Cleaning is not the most pleasant, but necessary process that has to be done quite often. A vertical vacuum cleaner will help to significantly reduce time and make work easier. It is usually bought in addition to the “main” – large and bulky. Vertical models are good because they are almost always ready for work, they are light in weight, and they have a rather attractive appearance. And such vacuum cleaners are small in size, thanks to which they do not take up much space in the closet. So let’s analyze how to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner and what selection criteria to pay attention to.

Advantages and disadvantages

Externally, vertical vacuum cleaners are a long handle (plastic or metal), at the bottom of which a brush is attached, and a motor and a dust collector are installed on the right or middle part of the handle. That is, a vertical vacuum cleaner somewhat resembles a mop, which is why it is sometimes called an electric broom with greater capabilities.

The main advantages of a vertical vacuum cleaner:

  • takes up little space on the floor, can be stored behind a closet, curtain, stand in a corner;
  • high level of maneuverability;
  • has a small weight;
  • it is convenient to clean the stairs, you can vacuum the ceiling and walls.

How to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner

If you already have one of the powerful and large vacuum cleaners and you need a unit for daily cleaning – an upright vacuum cleaner is your choice. But it is worth knowing about its disadvantages:

  • they collect garbage from a smooth floor well, but not all models can clean dirt from carpets well;
  • it is far from always possible to get under the bed and even more so under the sofa;
  • as the bag or garbage container fills, it becomes more and more difficult to pull;
  • makes more noise than a regular vacuum cleaner.

So, if there are no carpets in the house or there are very few of them, you need a vacuum cleaner to clean crumbs, dust, pet wool, consider buying a vertical model of a vacuum cleaner. He copes with such tasks “at once”. There are models with which it is convenient to clean the stairs. In general, it is necessary to select a model for specific tasks.

Types and varieties

First of all, you should decide whether you want a corded vacuum cleaner or a rechargeable (wireless) one. The first works for an unlimited amount of time, the second will discharge after some time (the specific time depends on the type of battery and its capacity) and it will have to be charged. If you spend a lot of time cleaning, a vertical battery vacuum cleaner is unlikely to suit you, as it will discharge after 20-30 minutes of operation. Instead, a corded upright vacuum restricts your movement. Their advantages are greater power and unlimited working time.

Next, we deal with different types of vertical vacuum cleaners: for dry and wet cleaning:

For dry cleaning:

  • With a garbage bag. Bags can be reusable or disposable. Reusable ones should be shaken out, disposable ones just need to be changed. But disposable ones should be bought and kept in stock. If the model is discontinued, after some time the sales bags disappear. And it is not a fact that others will be suitable.
  • With container (with cyclone filter). Garbage containers are usually made of transparent plastic so that the level of filling can be monitored. They are easily emptied, after which they are rinsed, dried and installed in place. The disadvantage of this option is that the units are large, and the plastic may crack and you will have to look for a new one.
  • With aqua filter. The air sucked in by the vacuum cleaner is passed through water, which is poured into a special container. In this way, not only dust and debris are removed from the floor, but also dust particles and allergens carried in the air.

How to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner

For wet cleaning:

  • Washing vertical vacuum cleaner. This is one of the types of cyclone models, which have a container for clean and waste water. It differs from the ones described above in the principle of operation: it sprays water in front of itself, then collects it and sends it to the container for dirty water along with the dirt and dust dissolved in it. Usually, such vacuum cleaners can work in two modes – dry and wet cleaning.

Choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner is easy. The washing model is the largest and unwieldy, and there is no particular sense in buying a vertical model instead of a regular one. Unless because of greater maneuverability. But it is difficult to drag a unit “charged” with water, you have to change the water very often, so in this case many people prefer ordinary models, and with large containers and wheels.

If you choose from those vertical vacuum cleaners that are designed for dry cleaning, then you need to think about it. Models with bags are good because they are the smallest and lightest. But it is inconvenient to shake the bags, and you still need to find a place where you can do it – you will not shake them in the apartment, from the balcony either. Container models have large dimensions, but are more convenient to maintain. Here, everyone decides for himself what is more important to him, but there are fewer and fewer vertical vacuum cleaners with bags. Everyone is switching to containers.

Separately, it is worth mentioning vertical vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter. Of the “dry” models, they are the heaviest and largest. The water tank has a capacity of 1.5-2.5 liters, which increases the size and weight of the device. But the plus is that the dust is collected almost completely, which is not possible with any “normal” model. This is an option for allergy sufferers and those who are concerned about their health.

How to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner

What to pay attention to when choosing

In addition to the type of vertical vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to a fairly large number of characteristics and functions. First of all, we consider the technical parameters, then the options. Here is a list of points to pay attention to:

  • Suction power. The more the better. It is good to have several operating speeds for different types of contamination.
  • The volume of the dust collector. A compromise is needed here: too large a container for dust and garbage will interfere, too small will have to be emptied often. The volume of the dust collector for dry cleaning is 0.3 – 0.8 liters.
  • Weight. The average weight of vertical vacuum cleaners is 2.5-3.5 kg. There are lighter and heavier models.
  • The presence of nozzles and brushes. The more different brushes, the better. You can find special nozzles for removing animal wool, and the following are generally useful: a turbo brush for removing wool and hair; slotted brush.
  • Availability of a mini vacuum cleaner (manual model). Some manufacturers complete a vertical manual vacuum cleaner, which is convenient for cleaning furniture, stairs, and a car. Such models are also sold separately, but the set is cheaper.
  • Place of installation. There are options with wall mounting, there are options with parking on the floor.

These are the main parameters to monitor.

There are still certain points that are important for battery models. In addition to all of the above, you should also look at the type of battery. Usually there are nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and lithium-ion (Li-ion). Li-ion are more durable, hold a charge better, but they are expensive and take a long time to charge. Their advantage is that they can be charged at any time. Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) are cheaper, charge faster. But it is necessary to put on recharging only after the battery is completely discharged or due to the “memory effect” their capacity will drop very quickly, the working time on one charge will decrease catastrophically.

How to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner