Today, the topic is on the agenda for many refrigerator owners or potential buyers. Consider a typical case – a person came to the store and chose an inexpensive refrigerator that looks quite decent both inside and outside. After payment, the heater arrives at the home, is set according to the level and is turned on after the set time after transportation. And here it is not a spoon of tar, but a shovel of manure – the new refrigerator makes such a noise that tractor drivers remember their iron horses. That’s right, because many have associations with the noise of a working tractor.

Some buyers are shocked: can a modern refrigerator make noise, because my old one didn’t? The answer is maybe, but also how! But what is the reason? The noise we hear from the refrigerator is mainly the work of the compressor.

Refrigerator compressor

The main source of refrigerator noise is the compressor. It is from its quality that it depends on how big the noise will be. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to which compressor is installed on the model of the selected refrigerator.

Why does the new refrigerator make noise

Briefly about compressors and what to pay attention to:

  • The noise level of multi-speed inverter compressors is lower. If the motor of the single-speed compressor always operates at maximum speed when switched on, the speed of the inverter is regulated. Fewer revolutions of the engine – less noise of the refrigerator.
  • Compressor manufacturers make them to order for refrigerator manufacturers. If the latter receives an order to make very cheap compressors, then the compressor manufacturers will try to fulfill the order by making cheap, low-quality units. If an order for quality compressors arrives, the same company will produce quality products. In the end, all this affects the cost of the refrigerator model.
  • You cannot focus on the manufacturer of compressors, since the same company can produce both low-quality and high-quality products. Compressor manufacturers make them to order and do what they are told. In cheap compressors, the piston is made of low-quality materials, there is no sound insulation, less oil is filled, etc. A compressor is cheaper than a refrigerator. Targeting low-income buyers.
  • It is not the compressor manufacturer that is important, but the refrigerator manufacturer – it is he who is responsible for the quality of the entire unit and controls the quality of the purchased components. Some manufacturers can safely put completely different compressors from different manufacturers in the refrigerator with a difference of two weeks, because they are confident in them, they have the same characteristics, they have the same reliability.
  • Inverter compressors are much quieter than single-speed compressors. Inverter compressors are produced by such companies as Jiaxipera, Secop (ACC), Embraco.

How to buy a silent refrigerator

In refrigerators with the No Frost system, not only the compressor is noisy, but also the fans. Do not forget about the noise when pumping the refrigerant. So how to buy a quiet refrigerator in this case? If your friends bought an almost silent refrigerator, then everything is relative – you can simply take the same model with the same compressor.

Carefully read the reviews on the refrigerator model that interests you. Ask questions about noise. Based on the reviews, make a list of equipment, and already with this list, go to the store.

After visiting the store, ask the manager to turn on the refrigerator and listen to him in a deserted, quiet hall. It is best to go to the store at closing time, when there will be the fewest people in the hall, and the silence will allow you to hear the operation of the refrigerator. The advice may seem stupid, but you can’t think of anything smarter. You can still hope for luck, but if the refrigerator is bought for the studio, you should be careful when choosing.

If you are guided by the price, then cheap models of refrigerators will definitely not be quiet, other things being equal. The low price is formed due to savings on the quality of the compressor and fans, and the lower their quality, the more noisy the refrigerator will be. Even if you take a refrigerator of a well-known brand, this is not a guarantee of quiet operation. Again, well-known brands also produce budget models with lower quality parts.

How to solve the problem of refrigerator noise? If 2 weeks have not passed since the purchase, then you can only return the equipment to the store and choose a new, quieter refrigerator. If it is no longer possible to return the product, then try to find a place for the refrigerator where its noise will interfere the least.

Why does the new refrigerator make noise? How to choose a quiet one?