The kitchen is a place frequented by both housewives and dear guests, so it should always be clean and tidy. And including coziness is determined not only by correctly selected, but also clean curtains. However, it is in the kitchen, even with great accuracy, that they often get dirty, especially with splashes of fat from the pan. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to wash tulle from greasy stains.

By the way, one of the reasons for washing is oil splashing when frying, which you should try to avoid, and it is possible, but how to do it is already a topic for another article. It is important for us to know that oil leaves grease and how to remove it.

First, of course, the curtains should be removed, the dust should be shaken off. Then you can, but it is not necessary, briefly soak it in colder water – in this way, the remaining dust that has accumulated should go away.

Next, select one of the appropriate cleaning methods:

  • If the tulle just needs to be refreshed, to wash off minor greasy marks, then it is enough to carry out a regular wash with powder or soap and the addition of some ingredients, taking into account the specifics of the contamination.
  • If significant and visible drops of fat got on the tulle, or it has not been washed for a long time and characteristic yellowish marks have appeared in some places, then before washing you need to use means to remove fat stains. The choice of cleaning agents depends on the “oldness” of the contamination.

And now in more detail in each case.

How to wash tulle from greasy stains


In order for greasy dirt to wash off more easily, soak the tulle in water with salt in advance. The recommended amount is 100 grams of salt per 1 liter of warm water. Dissolve the salt well, otherwise it will settle in the folds and leave white streaks on colored and gray streaks on white fabric. Keep the curtain in the salt solution for half an hour, preferably until the water cools. After that, rinse, washing off the salt, and proceed to direct washing.


Wash in soapy water. It is acceptable and recommended to use washing powder, as an option, with oxygen or optical bleach, if we are talking about white tulle. Laundry soap does a good job of unlocking – rub the soap on a grater and dissolve the shavings in warm water.

Mix the water well until the soap or powder is completely dissolved. When a lush foam is formed, add 1-2 tbsp. vinegar – it will help wash off greasy stains more easily, and will also make the tulle soft and add shine.

Soak the curtains for 15-20 minutes. Wear gloves when adding vinegar, otherwise you will get burned. Wash by hand, gently rubbing particularly oily areas. It is not necessary to pull the fabric too much, otherwise it will tear or stretch.

Housewives also advise using a bruise to rinse white tulle. This will make the fabric snow-white. Sinja can be bought in hardware stores, pharmacies or pet stores (it is used to treat animals and fish).

In the washing machine

If you don’t want to wash by hand – no problem, use a washing machine.

  1. Buy a special powder or gel for removing greasy stains in the washing machine. Process the tulle following the instructions. If you do not want to buy additional means, then before loading the machine, soaking in a saline solution, as described above, will be enough.
  2. It is advisable to wash in a special laundry bag, otherwise the tulle may tear, catching on other things or parts of the drum. The appropriate agent is poured into the detergent tray according to the instructions.
  3. For light tulles, bleach is added to the powder.
  4. The washing mode is delicate or manual. The temperature is 30 degrees. Spinning is minimal or disabled. It is better to squeeze out the water by hand, holding the tulle over the bathtub.

how to wash tulle in a washing machine

If the stains are fresh

To remove new greasy stains from tulle, you will need:

  • Household soap. The tulle is rubbed with them as best as possible and lowered into a bowl of warm water so that the curtain remains there for at least three hours, then it is lightly wiped with hands and rinsed several times, the dirt should be effectively removed. It is better to take Antipyatin soap – this soap generally removes all dirt well.
  • Table vinegar . Dilute vinegar with water in an approximately equal amount, soak the curtains for a couple of hours. Wash in soapy water, rinse and wait for the clean tulle to dry.
  • Means for washing dishes . Pour in 1 tbsp. l. gel and powder in warm water, mix everything until dissolved. Wash the tulle in a soapy solution. Gel for dishes contains substances that break down fat, so it will be enough to rinse the product after washing.

If the stains are old

If the methods listed above are somehow inappropriate or did not help, and the curtains have absorbed soot and grease very much, use the means more seriously:

  • Glycerin and ammonia will clean deep-seated greasy stains. Mix in equal quantities – the volume depends on the surface area to be cleaned. Wet a cotton pad well in the solution and soak the stains from the edges to the center. When the fat dissolves, it is enough to wash the tulle as usual.
  • Vinegar, ammonia and salt. First, 50 grams of vinegar and ammonia are mixed, one tablespoon of salt is added there and everything is mixed properly. The resulting composition is applied to the sebaceous spots and is expected for about 10 minutes. After washing the curtains in a soap solution, you will be able to immediately make sure that the prepared mixture performs its task just perfectly, and even old stains are removed in two seconds!
  • Stain remover, but be sure to take a good and tested one, marked “against greasy stains.” When buying, you should check that the product is mild and does not contain chlorine. Use according to the instructions. Specific examples of household chemicals are presented in the next section.

How to clean tulle from greasy stains

Help with household chemicals

You don’t want to use folk remedies – science will help, namely household chemistry.

To soak white curtains, “Boss plus Maximum” will do, and Vanish OXI Action will be better for colored tulles.

Other effective means:

  • eraser pencil, for example, Faberlic, Meine Liebe;
  • roller Dr. Beckmann.

The area of ​​the tulle where there is a nasty greasy stain should be soaked, then treated with a cleaning agent, and washed off with warm water after ten minutes.

Another option is a dry stain spray. The stain remover is sprayed onto the grease mark and left on until it dries. When the aerosol turns into white flakes, the curtains are cleaned with a dry brush.

Avoid questionable unauthorized means.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to remove fat from tulle, and it is not so difficult to do it in most cases. It is important not to forget that the sooner the dirt starts to be removed, the more likely it is that the curtains will be able to be made as clean and beautiful as possible again.

How to wash tulle from greasy stains