Aroma lamps are a special device consisting of an arch, a container through which water evaporates, and a case where a candle is installed. This object is usually made of ceramics. It is considered the most popular and affordable tool for aromatherapy today. Knowing how to use an aroma lamp with oils and a candle, you can fight depression and even some types of viruses.

The main types of lamps

Oils have a long history. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians wrote about their unique properties. They were a component of various potions and were used in rituals. There was a belief that they are capable of:

  • increase well-being;
  • bring luck;
  • ensure happiness in love affairs.

You can not trust all these superstitions, but you should not question their amazing healing properties. There are different types of aroma lamps. The most common are conventional designs equipped with a candle and electric models. The first are a bowl into which oil or water is poured. The vessel has small dimensions and is placed above the flame. Under the influence of fire, the oil evaporates and simultaneously saturates the air in the room with useful substances.

what is an aroma lamp

The aroma lamp works very simply. It is enough to pour water diluted with 5 drops of oil into the container and put it in the container for heating. You can use an aroma lamp for essential extracts both at home and at work.

You can buy an electric aroma lamp in stores. This is the optimal solution for those who do not want to use candles. Oils are heated using electricity. The design of the lamp consists of a ceramic saucer connected to the power supply. To get a pleasant aroma, it is enough to connect the device to the network. Such an aroma lamp is suitable for use not only in the apartment, but also in any other place. The electric model is suitable for those who do not like the intense smell of essential oils. When using such a lamp, a neutral aroma is formed, thanks to which the device can be placed even on the desktop.

how to use an aroma lamp
Electric aroma lamp

If the purchased aroma lamp has a large enough bowl, you can fill it with water only half its volume the first time and add 5 drops of essential oil to it. Some experts recommend limiting yourself to two drops altogether. This allows the body to gradually adapt to the new aroma.

The aroma lamp has a bowl with a capacity of up to 15 tablespoons of water. The larger the container for the liquid, the slower the aroma of essential oils spreads around the house.

Correct use in aromatherapy

The use of aroma lamps somewhat resembles inhalation methods, but differs in a wider range of action. Such devices are used to aromatize the apartment, but sometimes other purposes are added to it. You can easily provide a special atmosphere of the house, using this or that smell. At the same time, there are medicinal aromas that have a therapeutic effect or contribute to the prevention of certain diseases. Aroma lamps are used in the treatment of:

  • depression;
  • obsessive states;
  • stress;
  • chronic fatigue.

This is a good prevention of dystonia . The use of essential oils contributes to additional effects:

  • strengthening memory;
  • improving intellectual abilities;
  • adding tone.

It is also a good tool for effective prevention of respiratory infections . Most users consider the combination of cinnamon and tangerine oils, which are taken in equal proportions, to be the most ideal. You can light an aroma lamp with such components in the office . A combination of rosemary and lemon is also suitable for this zone. The bedroom requires softer smells, so it is better to use here:

  • ylang-ylang;
  • neroli;
  • lemon balm;
  • lavender

aroma lamp with oils

You can create the right atmosphere in the living room if you fill it with the aromas of orange and lemon.

To stop the spread of viruses , use a combination of tea tree and eucalyptus oils. For a similar purpose, you can use bergamot, sage, tangerine and sandalwood.

Aroma lamps are also an excellent tool for combating cigarette smoke . In this case, the device can be filled with a mixture of lemon grass and rosemary oil.

For those who want to organize a romantic date , a combination of rose, neroli, sandalwood and ylang-ylang is suitable.

To get rid of tension, mental overload , especially when working with a computer, you need a mixture of lemongrass and ginger.

There are certain rules according to which it is necessary to use an aroma lamp:

  • Thoroughly wash the bowl before using the device and rinse it afterwards with water diluted with vinegar.
  • First, take a bowl, pour 5 tablespoons of warm water and add no more than 5 drops of aromatic oil.
  • These are the proportions that must be used for every 15 square meters of the room.
  • You can start with a smaller amount, and later move to more concentrated mixtures.

It is necessary to follow the dosage prescribed for each type of ether extract. You cannot increase the concentration yourself . In this case, you can achieve the opposite effect, when health problems will only intensify.

You can find candles with aromatic wax on sale. Ether extracts have a unique effect on the body, as they contain many small particles that penetrate into cells and tissues. At the same time, they trigger certain reactions in them. Depending on which oil is used, it is possible to achieve an improvement in mood, ensure awakening or, on the contrary, facilitate falling asleep.

Composition for strengthening health

  • Take sesame oil, add 3 drops of sage essential extract, 2 drops each of cinnamon and lavender oil to it, then shake the mixture.
  • Store the mixture in a dry and cool place, use as needed.
  • Apply in the same way as other mixtures, that is, take a certain amount of water, add 5 drops of a mixture of fragrant herbs and put the bowl in the device.

Sesame improves health, promotes relaxation, the right mood of a person, especially if he is dealing with psychological problems that seem unsolvable.

A mixture of essential oils of cedar, allspice and chamomile has a similar effect. Mix them 2 drops at a time. Add 1 drop of peppermint to the finished mixture. 5 drops of the resulting mixture should be combined with water for an aroma lamp and placed in the room where a person spends most of his time.


Inhalation of certain fragrances can lead to allergic reactions, so caution should be exercised. You can start with the minimum amount of oil and gradually increase it to the optimal amount, observing the reaction of the body. The water that is poured into the bowl should always be warm.

Those who chose a standard aroma lamp will need candles. It is better to choose products that do not have a smell. Scented candles emit their own aroma during the operation of the device, which mixes with the smell of essential oils.

That is why experts recommend buying only alcohol-paraffin candles. They are usually sold in a metal shell.

The finished liquid must have the correct temperature. You have to watch out for this. It should not be more than 60 °C. If this indicator has decreased, the release of active substances from the extract will stop. Too intense discharge is also undesirable, as it will have the opposite effect and harm the body.

When going to buy an aroma lamp, you should not focus exclusively on the healing properties of the device. You can choose a model that will become the highlight of the interior and will attract the attention of guests.

If you follow the correct principles of using the aroma lamp, fill it up and light it correctly, the expected effect will be achieved. If you also pay attention to the external design of the device, you can get an object that will look aesthetically pleasing and become an interior decoration. You can refill it with aromatic oils every day. Using such a lamp will benefit all family members.

How to use an aroma lamp with oils and a candle