Any housewife sooner or later faces the problem of washing blood-stained clothes. This is a completely normal phenomenon and there is no need to panic at all, even more so you do not need to think about throwing the thing in the trash. After reading this article, you will learn how to wash blood from clothes without damaging them at all. We present to you effective methods tested by time.


When looking for ways to remove blood from clothes, we recommend turning to proven methods used by our grandmothers.

  1. For this recipe, you will need 50 grams of soda per one liter of water. It is advisable to use warm, but not hot, water.
  2. Soak the item in the prepared soda solution for about 9-10 hours.
  3. As soon as the processing time is over, remove the item and start hand or machine wash.

If you have started to wash the blood stain, do not forget that it is not recommended to soak contaminated clothes in heated water. Because the protein contained in the blood will begin to coagulate under the influence of high temperatures, and the particles will be absorbed even more into the tissue. Afterwards, you will never be able to completely wash off the blood on the cloth, because it will still have a yellowish tint.

How to wash blood from clothes at home

Hydrogen peroxide

It is no secret that it is particularly difficult to remove blood stains from light-colored things. Hydrogen peroxide has long been considered the ideal option for cleaning white clothes from blood. For this procedure you will need:

  1. Take a bottle of peroxide, pour it directly on the stain and leave it in this state for ten minutes.
  2. After this time, take an ordinary cotton pad and thoroughly wipe the contaminated part of the clothes with it.

Importantly! Before removing a blood stain with hydrogen peroxide, you should consider that this method is suitable for processing dense types of fabric. If it is used to clean delicate things, then hydrogen peroxide may well leave behind holes.

Starch for delicate fabrics

All the recommendations and tips listed above are perfect for cleaning blood on cotton or wool. But how to remove blood stains on more delicate things? To solve such a problem, the ideal option is to use ordinary starch. To use this tool, you need:

  1. Mix a little starch with water to form a homogeneous slurry.
  2. Apply the finished mixture liberally to the contaminated area and leave it there until it dries completely.
  3. As soon as the mass dries, you need to remove it with a cloth napkin.
  4. Rinse. Your thing will begin to rapidly unfold right before your eyes. After that, rinse the product a couple more times.
  5. At the very end, you can add a little vinegar to the water, which will make the fabric more shiny.

Salt and glycerin for old blood stains

If you forgot and did not have time to immediately wash the blood stains from your clothes, ordinary salt will help to solve this problem in the future .

  1. To prepare a saline solution, you will need one tablespoon of salt and one and a half liters of water.
  2. It is better to soak contaminated clothes in a saline solution overnight.
  3. In the morning, you can additionally wash the thing with ordinary powder.

Importantly! When using this method, try not to add too much salt. A weak saline solution can perfectly remove blood from clothes. But, if the salt solution is too concentrated, the reaction can go in a completely different direction, and blood particles will be absorbed even more into the tissue.

As another effective tool that will help remove blood from the tissue, you can use warm glycerin .

  1. In advance, put a bottle of glycerin in warm water so that it warms up a little.
  2. Take a cotton pad, pour glycerin on it and begin to gradually remove the stain from the fabric. Blood will disappear before your eyes.
  3. At the end of the procedure, wash the thing in the usual way.

Household soap against dried blood

If you are interested in the question – how to easily remove old blood from your clothes, then one of the effective options will be the use of ordinary household soap. This tool can be found in every housewife’s home. The soap contains a high level of alkali, which actively removes traces of biological pollution.

  1. With household soap, you should rub the bloody mark on the clothes well and leave it in this state for about 7-8 hours (the longer, the better).
  2. As soon as this time is up, it is enough to rinse the clothes under running water and leave them to dry completely.

By the way, another important advantage of this tool is its affordable cost. Despite the fact that this is a rather old method, it is very popular in the modern world.

How to wash blood from clothes at home


You’ve probably heard that blood particles on fabric can be cleaned with ammonia, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to wash old blood stains with this substance correctly. In fact, everything is very simple, first of all, you need:

  1. Take one liter of water and pour a tablespoon of ammonia into it, mix everything well and put the thing in the resulting composition.
  2. After some time, you will need to wash off traces of blood with already concentrated ammonia.
  3. To do this, you need to pour the product on a cotton pad and treat the contaminated area.

Powder for softening meat

Recently, a new recipe appeared among housewives that helps to quickly wash away old blood stains. In this case, we are talking about the use of a powder for softening meat. Of course, at first glance, this method may seem a little strange, but after the first use, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Basically, this cooking powder is used by cooks to break down protein particles in meat. Thanks to this quality, the powder is suitable for removing blood stains from clothes.

  1. To use this powder, you first need to dilute it with water until it forms a thick paste.
  2. Then apply a small amount of the substance to the contaminated area. Let this powder stay in the fibers of the fabric for 3 hours.
  3. After this time, rinse the clothes well.

Dishwashing liquid

The answer to the question of how to quickly wash off old blood is very simple: ordinary dishwashing detergent is suitable for this. You will need to take some detergent, carefully apply it to the contaminated area and leave it for at least two hours. After this time, you must wash the thing in a way that is convenient for you.

In conclusion, it should be said that blood stains on clothes are not a sentence, because with the help of all the recommendations listed above, you can easily answer the question – how to wash blood from clothes. The main thing is not to delay, but to deal with the decision immediately.

How to wash blood from clothes at home