Every child loves to sculpt different figures, little men from plasticine and make original products. Such art develops fine motility of hands, develops patience and imagination in a child. But every time after an exciting process, for some reason, traces remain on the clothes. Therefore, most mothers have a question about how to wash plasticine from clothes.

Let’s consider several effective options for cleaning fabrics from plasticine mass using improvised means.

Preparation for the main wash

Before starting to remove plasticine stains, you need to clean the remaining material from the product. This can be done by freezing or heat treatment.

How to wash plasticine from clothes

Freezing is considered the most effective method. For this you will need a bag and a freezer. The contaminated product is placed in a polyethylene bag and placed in the freezer for 30 minutes. The package is needed in order to protect the product from all kinds of additional smells and contamination. After the specified time, the hardened pieces of plasticine should be easily detached from the fabric. You can scrape them off with the blunt side of a knife, but this should be done carefully so as not to damage the fabric.

Heat treatment is a completely opposite, but no less effective, method. Here you need to follow the following scheme:

  1. paper towels or napkins, folded in several layers, should be placed on the trace of plasticine from below and above;
  2. on the iron, select a gentle mode for delicate fabrics;
  3. iron the contaminated area until the melted plasticine mass is absorbed into the paper;
  4. to completely remove plasticine residues, ironing is done on both sides, and the paper changes as it becomes dirty.

We remove greasy stains without chemicals

After removing the remains of the plasticine mass, greasy stains remain on the clothes . You can remove them with improvised means, without resorting to the use of chemicals.

  • Household soap . The chemical formula of household soap contains alkali, the action of which is aimed at removing fat molecules. Prepare a soap solution from grated soap and water. Immerse the clothes in it for 20 minutes. After the place of contamination, wash with a soft brush. Recommendation: soap can be replaced with “Antipyatin”.

Importantly! The cleaning method with laundry soap is suitable for plain fabrics in pastel colors. If the result did not live up to your hopes, carry out the brush treatment a second time, sprinkling the greasy spot with baking soda.

  • Distilled alcohol . Mix 0.5 teaspoon of ammonia with 200 ml of water. To treat dirty areas, take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution. Wipe the desired area on the cloth with them until the greasy spots from plasticine completely disappear. To make the cleaning process faster, it is recommended to replace the cotton pad with a clean one from time to time. The next step will be getting rid of the ammonia smell. To do this, wash the clothes many times in the usual way.

An important nuance! Our plastering solution is used only for natural materials of light color and with colored patterns.

  • Vegetable oil and gel for dishes . Take a napkin soaked in vegetable oil and treat the remains of greasy shine from plasticine. After that, pour dishwashing gel over the oily spot and leave it for a while. The next step is to wash off the detergent in running water and wash the clothes in the washing machine.

Take note! If the plasticine mass glued the curls of your child, apply vegetable oil to the hair. Then remove with a wide-toothed comb and wash your hair.

how to remove stains from plasticine

  • An unusual way is to use a woolen sock . You can also use a glove. The main thing is that the product is made of wool. Put a sock on your hand and actively rub the plasticine-contaminated surface. The substance will begin to heat up, and the plasticine will move from the clothes to the sock. It remains to wash off the remains with soap.

After you have tried any suggested method of removing plasticine dirt, wash the items in the machine using the appropriate temperature and program mode.

Do not be afraid of plasticine stains: create together with your children, creating cartoons, crafts and even whole paintings from plasticine!

How to wash plasticine from clothes