Pillows and other sleeping accessories require periodic maintenance. A person is constantly in contact with the bed, which means that it needs sanitary and hygienic treatment. The experience of older people helps to choose the right way for washing and cleaning, but over time, more advanced materials appear that require special care. For example, hollow fiber products. Let’s consider in the article how to wash holofiber pillows correctly.

The variety of shapes and sizes is great, so both adults and children sleep on pillows with this filler. The use of holofiber pillows and blankets is widespread due to undeniable positive qualities. If the time has come to wash them, you want to preserve the beauty and operational properties of the bed. To do this, you need to forget about grandmother’s advice and cope with the task yourself.

Features of the filler

Holofiber is a non-woven synthetic material, the formation of which does not require seams and interweaving. Its fibers, which are obtained in laboratories, resemble fluff or syntepon in structure.

The main features of holofiber are lightness, high thermal conductivity, wear resistance, and hypoallergenicity. The filler is hygienic, as it is not conducive to the life of mites and bacteria.

How to wash holofiber pillows

It is better not to wash holofiber pillows often, if possible, do it once every six months or a year. Some nuances should be taken into account when caring for products with this filler.

Washing in the machine

Let’s analyze step by step how to wash holofiber pillows in a washing machine:

  1. We load the product into the drum. The appropriate mode is “synthetics” or “delicate wash”;
  2. The optimal water temperature is 30 degrees;
  3. We turn off the spinning so that the filler does not clump in the pillows;
  4. For washing, we use only special liquid detergents for delicate washing. It is better not to wash the pillow with ordinary powder, because it does not rinse well.
  5. We start the process. After washing, take out the clean product carefully, without wringing it out, and place it on a suitable surface away from the heaters. Let the water drain.

In any case, after such washing, the pillow will eventually lose its appearance and become less comfortable for sleeping. It is better to give it to a dry cleaner or wash it by hand.

But what to do if the pillow is still damaged? You can try to bring the filler to a normal state. A massage comb for hair or a special comb for pets is good for this. We take out the holofiber into a basin of suitable size and gently comb each lump. This will not return the pillow to its original appearance, but it will significantly improve its condition.


When washing by hand, the following rules must be followed:

  1. Remove the pillowcase, wash the pillow completely;
  2. Put the product in a basin filled with water with the addition of a delicate detergent or shampoo for washing. The temperature is approximately 30-40 degrees;
  3. Leave for half an hour. During this time, the solution penetrates well into the fibers of the filler;
  4. After the time is up, squeeze it slightly and rinse with clean water;
  5. Dry in a place with a good flow of fresh air (near an open window, on the balcony) in a horizontal position. In the process of drying, periodically shake the pillow with your hands.

It is easy to wash holofiber pillows, the process does not take much time. Sometimes a pressure washer needs special cleaning, but it is better not to wash it intensively when the filler is inside.

How to wash holofiber pillows

How to wash a pressure washer

First, you need to remove the holofiber. To do this, carefully tear apart the pillow along the side seam. Then you need to take out the filler and put it in a suitable container. After that, the pressure washer can be washed in any way suitable for this type of fabric, you can use bleaches and stain removers. Then dry, fill again with holofiber and sew.

Sometimes synthetic products do not need to be washed at all. It is enough to air them by hanging them on a street rope or spreading them out on the balcony. The smell from bedding with an artificial filler dissipates quickly. Flavorings can also be used.

If holofiber pillows are treated with care, their average service life will be 5 years. Otherwise, they will spoil already in the second or third year. It is cheaper, of course, to follow the rules, and not to change pillows constantly.

How to wash holofiber pillows