Clean bed linen contributes to good rest and quality sleep. It is difficult to wash sets by hand, so they often resort to machine washing, but the wrong washing mode and temperature can permanently ruin the fabric. How to wash bed linen in a washing machine correctly is influenced by the type of fabric from which the set is sewn.

General recommendations

If you follow these rules, your bed sets will keep their neat appearance for many years:

  • Study the information on the textile label. It may contain data on the composition of laundry, permissible water temperature, ironing mode and other useful instructions.
  • Be sure to wash a new set before you start using it.
  • Accessories should be turned inside out before loading into the washing machine. It is advisable to fasten all zippers so that the fabric cannot tear.
  • Under no circumstances should white sets be washed together with colored ones, so sort the laundry. Also, you should not send bed linen from different types of fabric to the drum together, as coils can form on lighter and softer fabric.
  • Consider the weight and volume of all loaded items. The drum should remain about half empty for the sets to wash well.
  • Wash children’s clothes separately. Powder and gels for washing should also be chosen softer.
  • It is not recommended to use many bleaching agents, as they damage the structure of the material and contribute to the loss of brightness of colors.
  • To give the laundry freshness, use the air conditioner. Pour a little product into a special compartment, and then after washing the bed set will delight with a pleasant aroma.

Features of washing linen from different materials

  • Cotton and linen

Things made of these fabrics tolerate high temperatures well. It is optimal to choose a temperature regime of 60 degrees for them, but if disinfection is necessary, you can set the temperature to 95 degrees. The maximum mode is allowed for wringing.

  • Sateen

For the care of satin bed linen, choose products without the content of bleaching substances. The optimal temperature regime is 40-60 degrees. It is recommended to spin laundry at 600 revolutions.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo sets require gentle handling without the use of bleaches. Washing is recommended at 30 degrees, and spinning on the weakest mode.

  • Elderberry

It is advisable not to soak linen before washing, so that the color of the fabric does not change. The optimal temperature for such things is 40 degrees.

How to wash bed linen in the washing machine correctly

  • Silk

For washing silk sets, it is best to use the manual mode, and do not turn on the spin cycle.

  • Poplin

Linen from poplin practically does not wrinkle, it is washed in the same way as cotton, setting the spin to 600 revolutions.

  • Jacquard

The recommended temperature regime is no more than 40 degrees, so that the colors remain bright as long as possible.

  • Viscose

Delicate things made of viscose require washing at a temperature of 20 to 40 degrees. It is undesirable to squeeze them.

  • Percale

Does not require special care. For the first washing of a set made of this material, it is better to use a temperature regime of 20 degrees. Subsequent washings can be carried out at 60 degrees.

  • Velvet

Sometimes you can find bed linen made of velvet. It is better to wash it by hand, without using a washing machine. The optimal water temperature is 30 degrees, there is no need to spin the laundry. For washing, it is better to choose a liquid shampoo or a product in the form of a gel, so that the least amount of foam is formed. Make sure that there are no bleaching components in the composition.

  • Flannel

For washing flannel sets, a temperature regime of 40 to 60 degrees is suitable.

How to wash bed linen in the washing machine correctly

  • Synthetic

It happens that bedding sets made of natural fabric are combined with synthetic inserts. Linen with a high percentage of synthetic fibers is washed at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees. The use of hot water contributes to the formation of coils.

We choose detergents

White underwear . It is best to use special powders and gels for white things. If there are stains on the product that are difficult to remove, you can try to remove them with bleaches or special compounds intended for machine washing.

Here are some remedies that will help you get back your lost underwear:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Add at the rate of 30 ml per 5 liters of water.
  • Baking soda. It is necessary to take 5 tablespoons per 5 liters of water.
  • “Whiteness”. It is better to use it for cotton fabrics. 1 tablespoon is needed for 3 liters of water. l. tool

Colors. Use powders marked “Color”. You can also use liquid products that have a gentle effect on the fabric, while handling dirt well. Make sure that the selected agents do not contain harmful components, and they should also be easily washed out of the material.

How to wash bed linen in the washing machine correctly