Most of those who have a woolen coat in their wardrobe do not bother to wash it. They will simply take the coat to the dry cleaners. But not all settlements provide this service. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to know whether and how to wash a woolen coat.

In fact, you can wash any product at home, including wool coats, knowing and following the rules of the process. The main thing is to preserve the original appearance, preventing color change, shrinkage, stretching. Don’t do it too often. With careful wearing, wash the coat no more than once a year.

If the pollution is insignificant, it is worth cleaning. To do this, hang the coat on your shoulders. In a basin with water, whip foam from liquid soap. Pick up the soap foam with a brush and walk over the entire product.

how to wash a woolen coat

How to wash in a washing machine

To begin with, it is necessary to make sure that this type of washing of this product is permissible. This can be found out from the information on the label. If washing in a washing machine is allowed by the manufacturer, you need to look for a powder specifically for woolen products.

  • It is necessary to correctly calculate the portion of the powder. It should not be too much even with heavy pollution. Otherwise, it will be difficult to polish. It is even better if it is not a powder, but a gel.
  • The water temperature when washing wool products should not be higher than 30 degrees. At a higher temperature, the thing can sit down.
  • Roll the adhesive roller over the entire surface of the coat to remove dust, lint, and curls. If there is a removable lining, it is better to remove it and wash it separately.
  • Before immersing the coat in the car, you need to empty all pockets, remove brooches and badges. Turn the product inside out and fasten. Then roll it up.
  • The spin mode in the machine will have to be turned off to avoid the product losing its shape. For rinsing, use conditioner for woolen clothes.

How to wash by hand

Hand washing has some advantages over machine washing. The product will not be turned hundreds of times in the drum, so there is a greater chance that its shape will remain unchanged. But here too there are rules:

  1. In this case, it is also necessary to study the information on the label in order to make sure of the possibility of washing, as well as to find out its conditions.
  2. Do not neglect the specified temperature, do not increase it in the hope that such strong pollution will germinate better. Shrinkage of the product in this case is ensured, and by several sizes.
  3. Choose powder or gel for washing and conditioner for rinsing woolen clothes. To remove a single small stain, you should not start washing at all. It is enough to wipe the contamination with a swab soaked in ammonia.
  4. Follow all stages of coat preparation for washing, described in the previous section.

how to wash a woolen coat

Drying rules

It is impossible to simply take and hang a woolen coat on a rope. Washed without a spin cycle, it will absorb a lot of water. She needs to let it drain, holding the coat over the tub with both hands.

On the floor away from the battery or heater, spread a towel or sheet and spread the coat on it so that no folds remain, place the shelves evenly, spread the sleeves to the sides. Place another towel on top to absorb excess moisture. After the upper towel becomes wet, remove it.

Do not dry a woolen product in the sun and hang it on a rope even after it dries a little. If it is necessary to iron it, then only through gauze.

Put the thing away for storage in the closet only after it dries well. Put a special cover on top for storage.

If all the listed rules are followed, washing a woolen coat will not turn into a disaster.

How to wash a woolen coat in a washing machine or by hand

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