When fat gets on the fabric, it is instantly absorbed into the fibers, leaving a noticeable mark. It is difficult to wash away such pollution, especially on denim fabric, which consists of several layers of interwoven fibers. In addition, washing jeans has a number of nuances that make cleaning difficult. To save your favorite clothes, you need to use the most gentle methods. Let’s consider how to remove an oily stain from jeans without damaging the fabric.

How to get rid of fresh stains

Fresh dirt can be removed with a napkin or towel. Paper quickly absorbs oily ingredients that have managed to soak into the material.

  1. In the process of cleaning, turn the jeans inside out and put them on the ironing board.
  2. Cover the salted areas with paper sheets on both sides. To increase the effect, you can pour starch or talc, which will absorb fat.
  3. Heat the iron to medium temperature and run it over the top sheet of paper. The fat will absorb into the starch and paper. Replace with clean ones, repeat the procedure until the stain disappears.

How to remove a greasy stain from jeans

What to do with old stains?

To remove old stains, we use special compositions or folk remedies. You can single out several preparations that allow you to get rid of stains of any origin. You can reduce the risk of discoloration and fiber damage if you use home methods.

  • Detergent. To increase the efficiency of cleaning, pre-soak denim clothes in warm water. Then wash by hand or in the washing machine. The optimal temperature for washing is about 30-40 degrees.
  • Household soap. Before the procedure, wet a piece of soap in a small amount of water. The substances included in its composition are able to remove not only fresh stains. With the help of household soap, you can also get rid of old pollution. This method allows you to dissolve the fat without damaging the fabric fibers.
  • Salt, starch. Salt or starch can be used to safely clean greasy stains from jeans. Pour the seasoning on top of the contaminated areas and leave for half an hour. Washing is required for final removal of fat.
  • Potato. Potatoes contain a large amount of starch, which is able to remove fat that has fallen on the tissue. Grate a small amount of potatoes and spread the resulting gruel on the contaminated surfaces. For the tool to work, wait about 15 minutes. The potato mass will absorb the greasy oil that got on the jeans.
  • Mel. Grind pieces of chalk, apply the resulting powder on the backside of greasy jeans for 10-15 minutes. After that, the remaining powder can be removed with a brush. The operation will have to be repeated several times until the spots completely disappear.
  • Ammonia. Alcohol-containing liquids can quickly dissolve greasy dirt. To prepare the solution, add a tablespoon of ammonia to a glass of warm water. Now wet the jeans and wait for an hour. Wash it off.
  • Acetic acid. Gently wet a napkin in table vinegar and apply it to the greasy stain. Repeat the procedure several times. At the final stage, wash off the acid residues from the denim fabric.
  • Solvents. You can use purified gasoline to clean denim clothes. Before processing, put a piece of light and soft substance on the wrong side. The disadvantage of the method is the strong smell of gasoline. To get rid of the specific smell, wash the clothes in the washing machine after removing the stains. This method is suitable for removing paint from gin .

how to wash jeans

Stain removers

Before buying the product, read the instructions, as denim can change color under the influence of chemical reagents. To preserve the appearance of clothes, use oxygen-containing stain removers. Information about the composition of the drug can be seen on the label.

There are several types of universal stains removal brands:

  • To use powder formulations, add them to a basin of water. (Sarma Active 5 in 1, Astonish OXY PLUS, Vanish OXI Action). Soaking clothes is a stage that is necessary to increase the efficiency of cleaning. After that, you can start washing the jeans.
  • To remove a greasy mark, you can use stain remover pencils (Faberlic, Meine). The drug should be applied to oily areas and wait for 10 minutes. After that, the pencil mark is washed off with water.
  • Amvay PreWash Spray can be used as a grease remover. It should be sprayed over the oil stain. Denim may need to be washed to restore its original appearance.
  • Manufacturers produce “Antipyatin” soap, which serves to remove such pollution.
How to remove a greasy stain from jeans