Nowadays, candles are not often used, but their properties have not changed because of this and they, as before, giving a timid fire, full of mysteries and solemnity at the same time, throw their waxy tears on clothes. The wax instantly hardens into an ugly crust, scaring the inevitability of parting with the spoiled thing. But it wasn’t here – everything can be fixed! Let’s consider ways to effectively wash candle wax from clothes.

The main thing is to take your time! Stains from wax are those that are rushed – only harm. Attempts to wash off the traces of candles on clothes with soap or wipe with a napkin will lead to damage to the fabric and even greater absorption of paraffin into the fibers. In fact, washing wax off a candle is simple if you do it right.

How to wash candle wax from clothes

Step 1: from heat to cold

First of all, you should not try to wipe off a fresh hot drop. You just smear the molten substance on the surface and rub it between the fibers. We do the following:

  1. Try to cool the candle-contaminated area as soon as possible. You can put it in the freezer, or put ice (having previously placed it in a bag – do not wet the wax).
  2. Scrape off the hardened and brittle wax. Use the blunt side of the knife.
  3. Rub the fabric with intense movements so that the wax splits into small crumbs, and then shake them out. Shake off the residue with a soft brush.

With this method, you can get rid of the main part of the contamination and proceed to the next part of the cleaning.

Good to know ! You can get rid of the stain only with the help of freezing from the surface of the skin, the only precaution is to be careful when removing the hardened wax from the surface so as not to scratch the delicate material.

Step 2: melting and removal

To finally rid the thing of wax stains, go to thermal procedures, and irons or hair dryers will help in this matter. Wax has a low melting point, so when using an iron, set the minimum temperature setting. Additionally, stock up on any material that has good absorbent capacity (necessarily without a pattern). It can be paper, a blotter, a cotton napkin or a handkerchief. It will take several sets to change them as the candle is cleaned.

The wax cleaning technology is as follows:

  1. The treated surface is placed down with a stain, covered on both sides with napkins.
  2. This multi-layer construction is ironed from the wrong side with an iron. At the same time, the melted wax flows down and falls into the grateful embrace of the adsorbent material.
  3. When carrying out this operation, you need to change the napkins several times until they are completely cleaned of contamination.
  4. When the candle wax is completely removed from the fabric, wash the stain at the maximum temperature allowed according to the instructions on the clothing label using detergents. Moreover, you need to soak in a large amount of liquid so that the wax particles do not settle back on the fabric.

how to remove stains from candles

For particularly delicate fabrics (silk, nylon or organza), it is recommended to use a hot stream of air from a hair dryer as a heating element. The same method is also appropriate when removing stains from candles from suede, because if you use an iron, you can leave shiny areas on the surface, but you should rub such a beautiful and capricious material with a special brush that will lift and clean the microvilli.

Chemistry rushes to help

If the mechanical action on the wax stain did not completely remove it, then chemistry can help us:

  • Organic solvents such as turpentine or alcohol will clean velvet. A sponge soaked in the above-mentioned liquids should be applied to the contaminated area and left to soak for 20-30 minutes. Finish the procedure by washing with soap.
  • Silk fabrics can be saved if, after cleaning the main pollution, apply dishwashing liquid or washing gel with enzymes to the flow from the candle and leave it for several hours to complete the reaction.
  • The most delicate things should be soaked in a solution of ammonia at the rate of one ampoule per liter of water before washing. Do not be afraid, the suffocating smell will not remain, especially since as a result, everything will have to be washed and rinsed to finally get rid of the traces of the candle.
  • Refined gasoline or kerosene can be used as a solvent for wax or stearin, but before using them, you need to check the resistance of the color of the fabric to their influence.

When using chemicals, be sure to wash the clothes after several times so that no active substance remains. Otherwise, there is a risk of an allergic reaction when the treated fabric comes into contact with the body.

How to wash candle wax from clothes