A children’s wardrobe is a mobile thing, because children grow quickly and mercilessly spoil their clothes: they tear, cut, dirty, leaving complex stains. Contamination with slime is by no means a reason to say goodbye to an item of clothing. There are many ways to get rid of slime from clothes and get rid of the sticky mass forever.

The main components of slime are borax, polysaccharide or polymer (most often glue), dyes. If the slime gets on clothes, it can stick to or stain the fabric, so in some cases, the same cleaning methods as for removing glue or paint will help you . Let’s consider some of the most effective methods.

How to remove a tick from clothes

Exposure to low or high temperatures

The physical method of cleaning fabric from slime is one of the simplest and most popular. There are two opposite options:

  • Low temperatures. It is enough to put the spoiled thing in the freezer and wait for the lizard to freeze. After that, it is easily separated from the fabric with a knife. When the last parts of the lick are removed, it remains only to wash the item of clothing in the usual way with soap or powder.
  • High temperatures. In this case, it is assumed to soak the contaminated clothes in hot water. The clothes are poured with boiling water and left in the basin. It is advisable to add a teaspoon of ammonia to increase washing efficiency. When the water cools down to room temperature, the slip is washed off with plain water, and for complete cleaning of the fabric, it is only necessary to wash the thing with washing powder or household soap.

It is important to remember that some types of fabrics are not recommended to be washed in hot water, so this method is not suitable for them.

Advice from housewives

Various improvised means from the kitchen or first aid kit will be no less effective. Before using the chosen advice, be sure to test the effect of the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing to avoid unwanted changes in color or condition.

  • Household soap. Only a fresh stain can be washed in this way. The place of stuck slime is well soaked and rubbed with soap, left for 30 minutes and rinsed. It is not a fact that the stain will disappear after the first treatment, so the procedure is repeated several times.
  • Hydrogen peroxide . Apply hydrogen peroxide to a piece of cotton wool and rub the slime trail until the sticky spot comes off. Use only for light fabrics, peroxide has a bleaching effect.
  • Acetone. It is used for cleaning fluffy fabrics – for example, a fur hood or shoes. After treatment with acetone, the slime comes off the villi very easily. However, you should not experiment in this way with natural fur – it can damage the clothes.
  • Means for washing dishes . Any liquid dishwashing detergent will help remove fresh stains. The spot from the licker is wetted and filled with gel, it remains for 15-20 minutes. After that, the fabric should be slightly rubbed and rinsed. If the contamination is old, dishwashing detergent will help, but only a few treatments are needed.
  • Salt . Salt works only in a mixture with ammonia and citric acid. Mix these ingredients and rub into the stain, for example with a brush, if the fabric is not very delicate. Dirt from a lick will disappear before your eyes. To remove dried, sticky stains, this method is slightly modified: a gruel made of salt, citric acid, and ammonia is left on the spot of contamination for 15-20 minutes, and only after that they begin to rub it into the fabric. Then wash the thing with soap and dry.

how to clean a lick from clothes

Chemical means

There are both special chemical agents for difficult stains, and simply powerful stain removers that can be used to wash even the slime.

  • Spot remover Dr. Beckmann “Office and hobby” . Intended for cleaning fabrics from glue stains and sticky gum, it is also perfect for removing slime. Can not be used only for viscose fabrics. The stain-removing properties are due to the high content of anionic surfactants – these are the same sulfates that are found in soap, shampoo, and washing powder. The difference of the stain remover is a higher concentration of these substances.
  • Vanish . A popular stain remover, it is better to use products marked “for pre-treatment”. It mainly contains oxygen bleaches – they are more ecological and safer than surfactants.
  • Car lubricant WD-40, RW-40 . Despite their other purpose, they help to deal with complex pollution, including the ability to repel ticks.

There are many ways to clean clothes from slime, but the most important thing is to choose the right one for a specific fabric. Be sure to try an unproven product on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing so as not to ruin the thing permanently.

How to get rid of ticks from clothes effectively