Maintaining comfort and coziness is not an easy task. There are many large and small tasks in everyday life that are quite difficult to complete. For example, ironing is a very time-consuming process. Especially if the iron is not in perfect working order. When the temperature of the ironing surface exceeds the permissible for a certain type of fabric, the fibers melt, traces of which stain the sole of the device. Often you need to get rid of them quickly. There are ways to clean the iron yourself.

The market offers irons with different soles, which are made of several types of metal. They are made of Teflon and aluminum, stainless steel and ceramics. Therefore, they need to be cleaned differently.

How to clean an iron at home

Methods of cleaning delicate surfaces

Comfortable and light products with Teflon and aluminum soles are very easy to damage with hard objects and abrasive substances. There are several answers to the question of how to clean them:

  • Wax and salt . The use of these substances in everyday life has long been known and is convenient at home. Every housewife always has them in stock. Only for cleaning Teflon, a certain technology is used. Its essence is simple: a wax candle is rubbed on a grater as finely as possible, mixed in equal proportions with salt, poured onto paper and covered with a cloth napkin. Then the iron is heated as much as possible, and after disconnecting it from the power supply, the rags are ironed. Thanks to the softened salt-wax mixture, the soot will remain entirely on the fabric. However, this option is suitable only if the sole of the device is lightly soiled. To remove a thick layer of soot, it is better to use industrial means.
  • Pencils for removing dirt . You can buy them in the household chemicals department of almost any supermarket or in home appliance stores. There are two types: for cleaning with heating and without it. The most convenient of them is the second. The sole of the iron should be moistened, treated with a pencil until foaming and washed off with a damp cloth after 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated until the impurities are completely removed.

Means for cleaning the iron when it is heated is effective if a number of nuances are observed. First of all, it is important to follow the instructions for use and set the thermostat to an average value. The procedure should be carried out in a well-ventilated room, use an unnecessary rag made of natural fabrics – place under the iron to absorb the agent that will flow during cleaning, and for final wiping of the sole. When using the pencil itself, it is better to keep it in gloves made of wool or cotton.

  • Household soap . The method of application for cleaning soot is the same as that of a store-bought pencil with heating of the device. This is an effective, simple and natural remedy. The nuance in its use is only in the further cleaning of the holes for steam release. This can be done with cotton swabs for cleaning the ears.

How to clean an iron at home

Cleaning ceramic and steel soles

Abrasive and radical agents can be used to clean such surfaces. At home, salt, soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide are suitable for these purposes. The use of these substances is effective at different degrees of contamination of the hard surfaces of devices.

  • Salt. Cleaning with salt is the easiest way. It is enough to pour it in a layer on the paper and, pressing on the hottest iron, drive along the crystals. The soot from the sole of the device will come off on the salt. Or pour it into a coarse cloth, form a bag, heat the iron and run the formed bag over the hot sole.
  • Vinegar. Due to the oxidizing properties of this substance, it is easy to remove a thin layer of soot. For this, an unnecessary rag is soaked in the solution and the sole of the iron is wiped with it until it shines. If the pollution is persistent, then vinegar essence is mixed with ammonia in equal proportions. The resulting composition is impregnated with a napkin, which is used to cover the iron. After a few hours, the soot will gently come off.
  • Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. The paste-like composition prepared from them is applied to the surface of the device and rubbed until it is cleaned of dirt. Remains can be removed with a wet sponge.
  • A well-known pharmacy remedy – hydroperit, effectively helps to cope with the task of cleaning the iron. The principle of its action is similar to store pencils. In the process of cleaning, hydroperite will evaporate, so this cleaning method should be used in a room with open windows. Tablets of the substance must first be crushed, and the resulting powder ironed with a hot iron.

How to clean an iron at home

Additional care of the device

It happens that the sole of the device is smooth on the outside. But when working with it, traces remain on things. Only descaling can help. In many devices, this function is provided in the design and is activated by pressing one button. WARNING! When performing this action, you need to keep your hands away from the sole of the iron, the steam can burn you.

If the manufacturer of the unit does not provide such a function, citric acid can help deal with pollution at home. In everyday life, it is a universal tool for fighting fat and lime deposits. To clean the iron, you need:

  1. Take a tablespoon of lemon powder, dissolve it in 250 ml of liquid and pour the resulting solution into the tank of the device.
  2. Then the iron is turned on, heated to the maximum temperature in the steaming mode and the rags are ironed.
  3. Boiling steam together with scale will come out of the holes on the sole of the iron. The procedure can be considered complete when dark, yellow or white marks no longer remain on the fabric.

A neat appearance of a person creates a favorable impression. It is created by perfectly selected and ironed clothes, but so that the clothes are not damaged during the ironing process, the device requires regular care. It is quite easy to perform it with the help of tools available in every household.

How to clean an iron at home