rid of dust mites

You can treat the apartment and things from dust mites with folk and industrial means. Each of the options is effective in its own way, choose the most convenient one. The disadvantage of folk methods is that they are not always convenient to use. Minus bithimii – toxicity, harm to children and pets.

Disinfectants that help against dust mites:

  • Chlorine, for example, Linen. Wash the apartment or house with bleach. Minus – unpleasant smell, plus – it will be possible to quickly get rid of dust mites.
  • Desactin. Preparation for disinfection of premises. Sold in pharmacies. Read the instructions carefully.
  • Antibacterial sprays and aerosols. They are sold in the departments of cleaning products. Any soft and hard surfaces can be treated. Bacteria, fungal spores, and dust mites are effectively eliminated. Read the instructions.
  • Salt or soda. Floors, walls, window sills should be washed with a weak solution of table salt or soda (3-4 tablespoons per 10 liters of water). The plinth and the gap in the floor should be treated especially carefully. This method of disinfection is quite effective, but be sure to dissolve the salt well, otherwise its crystals will scratch things. Also, do not make the solution too concentrated, otherwise it will leave behind white solutions that will have to be repeatedly washed with clean water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. You can get rid of dust mites in hard-to-reach places by spraying hydrogen peroxide. Dilute peroxide with water 1 to 1, pour into a spray bottle and treat surfaces.
  • Ammonia. Dilute 1 tsp in a bucket of water. ammonia and treat all surfaces. This method will help get rid of not only dust mites, but also other insects, for example, cockroaches or midges.
  • Essential oils of lemon, lavender. Add 5-7 drops to a bucket of water when wet cleaning to disinfect. An unpleasant smell for insects will scare away dust mites. If you put this solution in a spray bottle, you can use it to treat soft toys and furniture. Important: make sure that the child is not allergic to essential oils.

Special preparations against dust mites

There are a number of chemicals specifically designed to neutralize dust mite toxins. They are sold in pharmacies or in special departments of household chemicals stores.

Means are presented in the form of sprays, aerosols, concentrates and capsules based on acaricides. Regular use of acaricidal compositions leads to a significant reduction in the number of harmful insects on processed objects. They can be universal or have a strict purpose, for example, carpet treatment or washing additive. Examples of drugs: Milbiol, Allergoff, Easy Air, Oreck, Acaril.

how to remove dust mites


The best prevention of the reproduction of dust mites is regular wet cleaning of the living space, washing linen, towels and clothes in hot water. The number of woolen carpets, cloth blankets and soft toys should be reduced.

Today, leading manufacturers of household chemicals produce tests. With their help, you can check not only the presence or absence of microscopic organisms in the home, but also determine their number.

Buy home appliances and devices that help eliminate dust mites, fungi and other causes of household allergies:

  • Special vacuum cleaners: robotic vacuum cleaners, cleaning vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter, vacuum cleaners, disinfecting and humidifying air. Cleaning with such a vacuum cleaner is much more effective, because it will help get rid of collected dust mites, and not become their home, as in the case of a regular vacuum cleaner with a dust collector bag.
  • Steam cleaners. By treating surfaces with steam, you can not only perfectly clean surfaces without using chemicals, but also disinfect them from any household bacteria.
  • Air purifiers are devices that remove dust and unpleasant odors, remove viruses, bacteria and allergens from the air.
  • Ultraviolet lamp, bactericidal irradiator. Quartzization of the room helps to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, including getting rid of dust mites.
How to get rid of dust mites