After buying meat, it is very important to seriously approach the issue of its storage. If you are aware of all the nuances, you will not only be able to keep it fresh for a long time, but also eliminate the risk of poisoning. The most important thing is to know how long you can store meat in the freezer. Terms and conditions vary by product type. Let’s analyze in the article how to properly freeze meat in order to keep it in the freezer as long as possible and safely for your stomach.

At what temperature to store

Before sending a piece of meat to the freezer, it should be washed well, cut into pieces and distributed in bags that should be tightly closed. For convenience, you can write the date of freezing on the package.

  • Beef . Beef is considered one of the most popular meat products. It attracts special attention, as it does not have fat layers, which makes it extremely nutritious and tasty. Beef products can retain their taste for a long time. With moderate freezing (-21 °C), beef remains edible for another 10 months. If you don’t put it inside the freezer, but put it on the refrigerator shelf, it will take only 36 hours to sell.

How long can you store meat in the freezer

  • Pork . It is important to store pork correctly, as if there is a large amount of fatty layers, its shelf life can quickly shorten. To do this, it should be packed in dense bags with a clip, where air will not penetrate. If pork is stored in the refrigerator for about a day, it will last 6-8 months in a freezer at -20 °C. If you lower the temperature to -25 C, the terms will increase to 12 months.
  • Chicken . Chicken meat is extremely popular, as you can buy it at a low price. But it spoils at 0 ° C after a couple of days. Therefore, large lots often do not have time to sell, and the chickens reach the buyers already spoiled. You should be careful when choosing a bird. Chicken is stored at -20 °C for up to one year in its entirety. If it is processed, the term will be reduced to 8 months. It is recommended to use it after 6-9 months of storage.
  • Duck _ Before sending the duck into the freezer, you need to cut it into several pieces, each of which should be placed inside a separate bag. If you store fresh meat at -4 °C, you can do it for no more than three days. After that, it must be frozen. If you put a whole duck in the freezer, it will keep its properties for six months. However, those who decide to store the duck in the freezer in a cut form can count on its suitability for food and pleasant taste properties for up to 12 months.
  • Turkey . Turkey is much less popular. However, with proper storage, a turkey can remain edible for quite a long time. It is best to put it whole inside the freezer. After it is divided into pieces, it will lose its taste more quickly. Whole turkey meat can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. In cut form – up to 9 months. It may be suitable for use after the expiration date, but the taste will not be the most pleasant. Fresh turkey can stay in the refrigerator for up to two days.

how long does the meat store in the freezer

  • Rabbit . Rabbit has a similar shelf life to turkey. With proper packaging and stable cooling, it will stay at -4 °C for about two days. After that, it must be transferred to the freezer. The shelf life of whole rabbit meat is one year. If it is cut into pieces, the shelf life will be reduced to 8 months.


Before sending to the freezer, the minced meat should be put in a bag, rolled with a rolling pin, and then distributed in pieces in the appropriate packages. Place napkins or parchment between the cakes. It can be left inside the refrigerator for only 6 hours, after which it can easily spoil.

Freezing will increase the shelf life up to 4 months. This applies to any type of meat, as well as all offal, including liver, hearts, stomachs.

how to store minced meat in the freezer

Deep freeze

Deep freezing at a temperature below -30°C allows meat to be stored for a double period of up to 2 years. At the same time, its taste qualities will not undergo any changes.

But this method of storage requires special conditions and exposure to the temperature regime. If the temperature rises at least once during freezing, you need to sell the meat immediately, it is dangerous to store it further.

Can it be re-frozen?

Thawed meat cannot be put back in the freezer. This will lead to a complete loss of taste qualities, while it spoils very quickly. If you put it on the refrigerator shelf, you will need to use it a day after defrosting.

Pieces of frozen meat should be left to thaw inside the refrigerator. Placing in warm water or a microwave is strictly not recommended. This will negatively affect its taste and quality.

freezing meat in the freezer

How long to store cooked meat

It is not recommended to put cooked meat inside the freezer. Freezing will affect its taste. However, if there is a desire, it can be done.

  • Smoked . Meat of any type of smoking, for example, pork, can remain suitable for consumption during 10 days of storage inside the refrigerator. If it is not removed there at all, but left at room temperature, it will remain fresh for the first two days. You can also store meat in the freezer after smoking for two months.

Is it possible to store smoked meat?

  • Boiled . After cooking, the meat can be left inside the refrigerator. When cooled, it will be fresh for about three days. After that, it will be necessary to transfer it to the freezer. You can leave cooked meat there for 3 months, but it is recommended to limit the period to 30 days. Before freezing, you need to let the liquid drain, if there is any.
  • Fried . Fried meat can be placed on the refrigerator shelf for 4 days. The temperature should be from +2 ° to + 4 ° C. The storage period inside the freezer is 3 months. When freezing, the finished meat should be separated from each other with foil.
  • Marinated . How long marinated meat will remain edible depends on the spices used in cooking. The average storage time at -4 °C is about 5 days. If it is frozen – 3 months.


Meat products require the right approach to storage. At the slightest failure to meet the deadline, there is a risk of serious poisoning. It is very important to approach this issue with maximum seriousness and responsibility.

How long can you store meat in the freezer