Everyone agrees with the statement that there is no such thing as too many shoes. Different climatic conditions require a wide selection of suitable boots. When children live in the house, it is necessary to free up a couple of shelves for their shoes and boots. Empty space for storing things is not always enough. But everything can be fixed if stored correctly and compactly. We suggest you consider interesting ideas for storing shoes in your home.

It is necessary to figure out where and how to keep the shoe wardrobe in order to quickly find a suitable pair for yourself and your household. Let’s consider approximate shoe storage options. How to correctly and profitably put shelves and lockers, so that the practical side is present, and fits the interior of the room.

shoe storage

In the wardrobe

Of course, it would be correct to put universal shoes in the wardrobe on the adjacent shelves. If there is a small separate pantry or dressing room in the house, then it will not take much effort to allocate a place for storing shoes.

Open shelves of light shades will look good in small rooms. All colors of shoes are visible on light shelves, if there are many pairs of similar colors, this is the best option.

It is wonderful when all pairs of shoes are in their cells. Shelves, similar to mailboxes, will bring order with the largest number of boots. This is the most convenient and best option for proper storage. When the wardrobe is small, it is convenient to place shoes, including men’s shoes, on small shelves.

Shelves made of untreated wood are very relevant. They look luxurious and noble.

Shelves with an open view are best placed on special holders, they regulate the distance between the shelves, and maintain the height of the boots. Shelves that slide out will save space in the room well, and thanks to this, there will be quite a lot of storage space.

shoe storage

There are often no windows in the dressing room, so you need to make a good lighting system. One lamp is not enough, it is necessary to provide the shelves with light, then it is always easy to find and choose a suitable pair of shoes. If you install lighting behind the transparent cabinet doors, it will give you the opportunity to see all the available shoes. Lighting from LED bulbs with low power looks best. An LED strip of various shades also looks good and is not expensive.

At the entrance to the house

In the hallway of a house or apartment, it is possible to lay out only those shoes that we wear this season. There are many design ideas to increase the range of things that can be stored at the entrance to the room.

Most often, there is always little space for placing built-in structures, but it is not much needed for open shelves. Having space in the front of the apartment, it will not be a lot of work to arrange a good combination of built-in wardrobes. There will always be order in things and shoes.

The most rational use is under the sofa seat, which stands near the entrance for tying shoelaces. It would be good to make sliding drawers under such a seat. You can hide your shoes behind the closet doors.

A beautiful and original detail, these are woven baskets for slippers or slates.

shoe storage

In the rooms

When it is not possible to store things in a certain room, you can find a spacious place for seasonal shoes in the rooms. In the bedroom, you can make some shelves in the closet with things. On the free wall, you can make retractable shelves that will accommodate all the necessary shoes of the family. For high shoes, you need to make large gaps between them.

In large corridors with free space, small racks with inclined boards will fit well so that the shoes are stably placed on them. You will keep your shoe wardrobe in one place. And practically divide all the available residential squares of the room. When a screen is installed in the room to divide the space into zones, the cells for shoes can be made from the side of the non-common space. It will be functional and economical.

shoe storage

Open shelves can be closed with a curtain, from prying eyes. There is always little space for storing things. It does not depend on the size of your apartment and the availability of shelves and lockers. There will always be cozy corners in any room, they are well suited for a small storage system for shoes and various accessories.

Of course, when a person has a large country house, he has a staircase to the second floor. Here there is a place to go for a walk, because these meters are often empty. In this way, you can place large shelves with cells, and then all seasonal and popular shoes will be at hand, and there is no need to spend a lot of time looking for the right pair.

Ideas for storing shoes in an apartment and a country house