Things made of natural silk always look very expensive and luxurious. To preserve the attractive appearance of the fabric, it is important to properly care for them, in particular, to know how to wash silk, and to approach this process competently.

What means of washing?

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of all kinds of detergents. Among them, there are many products specially created for silk care. As a rule, these are liquid products with a special composition. They allow you to soften water, remove dirt, and preserve the softness of the fabric.

how to wash a silk dress

Remember that fabric made of natural silk is very afraid of chlorine. When buying a detergent, carefully read its composition, in no case buy powders and conditioners with chlorine. Bleach and other aggressive substances cannot be used for silk products either.

If there is no special product at hand, and you urgently need to wash a silk item, you can use conditioners for wool or knitwear. As a rule, they have approximately the same composition and properties. When washing by hand, you can also use improvised means, for example, baby soap, shampoo, etc. They will not cause harm and will definitely be less aggressive than washing powder.


Delicate silk items are best hand washed, especially very thin “gas” fabrics.

  • At the same time, the water can be warm, but it should not be hot (a temperature of 40 degrees will be enough).
  • It is impossible to pre-soak clothes – this can violate the integrity of the pattern, lead to divorces.
  • When brushing, it is important not to allow sudden movements, not to rub too hard.

After hand washing, you do not need to forcefully wring and twist the fabric – any careless action can spoil the delicate fabric. It is better to wring out in a soft towel, while acting extremely carefully and delicately.

Can it be machine washed?

As we mentioned above, hand washing silk items is much better. But, contrary to popular belief, it is also possible to wash such clothes in the machine. The main thing is to be extremely careful. When machine washing, remember the following important subtleties:

  • Choose a delicate mode on your car. Many machines today have a special mode for washing silk.
  • Keep the temperature right. Make sure that the washing machine is set to no more than 40°C.
  • Remember that only fairly dense silk fabrics can be washed in the washing machine. Very thin, delicate silk is better to wash by hand.
  • You should not wash silk in the machine very often. Such a rather aggressive treatment with frequent use can violate the integrity of the fabric and spoil the product. It is best to use the washing machine only in case of heavy soiling.
  • Wash silk dresses and blouses separately from other clothes. When washing together with things made of coarse fabrics, they can be damaged.

By being careful, remembering the listed nuances, you will be able to wash your silk items in the washing machine without endangering their safety.

How to wash silk

Drying and ironing

A competent approach is very important not only during washing, but also after it. Follow these rules:

  • Do not overdry, otherwise it will be difficult to iron later. It is best to start ironing when the item is still slightly damp.
  • Never dry silk on batteries, heaters, or other hot objects. This is very dangerous for thin delicate clothes.
  • It is more correct to dry on the shoulders, having previously squeezed it a little.

You need to iron silk from the wrong side. At the same time, set the minimum temperature on the iron.

  • When ironing, do not wet the fabric from the sprayer. This can lead to divorce.
  • If the product is heavily wrinkled, you can iron it at a higher temperature through gauze soaked in water.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to provide your silk items with competent care. They will please you for a long time with their tenderness, lightness and beauty.

But if your favorite silk thing is very dirty, but you doubt that you will be able to wash it yourself, we recommend that you do not risk it and take the thing to a dry cleaner. Professionals will be able to take care of it properly, providing a delicate but effective cleaning.

How to wash silk so as not to spoil it

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