Before starting to wash the coat, you should understand what fabric it is made of. It depends on how exactly to wash it, and whether it can be washed at all. Coat fabrics are distinguished by the structure and type of raw materials from which they are made. They are divided into woolen and cotton, within which there is a division depending on the percentage of the composition. In each case, washing a coat has its own rules and features.

Woolen coats

General recommendations on how to properly wash a woolen coat are presented in this article. Now we will consider some specific nuances specifically for each type of woolen fabric. They can be either 100 percent wool or semi-wool when some synthetic fibers are added.

How to wash a cashmere coat

Gabardine is used for sewing light coats for warm weather. If it is made purely of wool, it is forbidden to wash it in a machine. Only hand washing is allowed without heavy soaking in cold water. Do not use aggressive detergents, as wool gabardine is often impregnated with water-repellent compounds, and if you wash them, the product will lose its qualities and appearance will deteriorate. If the fabric contains cotton or polyester, the coat can be machine washed at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. Clothes must be turned inside out.

Boucle has a special structure, in which you should avoid puffs and elongated loops. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to wash such a coat in the washing machine, as any accidental contact of the fabric with the drum, buttons, zippers will damage the clothes. It is better to clean it in a dry cleaner, or you can soak it for a short time in warm water, hoping that the dirt will come off, but you should not rub dirty spots.

Tweed is a pleasant-to-the-touch woolen coat fabric that retains its excellent appearance for a long time. It is quite difficult to get such a coat dirty, but if it happened, you will have to sweat, since it is forbidden to wash the coat in a machine. Tweed gets wet from exposure to warm water, so washing is permissible only in cool water. Rinse also at a water temperature of up to 30 degrees. So that the coat does not sit down after washing, it must be dried exclusively horizontally, placing a terry towel both below and above – this will avoid deformation and stretching of the tweed.

Beaver is a dense coat fabric, but it has standing combed pile on the front side, which makes it difficult to clean the product. There are no options here – only dry cleaning. You can try at your own peril and risk to clean the coat with folk remedies or wash it by hand in the bathroom in the most delicate way, but the clothes will not only fit, but also spoil the beaver.

Vigon is made of camel wool. Despite the fact that this fabric is quite rare and expensive, it has a huge plus – it is allowed to wash the coat in a washing machine! But before that, first look at the label, it is possible that it contains impurities that cannot be washed. Otherwise, at a temperature of up to 40 degrees without wringing and drying. Dry horizontally, iron with an iron through cheesecloth.

Washing the coat

Cashmere is a very beautiful and capricious fabric for coats. It is so easy not to clean it, that is why a separate article is dedicated to washing cashmere outerwear, which you can read here .

Drape has many varieties, so there are different ways to properly wash a coat. You can find out about this on the clothing tag, which shows both the composition of the fabric and the conditions for its care. Read about all the nuances here . By the way, drapery materials also include velor, rattan and flacone.

Cloth is a separate type of woolen fabric made from yarn with a linen weave. Quite dense. The cleaning method depends on the composition of the cloth. As a rule, it is allowed to wash the coat at home by hand or in a washing machine. Cool water with no or minimal wool detergent. Turn off the spin cycle, and if washing by hand, do not wring, otherwise the cloth will be deformed. Do not twist. Dry first horizontally, then as excess water drains, hang on a hanger.

Woolen bika is used for sewing a demi-season coat. Very comfortable, pleasant to the touch and not a smear. Machine washing is allowed according to the general rules for woolen products.

Although afgalen is most often used for curtains, sometimes women’s coats are also sewn from it. Beautiful material that is not demanding in care. Washing is carried out in cool water on a delicate mode.

Angora is a delicate material for sewing a coat. It is very sensitive to external influences, and you can’t wash it just like that. Washing at home is done only by hand. At the same time, it is not necessary to use strongly foaming detergents. It is extremely difficult to wash foam from angora. Experienced housewives recommend diluting a little grated household soap and a spoonful of glycerin in water. Wash clothes in this mixture. Then rinse and wrap with a terry towel to absorb excess moisture. Then dry horizontally.

how to wash a cashmere coat

Coat made of cotton fabric

Summer outerwear options are made from cotton fabric. They are convenient and practical, have an excellent appearance, can protect against bad weather (wind, rain), and are also resistant to pollution. Often, the fabric is impregnated with various special protective compounds.

Moleskin has high wear resistance. Taking such clothes to the dry cleaners will simply be a waste of money, as you can wash the coat at home even in a washing machine. The washing temperature is up to 60 degrees, do not set it higher, otherwise the color of the product will be lost. Detergent is a regular powder without bleaches. Do not use bleaches and solutions containing chlorine.

Diagonal . Washing conditions are the same as for moleskin. The only thing is that bleaching of the coat is allowed, but only if it is pure white.

Velvet, corduroy is a material for a coat that is quite capricious in care. Due to its structure, it attracts a lot of dust, small villi and hairs. Therefore, you have to clean your clothes almost every day with a soft brush or a sticky roller. Can a corduroy coat be washed? In general, it is possible, but only manually. Do not put it in the washing machine under any circumstances. Even when washing by hand, it is necessary to clean the fabric delicately, without thinking about it and without applying a lot of force. Particularly dirty areas can be carefully cleaned with a soft washcloth.

Coat washing: washing rules for different coat fabrics

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