Silk products are deservedly appreciated by many people due to their luxurious appearance and comfort. It is not surprising that, appearing in the wardrobe, they occupy one of the most honorable places there. In order to keep them presentable for as long as possible, it will be very useful to learn a few recommendations on how to iron silk correctly so as not to spoil the delicate silk fabric.

Natural silk ironing

It should be noted that, in general, ironing is an undesirable procedure for silk. In addition, it is practically not needed for this delicate fabric, provided it is properly washed and dried. Read this article about how to properly wash a silk item . However, if natural silk products are wrinkled, you can carefully iron them using the following tips:

  • It is best to start ironing when the material is still slightly damp after washing. It is not recommended to iron a completely dry thing by spraying it with water – this threatens the appearance of stains. Steaming when the iron is in close contact with the material should also be avoided due to the possibility of deformation of the product.

How to iron natural and artificial silk

  • it will be difficult to iron an over-dried thing, so you need to prepare it properly – cover it with a damp towel for a short time so that the fabric becomes wet, or iron it through raw gauze.
  • The working surface of the ironing board must be covered with white cotton material.
  • The temperature of the iron is no more than 150 °C. On modern models, you can turn on the “Silk” mode without thinking. If it is not available, it is best to set a mark between the “Kapron” and “Wool” options.
  • Before starting ironing, “test” the optimal temperature regime by carefully running the iron along the edge of the product from the inside. If the fabric collects, tightens, the temperature is high.
  • Silk is best ironed inside out. If it is quite difficult to do this due to the features of the cut, the thing can be ironed from the front side, putting gauze or thin cotton material on it.
  • In the process of ironing, direct the iron with soft movements, without long delays in one place, to avoid the appearance of burns.
  • If, under the influence of the iron, the material stretched or permanent creases formed, you can rinse the item in water with the addition of glycerin (1 tablespoon per 5 liters of water), and after drying, iron it.
  • Such a type of fabric as “wild silk” (tusa), which has a rough texture, should be ironed exclusively dry and inside out at the minimum iron temperature.

After ironing, the silk item is left to hang on the hangers for a while, then it is placed in the closet.

Ironing artificial silk

Before ironing synthetic silk, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. Depending on the composition of the material, its care may differ – yes, for some types of fabric, ironing is contraindicated or allowed only at a minimum temperature.

For example, there are some features of care for the following varieties of artificial silk:

  • Knitted and acetate silk material does not tolerate ironing at all – in this case, it is enough to carefully dry it in a laid out form on a horizontal plane.
  • Iron the taffeta inside out or through several layers of gauze.

ironing silk items

In a situation where there is no information from the manufacturer, and also if you need to iron a blouse or a dress of a difficult cut, the following scheme of actions will help:

  1. hang the thing on the shoulders, throwing gauze over the fabric;
  2. heating the iron to the optimal temperature regime, turn on the steaming function;
  3. walk the iron along the surface of the product at a distance of at least 6 cm from the fabric, steaming it.

This option can be used for natural silk as well. At the same time, it is permissible to use a special steamer instead of an iron.

You can iron folds on clothes without using household appliances. For this you need:

  1. hang the thing on the shoulders above the bath (preferably higher);
  2. fill the bath with hot water;
  3. leave the product over the steam for half an hour.

By following the tips described above, as well as the recommendations on the manufacturer’s label, you can keep your favorite silk things in excellent condition for a long time.

How to iron natural and artificial silk