When choosing sewing accessories, you want it to be not only an inexpensive sewing machine, but also the best. However, even experienced seamstresses cannot point you to a specific model. The decision of what to buy depends on the goals – what you will sew, what stitches are needed, for what fabric. Let’s analyze what to pay attention to, and which models of sewing machines can fit the parameters.

After all, there are different types of such machines, respectively, and you have to choose depending on the task at hand. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to the functions of the equipment.

The best and inexpensive sewing machine

Types of household machines

To begin with, it should be noted that there are several types of household sewing machines. First, these are machines with electromechanical control. This is a very popular option because it is easy to adjust.

In order to select an operation, adjust some characteristics of the seam, it is enough to simply turn the switch.

The speed in this case is also easily changed by adjusting the force of pressing the pedal. Therefore, such a technique is suitable even for a novice seamstress. On average, such models can perform from 4 to 28 operations. Of course, their number significantly affects the price. Electromechanical machines can be equipped with both a horizontal and a vertical shuttle, the advantages and disadvantages of which will be discussed below.

Secondly, today you can buy electronic sewing machines with computer control. Such models can be equipped with both a horizontal shuttle and a proprietary shuttle of an original design, for example, a vertical rotary one. Such machines are equipped with a monitor that allows you to select and adjust seam parameters.

It also displays various information and tips. Many models are equipped with a push-button control panel. The number of performed operations here is fundamentally different – up to 1000 actions. It can be the creation of various decorative seams, patterns, various types of loops. The speed of such a machine can be adjusted:

  • using a pedal;
  • using the control elements on the body.

The top of such machines includes, for example, the Brother Innov-is V5 machine. This is a sewing and embroidery model, that is, it has possibilities for quilting and embroidery, and more than 1900 operations are provided in total. In the review of this machine, it should be noted that it is equipped with a color display that provides convenient image editing. The user can even create their own patterns. There are 17 fonts installed for reference, and there is even Cyrillic and Japanese. The package includes large and small hoops.

Among the advantages of the model, it is necessary to highlight the presence of an energy-saving mode and a high speed of operation. But, of course, you cannot call such a machine budget, and it is designed mainly for experienced seamstresses, it is too complicated for beginners.

how to choose a sewing machine

Availability of additional opportunities

Today, even inexpensive sewing machines for the home, according to reviews, can have impressive additional capabilities.

Many manufacturers try to make work as comfortable as possible. For example, additional electric lighting can be made in the machine. Moreover, it does not consume a lot of energy, since it is made of LEDs. The machines are also equipped with a special sleeve platform for narrow parts. Some models have a reverse button or lever. Almost everywhere there is a possibility of installing a double needle.

Depending on the type of machine and its cost, the functions of automatic thread trimming or automatic fastening, the possibility of adjusting the sewing speed on the body and adjusting the pressure of the presser foot may be available to the user. Accurate positioning of the needle can also be provided.

Experts advise from the very beginning to think about which functions and elements of the configuration are really needed, and which will just be an unnecessary waste of money. For example, a thread puller will provide comfortable sewing for people with poor eyesight.

It is also worth paying attention to machines with a hard cover. It provides reliable storage, and in such a cover it is easier to take the car to the country.

For a beginner

Many people try to choose inexpensive good sewing machines based on reviews. But you need to understand that each seamstress may have her own requirements for such equipment, and it is almost impossible to say unequivocally which machine is suitable in a particular case. But almost all experts agree that it should be clear and easy to manage. And it should be reliable and universal, that is, suitable for all types of fabric. In addition, according to experts, it should definitely have an overlock and elastic seam. However, in reality, a lot depends on what exactly will be sewn on this machine.

choice of sewing machine

For example, if we are talking about furniture covers, then an overlock is not needed. But in this case, you should pay attention to models with at least a small side table and the ability to sew dense fabrics.

For beginning seamstresses, there is no significant difference in which shuttle will be installed on the machine. However, some experts believe that it is best to choose a horizontal shuttle, because then the filling will be easier, and the user will always see when the lower thread ends. In addition, the horizontal shuttle does not need to be lubricated often, and it also provides a smooth thread feed.

A vertical boat also has its advantages. Its reliability is much higher because it does not contain plastic parts. Therefore, with large volumes of work, it can be a more practical choice. It should also be noted that its repair and replacement costs less.

Experienced seamstresses give the following advice to beginners:

  • It is better to choose a model in which not only the case, but also the main parts will be made of metal.
  • A compact sewing machine is more convenient to work with, and it is easier to find a place for it in an apartment.
  • High power allows you to work with dense fabrics. The higher this indicator, the thicker the material that this machine will sew.
  • For dense fabrics, such characteristics of the machine as the ability to raise the presser foot high and automatic adjustment are also important.
  • Of all types of seams, there must be a “zigzag” and looping.
  • The complete set of the sewing machine must necessarily include replaceable needles and feet.
  • It should be taken into account that the number of operations does not correspond to the number of stitch types, and simple budget models do not have manual stitch length adjustment.

purchase of a sewing machine

Important points

Of course, a sewing machine for home use, according to reviews, should be compact and silent. You can often find recommendations in which novice users are advised to buy models of such brands as Janome, Bernina, as well as Brother and Family, as they demonstrate the optimal ratio of cost and quality. As an example, we can cite the electromechanical model Janome 7524E. It is designed for 24 operations.

But in fact, the list is not limited to the listed companies. You can also safely include Husqvarna Viking E20 in the rating for beginners. There are already 35 operations provided here, there is a knitted and overlock seam, the presser foot pressure is adjustable, you can work with any fabrics.

The Pfaff Smarter 260c also belongs to the middle price segment. The manufacturer provided it with a horizontal shuttle and an electronic switch. There are also 27 operations, including looping. A powerful engine allows you to work with any fabrics.

There are also mini models that are often bought by beginners. But usually such machines are not very functional due to low power.

Silent options

Users want to buy not only reliable, but also silent sewing machines. Contrary to a common misconception, the noise level is determined not so much by the shuttle, but by a set of characteristics inherent in the model of a particular company, including the quality of assembly. So a horizontal shuttle does not necessarily give a quiet ride, and it is better to read real reviews and reviews on the forums that will help you make a choice.

In particular, high-quality and practically silent machines are produced by the already mentioned brand Dzhanom. A good choice would also be the Bernette B33, equipped with a vertical shuttle and designed for 15 operations.

Equipment for the experienced user

Currently, there are many models on the market designed for more experienced users. However, the list of brands will be practically the same as the one given above, since the same companies also produce top sewing machines.

It is believed that for experienced users, models with a horizontal shuttle are a more suitable option, as it provides a higher sewing speed compared to a vertical one. There are also vertical rotary shuttles, this is a separate variety that provides the best sewing performance, but these models belong to the highest price category.

It is also worth paying attention to the characteristics of the automatic loop and the quality of the stitching.

A machine for an experienced seamstress must include:

  • overlock and knitted seam;
  • various decorative stitches.

In electronic models, there are usually at least three dozen such seams. True, on household sewing machines, it will still not be possible to achieve the same quality by basting the loop as on industrial machines, but in most cases it is not necessary.

As for the quality of the stitching, it depends on many parameters, including the density of the material. Therefore, it is better to take a car with a more powerful engine to achieve a good result.

The best and inexpensive sewing machine