Since everything is rapidly growing and developing in our world, a new wonderful membrane clothing has appeared. It wedges into our lives quite quickly, especially often it can be seen in our athletes. You can also see these clothes on children, because they are comfortable, light and retain heat well. So many people use these clothes and they eventually have a question about how to wash membrane clothes correctly in order to preserve the properties of the material.

What is a membrane?

Caring for membrane clothing is different from caring for regular clothing. Membrane clothes cannot be washed in the usual way. Because it differs from clothes in the usual sense for us. Actually, the membrane is a mesh, the cells of which do not allow water to get in any direction. At the same time, it allows the body to breathe, as it does not prevent the penetration of air. Therefore, a person wearing these clothes will not sweat in them. Also, it does not allow cold air to penetrate inside, and therefore insulation such as “swan down” is not needed for such a jacket.

How to wash membrane clothes

And in order not to spoil such a rather expensive thing by washing, you need to find out how to care for a jacket with a membrane, with the help of which you can get rid of dirt.

Methods of cleaning membrane clothes

In order not to spoil the jacket, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules on how to properly wash membrane clothing. Washing with ordinary powder will not work, as it will clog the cells very quickly, the membrane will cease to perform its functions, and will turn into something like a rubber cloak. Therefore, the question of how to wash a membrane jacket can be answered with confidence that for this purpose certain washing compositions are taken and a gentle mode is used in the washing machine. Here are the means that can wash the thing from the membrane and not harm it:

  • Nikwax Tech Wash is an excellent tool that can remove dirt from clothes and preserve all the properties of the membrane. If the first wash due to ignorance was carried out with ordinary powder, then this agent will remove powder particles from the mesh, and will allow the membrane to continue taking care of the comfort of its owner;
  • Denkmit Fresh Sensation is an affordable gel that removes dirt from the membrane, but unfortunately cannot extend its life. And it is better to wash them only in rare cases, if there are no special products on sale;
  • Perwoll for sportswear Sport & Active is a popular product that is often found on sale and is suitable for multiple washings of membrane clothing.
  • Household soap – if washing is necessary, and there is nothing else at hand, then this soap is simply a unique tool. It should be well dissolved in warm water so that there are no lumps, and sent to the washing machine. You can not be afraid that it will clog the mesh of the membrane.

It is important to know that you cannot use products that contain chlorine, as it quickly breaks the structure of the membrane, and the clothes will be ruined.

Methods of washing membrane clothes

How to wash a jacket or other clothes? Actually, you can wash both by hand and with the help of a washing machine. But before you start washing, you need to:

  1. Take everything they have out of their pockets.
  2. Unfasten the fur.
  3. Fasten the zipper.


To do this, a plastic container of appropriate size is taken with water and a detergent, any of the above, is dissolved in it. The water is heated to no more than 30 degrees. If the dirt was not washed off the first time, the operation can be repeated a second time. At the same time, all rinsing is done in warm water.

Machine wash

When applying this method of cleaning from dirt, you must be extremely careful so as not to damage the mesh of the membrane. Therefore, they put only one thing at a time in the drum, and not all at once. The mode is selected sparingly:

  • Handwash;
  • Washing wool products;
  • Washing sports clothes (sometimes there is such a mode).

Attention, you need to remove the spin mode, which will cause irreparable damage to the membrane. And set the temperature to 30 degrees.

Whichever method is chosen for washing, you should also know that the item should not be soaked for longer than 15 minutes. When choosing between hand washing and in an automatic machine, it is better to give preference to hand washing. Since this will certainly not spoil the useful qualities of the membrane. And the dirt easily falls behind the fabric, if it is gently crumpled with your hands in barely warm water. From the experience of housewives, it is believed that natural laundry soap removes dirt from such clothes much better than any expensive means. And it doesn’t matter if the laundry soap is solid or liquid.

How to wash membrane clothes

Care after washing

No matter how the thing is washed, you cannot wring it out, so as not to damage the mesh. Membrane clothing is laid out horizontally on the table, placing a terry cloth sheet or towel under it, which will absorb excess moisture. With this method of drying, the wet cloth is changed several times. And in this position, the clothes dry until completely dry, while air must circulate in the room so that the jacket does not suffocate.

It is impossible to hang it on a rope or put it on heating pipes. There is another option – to hang the jacket on the shoulders and let the water drain into the basin.

Such clothes cannot be dried in direct sunlight.

Importantly! After complete drying, it is advisable to treat the clothes with special aerosols for the care of membrane clothes. You cannot iron such clothes, although there is no need for this.

Having such wonderful clothes, you need to take care of them properly, and then the excellent qualities of the membrane will be preserved for a long time.

After washing and drying, the clothes are packed in a special case for clothes and hung in the closet, until the moment when they can be needed again.

How to wash membrane clothes