Blood washes off extremely poorly. With fresh stains, the task is simplified, but it is much more difficult to remove dried blood stains. Denim itself is difficult to wash off due to its structure, and even such complex contaminations may not be removed at all. Therefore, it is important to know how to wash blood from jeans and what products can be used.

Why is it difficult to wash off blood?

Blood protein quickly denatures (coagulates) even with slight heating (about 40 oC). As a result, dirt is firmly embedded in the fabric, after which it will be almost impossible to wash them off. Coagulated blood leaves brown marks on things because it contains iron.

Jeans are not well protected from any kind of dirt. The fact is that the fabric of jeans is extremely dense, so dirt gets stuck between the fibers. And the removal of blood from such matter is an all the more difficult task.

How to wash blood from jeans

Rules for removing blood from denim fabric

To get rid of stains completely, you need to follow these simple rules:

  • try to wash blood stains immediately after contamination;
  • do not use water warmer than 30 oC for washing and soaking;
  • when soaking a thing, the water should be changed as soon as it becomes stained with blood, otherwise the whole thing will be completely contaminated.

If you use a brush when washing, you can’t rub the dirty area with it, as the blood will absorb even more into the fibers, and then it won’t be washed at all.

How to remove a fresh blood stain from jeans

If the denim item is contaminated with fresh blood, it is necessary to clean the trace as much as possible before washing. The preprocessing algorithm is as follows:

  1. Apply a dry napkin or cloth to the stain.
  2. Wash the contaminated area with cold water, having previously turned the jeans inside out. If washing in running water is impossible, then you need to wet a clean sponge with cold water and carefully wipe the blood.
  3. Processing should be carried out until only a trace of the stain remains. It is he who needs to be removed by special means.

Then you can wash it off. To remove fresh blood stains, soda, household soap, peroxide, starch are used.

  • Soda has brightening properties, so it is only suitable for white jeans. It needs 50 g per liter of cold water. Jeans are soaked in this solution, then washed. Long-term soaking (several hours) is recommended.
  • Household soap is considered the most effective means of removing blood stains. Rub the contaminated area with them and leave for 12 hours. After that, wash it off.
  • Peroxide is suitable only for white, as it brightens the fabric. To remove the stain with peroxide, you need to turn the clothes inside out, and place a dry cotton cloth under the contaminated area.
  • Starch is suitable for colored clothes. Dilute with water to the consistency of thick porridge. The obtained “porridge” is applied to the fabric and wait for it to dry. After that, the dried starch is shaken off, and the jeans are subjected to normal washing in cold water. Starch can also be used to wash off greasy stains on jeans .

how to remove a blood stain

How to get rid of dried blood stains on denim

Dried blood is more difficult to remove, but this task is feasible. For this use:

  • Special soap “Antipyatin”. It is used in the same way as household soap, that is, they rub the contaminated area with it and leave it for several hours, after which they start washing.
  • Nasathyr is diluted in a ratio of 1 tsp. for 250 ml of water. A cotton swab or napkin is soaked in the resulting solution and the blood stain is wiped.
  • Hydroperite (urea peroxide) is suitable for white items. Sold in a pharmacy. The tablet is rubbed on the contaminated area, then rinsed and washed.
  • To remove the old stain, you can use a slurry of borax and water . It is applied to the dirt, after which it waits for drying and is washed.
  • Warm glycerin . They are treated with dirt, having previously placed cellophane under the material. After application, the contaminated area should be lightly rubbed, and then washed as usual.

Since the difficulty of removing blood stains of different degrees of freshness varies, jeans with old and recent stains are washed differently.

How to wash blood from jeans quickly and without a trace