If you have a wool coat, then you will need to clean it at least twice a year. Only in this way will it retain its beauty. As a rule, dry washing is used, less often cleaning of individual contaminated areas. If for some reason the coat was heavily soiled, or, for example, improperly stored and covered with dust, then it will be much more difficult to clean it in the usual way. This is usually done by a dry cleaner. But what if this is not possible? Can wool coats be washed at home?

It is quite possible to wash woolen clothes at home, but this process requires compliance with certain rules, depending on the composition of the fabric from which it is sewn. If it is 100% wool or woolen acrylic, then it is unlikely that you can clean it yourself without damaging the thing. Such materials are sensitive to external influences and detergents. Such a coat can sit down , shed, deform, or even completely disperse at the seams. After all, some parts are glued with special compounds to maintain shape, and since wool coats are washed with soaking in water, they can wash out.

can the coat be washed

If the wool coat is made with the addition of synthetic fibers, then such clothes may well be washed by hand or in a washing machine. This will be indicated by the corresponding designation on the label. The washing method is similar to how to wash a cashmere coat – read about it here .

How to wash stains

If there are only a few small stains on the clothes, they can be washed separately. To do this, dilute the soap solution with water and a small amount of detergent for woolen products. Dampen a soft cloth and apply it to the stain. Wait a while for the solution to soak in, after the dirt softens, wipe it with the same cloth from the edge to the center until it comes off.

Next, wash the stain. Since it is not recommended to wash a woolen coat, the soapy solution is removed with a cloth dipped in clean water. After making sure the cloth is clean, dry the wet spot with an already dry absorbent cloth, such as a bath towel. Hang coat to dry naturally.

Do not speed up drying with a hair dryer or heaters. Also, do not hang in direct sunlight.

You can also use a 3% vinegar solution to wash stains on woollens. It is applied to the dirty area for half an hour, after which it is washed off with clean water. As a rule, along with the vinegar solution, dirt is also washed off.

If the clothes are made of natural wool, then glycerin dissolved in water can be used. It will not only clean the dirt, but also refresh the color of the fabric.

How to wash by hand

Before deciding how to wash a wool coat, weigh the pros and cons. The ideal solution is to contact a dry cleaner, where professionals have the necessary equipment and detergents. This is the only way to ensure that the clothes retain their appearance. Self-washing can lead to the most undesirable irreversible consequences.

It should also be noted that long wool outerwear should not be washed at home. During soaking, the coat should not bend, as this bend will remain on the dried clothes, and it will not work to level it without damage.

So, here are the basic tips on how to wash a wool coat by hand:

  • A third of water is drawn into the bath, the temperature is about 30-40 degrees.
  • Add some liquid detergent for wool to the water and stir well until completely dissolved. Do not use detergents with bleach, as they will damage the fabric.
  • Lower the coat under the water, avoiding longitudinal kinks. Press it to the bottom, but do not squeeze it, just hold it so that the fabric is wetted as much as possible. If there are stains on the clothes, then gently rub them with a soft washcloth.
  • Wool should not be subjected to prolonged soaking, so after 5-10 minutes you can drain the water.
  • Rinse with clean water under a shower or faucet (if length allows).
  • Hold over the tub to make the water glass. You can iron the surface of the fabric a little with your hand, “squeezing out” the water.
  • Lay a terry towel or other absorbent cloth on the floor. Put a coat on it and roll it up. Thus, excess moisture will be absorbed. Unfold and lay to dry.
  • Dry the woolen coat in a horizontal position. Never hang it on a hanger, as wet wool stretches easily and clothes can stretch out.

can the coat be washed

How to wash in a washing machine

Do you think it is possible to wash a wool coat in a washing machine? In some cases it is allowed, but the answer will still be “not desirable”. This method of washing is already very aggressive, so it is impossible to guarantee the preservation of the integrity of the clothes.

laundry bag

Consider how to wash a coat in a typewriter, if you decide to do so:

  • Washing temperature – up to 30 degrees.
  • Washing mode – “delicate” or “wool”.
  • Spin – disable.
  • Drying off.
  • Extra rinse off.
  • Detergent – gel for washing woolen products.
  • Fasten all buttons and zippers, check pockets.
  • It is better to wash a woolen coat in a laundry bag, this prevents the risk that protruding parts (buttons, jewelry, etc.) will catch on the drum and thereby damage the clothes.
  • Dry in the same way as for hand washing – horizontally.
Can wool coats be washed at home?

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