Faux leather jackets are currently in fashion, and the price is quite reasonable, which makes them very popular. They are comfortable to wear and easier to care for than natural leather, but they have one problem – when stored incorrectly, the material of outerwear wrinkle, which makes it no longer so attractive. In addition, bends and breaks can lead to deterioration and cracking of the leather substitute. Therefore, the question often arises, how to iron a leatherette jacket without spoiling it. For this, you need to arm yourself with some knowledge.

There are several methods of ironing artificial leather, which are not universal. Before starting with them, carefully study the label of the product and find out: whether it is possible to iron the jacket with an iron, to influence it with steam, to wash it. If this option is unacceptable for any reason, then find out what material the product is made of. The most common are 4 types of leather substitute:

  • Dermatin, also known as granitol, is a short-lived synthetic fabric with nitrocellulose applied to its surface. It is very difficult to iron it at home.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl is more often than dermatin used for the production of jackets due to its greater strength.
  • Stretch leather, which is characterized by high elasticity and is used for sewing tight-fitting clothes.
  • Kirza, a very strong and durable type of leather substitute, practically does not need ironing.

After that, choose one of the methods described below, how to iron the folds on the leather substitute.

Simple and safe ways

Simple and affordable. Hang the leatherette jacket on the shoulder hanger. It is important that the hanger is correctly selected according to the size of the product. The jacket should be left on it for several days, having previously smoothed out the folds.

Moisture Hang the thing on the shoulder, turning it inside out, and spray it with water from the sprayer. You don’t need to try hard, the water shouldn’t run down the lining. Then it remains to dry the jacket naturally, while it should not hang in the sun or in a draft. If the product has a light shade, then it is better to use the following ironing method to avoid the appearance of splits.
How to stroke a leather jacket

Par. We collect half a tub of water (no more, so as not to greatly increase the humidity of the air) and hang the jacket over it. The thing should hang on a hanger and as high as possible for several hours. The folds are flattened.


It is an effective and at the same time dangerous method to iron things from leatherette, so we act with extreme caution and follow the recommendations:

  1. Be sure to turn the jacket inside out.
  2. We take a towel (or a thick layer of gauze), set the iron to the lowest heat, without steam, and carefully iron the product through the towel. Another option is to turn on the steaming function and hold the iron at a distance of at least 10 cm, it is better to do this when vertical steaming is possible.
  3. If you need to iron the sleeves, you need to put them on a special attachment on the ironing board or insert a roller from a towel inside, otherwise you can get arrows.

IMPORTANTLY! You can use an iron only if the jacket is made of leatherette or vinyl.
How to stroke a leather jacket

Folk tricks

  • Walk in a jacket during periods of high humidity (during rain, fog). Not the best method, especially when the weather is sunny.
  • Rub the product with a cloth soaked in glycerin or shoe polish. It is advisable to first do it on an inconspicuous area and see the reaction, if everything is fine, do it with the entire surface of the jacket and leave it on the hanger for a couple of hours.
  • Make a mixture of vinegar, softener and water in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 and spray it from a sprayer on the item. After drying, white spots may appear, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

Some recommendations on how to iron things without an iron .


A radical, but possible method of fighting wrinkles. Before washing the jacket, be sure to read the label: wash only if there is a corresponding marking on it. Push-ups should be minimal. At the end, the jacket should be hung on the shoulders, carefully straightened and left to dry. Washing is categorically contraindicated for vinyl products.

Dry cleaner’s

If all possible home methods of ironing a leather jacket did not help or you do not dare to experiment, it is better to take the jacket to the dry cleaners.

How to iron a leatherette jacket

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