Probably, most people are familiar with such a situation when an oil stain has formed on your favorite clothes due to carelessness. A drop of food fell during a meal or oil splashed from a frying pan during cooking – the situation is identical – a greasy mark spreads on the cloth. It is not difficult to save the situation, experienced housewives can recommend a whole arsenal of means to remove the stain. Let’s consider how to wash sunflower oil from clothes with improvised means.

Take note! Before starting to treat oily stains, check its reaction to the product on a small area of ​​the product. If there are no changes in the color or texture of the fabric, then you can start saving your clothes without fear.

How to wash sunflower oil from clothes

What to do if oil gets on your clothes

If you witnessed a drop of sunflower oil landing on your clothes, consider yourself lucky! It is much easier to remove a fresh stain than an old one. The main thing is to act quickly:

  1. So that the fat does not spread further on the fabric, moisten its contours with water.
  2. Paper napkins also help to reduce the size of the disaster. Blot the stain with them to remove the remaining grease. Place napkins on both sides of the fabric, press. Some of the oil will soak into the paper. Replace the napkins with clean ones. Repeat until the mark stops shining.
  3. When you get to the bathroom or kitchen, put dishwashing gel on the dirty area. Rub and leave for a couple of minutes.
  4. Carefully wash off the detergent together with the remaining sunflower oil.

By performing these simple manipulations, you can guarantee that there will be no dark traces of sunflower oil on your clothes.

The greasy spot has dried up

If you did not notice the oily traces in time, and they have already dried, do not give up! Even if sunflower oil managed to get into the fabric, there are folk ways to wash it off.

  • Soap-soda solution is a universal remedy for most household pollution. Take 1/4 part of household soap and rub it on a grater. Mix soap shavings with 2 cups of water and send to heat in a water bath. After dissolving the soap, add 1 tbsp. l. baking soda Wet the oily spot with the resulting product (or soak all the clothes), rub, leave for 10-15 minutes. After washing in the usual way by hand or in a washing machine.

A nuance: it is not necessary to soak the entire product to treat a small stain.

Recommendation: for a better effect on light fabrics, you can use Antipyatin soap.

  • Table salt. Salt crystals perfectly absorb all types of liquids. For their help to be effective, prepare a paste-like mixture. Mix salt with water until it becomes a paste. Apply a homemade cleaner to the fabric and let it dry. Sunflower oil will be absorbed into the saline solution. Shake off the remaining salt from the clothes. Wash in the usual way.

Importantly! The salt method is suitable for any type and color of fabric.

  • A solution of mustard powder . Mix 2 tbsp. l. mustard powder with water. You should get a thick mass, similar to puree. Spread it on the stain and let it dry. It usually takes about an hour. Then remove the remaining mixture and wash in the washing machine.

Important information! It is not recommended to use for light-colored things, as yellowness may appear due to mustard.
how to remove an oily stain

  • Heat treatment + starch . This method will help you resuscitate even the most capricious tissues. Prepare several light-colored cotton napkins and an iron. Take the product and on the reverse side, in the area of ​​the sunflower oil stain, place a napkin. Pour starch on top of the contaminated area. Cover the top with a napkin and iron with a heated iron. For ironing, select a gentle temperature program. Under the influence of temperature, the dried oil will dissolve and be absorbed into the starch. It remains only to wash with dishwashing detergent.
  • Tooth powder . Dilute the white powder with water to a paste-like state. Treat the spot with the mixture. It will be more convenient to do it with a brush. Rinse and repeat the cleaning procedure several times until the stains disappear.

Please note: Tooth powder is an excellent solution for cleaning delicate tissues.

  • Glycerin. It is recommended to use for capricious fabrics. Take a little of the product and heat it in a water bath. In no case do not bring to a boil. Dip a cotton pad in a warm glycerine solution and dab the contaminated areas with sunflower oil. Allow the soaked area to dry for one hour. Then remove the remains of the product and wash the clothes with soap or dishwashing gel.

Treat things with care and monitor their condition!

How to wash sunflower oil from clothes