Crystal chandeliers have been replaced by more practical plafond. Part of this was due to difficult care. If you do not clean crystal, it will soon cease to be transparent and turn into a dust collector. Remove the chandelier is laborious, and washing it without removing it from the ceiling is also not easy. The fact is that the chandelier with pendants is quite long, and hang it usually in rooms with high ceilings. Therefore, to wash this light, you have to use a stepladder. Consider how to clean a crystal chandelier with pendants.

And yet the crystal chandeliers have loyal fans who will not exchange them for the most modern lamps. And the complexity of their care is not frightening.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with pendants

Before you clean the chandelier, you need to prepare for this process:

  1. Chandelier is an electrical appliance. For safety reasons, it must be switched off before removing the pendants and other components.
  2. Take a picture of the lamp to remember where and what pendants hung.
  3. Pendants to remove and count to not lose any.
  4. Prepare a plastic container in which to put all the removable elements. The bottom is covered with a cotton cloth so that the crystal is not scratched.
  5. To prepare a solution for washing from the improvised means or a special detergent for crystal.
  6. Prepare a soft surface, where you will put on the washed pendants. Cover with a lint-free cloth.

Important rules for preparation of cleaning solution:

  • Water should be clean, free of impurities.
  • The temperature of the solution is less than 28 degrees, as the crystal in the hot water darkens.
  • It is important to observe the proportions of ingredients in one or another composition.

What improvised means to apply

Cleaning solutions can be prepared from various improvised means:

Ammonia. Measure exactly 275 ml of water, warm it slightly and add 30 ml of ammonia. In a container with pendants pour warm water so that it hides all the contents. Then pour the prepared solution. Wash the crystal with a soft cloth, for example, flannel. After this, put the crystal pendants on the towel. You need to wipe each with a soft cloth until it is dry.

Soap and soda. Chop the soap. From the standard soap will need about a third. Mix the shavings with 35 g of soda and add 250 ml of water. Stir the solution by hand until foam forms. Soak the sponge and clean each pendant, and then wipe dry.

Vinegar. In the container with crystal pendants, you need to pour 45 ml of slightly warmed water, a fifth of a glass of table vinegar and a tablespoon with a slide of no iodized salt. Wait until the salt dissolves completely and put the chandelier in the solution. Wash with a soft cloth and wipe off.

Dishwashing detergent. In the container with warm water, add two caps of the detergent and whip the foam. In the solution, wash the crystal pendants, dry them with a napkin and carefully sand it with a piece of gauze.

Vodka or alcohol. They will be needed if there are traces of the vital activity of flies and other insects on the chandelier. It is convenient to use to remove them with a cotton disc.

How to clean a chandelier on the ceiling

Sometimes removing a chandelier from the ceiling is quite problematic. But removable parts are still available, and they should be removed. Of course, the device should not be switched on.

Of the above tools, the most suitable is that with ammonia. A sponge or a soft cloth should be soaked in it and wipe each element of the hanging chandelier, standing on the stepladder or on the table. After wipe them with a lint-free cloth.

How to wash a crystal chandelier with pendants

You can also use a special cleaning spray. It is sold in convenience stores or lighting stores. This is the easiest way to clean the chandelier without removing it:

  1. Spread on the floor under the lamp an oilcloth or a towel (detergent will drip onto them).
  2. Treat all parts of the crystal chandelier with a spray.
  3. It remains to wait, when the detergent with dirt flows to the floor. To wash it is not necessary.
  4. When the chandelier dries, you can turn on and enjoy the brilliance of the crystal.

How to wash hard-to-reach places

Crystal can be not only smooth, but also corrugated. And numerous relief elements it is difficult to clean out dirt with one cloth or sponge. This will require a toothbrush. It is soaked in a solution of ammonia and wiped relief elements. Then rub them with a dry microfibre cloth.

It is not so often necessary to clean a crystal chandelier. So do not give up the beautiful and stylish interior subject only because of this.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with pendants