Beets are one of the most popular foods in the kitchen, and one of the most problematic. Beet juice is a strong dye, it is used to color various culinary dishes, and once it gets on the fabric, it is absorbed strongly, leaving dark pink water. Normal washing will not help here. Experienced housewives advise resorting to effective means at hand. Let’s consider how to wash beets from clothes at home.

To begin with, here are some tips that will help you remove beets from clothes:

  • You need to start cleaning as soon as the stain appears on the product. As long as the beetroot juice has not had time to absorb and dry, it can be washed with a hundred percent guarantee.
  • In order for the beetroot juice to stop seeping into the fabric, the stain should be treated from the edges to the middle. If you use a liquid cleaner, try not to leave streaks. To do this, apply in small quantities.
  • Check that cleaning by any of the following methods will not damage the fabric. Read the information on the clothing label, test the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric.

How to wash beets from clothes

If the stain is fresh

It is best to start washing immediately after the appearance of contamination, this especially applies to beets, which have the property of being quickly absorbed into the fibers of the fabric. If you wash it right away, you can get by with simple cleaning methods:

  • Boiling water It is best if you stretch the area of ​​clothing with the stain under a stream of boiling water (save your hands). Right before your eyes, the beetroot juice washes out of the fabric. However, not every fabric will survive exposure to hot water, for example, a product made of natural wool may lose its shape, and synthetics will sag and stretch. Before pouring boiling water over the thing, check the label and the permissible limit on the temperature of the water.
  • Salt . Table salt is excellent for cleaning not only from beet juice, but also from wine and blood. Pour a pinch of salt on the stain and rub gently, remove the discolored salt. If the result is not achieved, repeat the action again. Then you can wash the clothes with household soap.
  • Powder for children’s things . It copes well with the stain, as it contains laundry soap and special components that enhance the effect of the product. In addition, it is intended for natural things.
  • Whitening soap or Antipyatin soap . It is just as good for the task, but it can lighten the product. Wet the clothes with warm water and lather them well with soap, leave them soaped for half an hour, then rinse and wash as usual.
  • Acid-containing means . Normal lemon juice (normal or in the form of citric acid crystals), acetic acid, whey is perfect here. Lemon juice and serum can be applied just like that, spreading over the stain and leaving the product for 15-20 minutes. Acetic acid is first mixed with water in a ratio of 1:1, and the beet stain should be soaked with the mixture and waited for half an hour. At the end of this time, the juice will dissolve with acid, and it will be easy to wash it off with soap.

If the proposed methods did not help, then we move on to more radical methods.

how to wash beets

If the stain is old

If the stain was applied more than 12 hours ago, the above methods are unlikely to help remove it. For this, more powerful means will be needed.

  • Spot remover . This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of a dried beet stain. However, you should not just wash clothes with it in the washing machine. It is better to soak the product before washing, pouring a stain remover on the beet marks. Remember, bleaches containing chlorine are only suitable for cleaning white fabrics. It is better to treat painted products with an agent with active oxygen, for example, “Vanish”.
  • Ethyl alcohol and citric acid . Such a mixture has very good bleaching properties. Suitable for white clothes. Dilute the acid (4-5 g) in plain water and add 30-50 ml of alcohol. In addition, beet-contaminated clothes immersed in the solution should be boiled. This method, despite its unusualness, is quite well-known and has proven itself since ancient times.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia . This mixture is most suitable for light-colored fabric. A little ammonia is added to a small amount of water, then all this is applied to the beet stain. Next, the product can be boiled with the addition of hydrogen peroxide. For delicate or colored fabrics, the method is not the best.
  • Vinegar with soda . If the item is intended for household use (towels, apron, etc.), it can be cleaned in this way. Put 2-3 tbsp in preheated water. soda and 1 tbsp. simple vinegar Then the products are soaked in this solution for half an hour. If possible, boil and leave to cool. Over time, wash in soapy water.
  • Egg yolk with glycerin . This is a rather exotic, but delicate method of beet stain removal. A 1:1 mixture is made and distributed at the site of contamination. Gently rub into a cloth, then simply rinse with water.

Any of these methods can help you save your clothes from beet juice. But remember that each type of fabric has its own method.

How to wash beets from clothes