Beautiful and practical blinds provide the house with protection from sunlight and interesting views. But over time, even the most beautiful and high-quality slats become covered with dust, and unaesthetic spots may appear on kitchen slats, so sooner or later every housewife will have to figure out how to wash vertical blinds at home. And if any curtains can simply be washed, then in this case there are much more nuances.

Main points

It is necessary to take into account the type of construction (horizontal or vertical), as well as the material from which the curtain is made. At the same time, various difficulties may arise. Although any books and manuals on housekeeping write that you just need to sweep the lamella plates with a special broom, most often such dry cleaning does not give the desired result, and when it is wet, splashes fall on the glass. It is also difficult to remove the blinds, as there is a risk of damaging the mechanism.

How to wash vertical blinds at home

The easiest way to clean vertical blinds is to dry them. It gives a good effect if there are no complex stains on the surface. For example, in the living room or bedroom. It is enough to remove the dust with a dry sponge or a vacuum cleaner. When using a special broom for cleaning dust, dust is inevitably found in the air and scattered throughout the room. To make cleaning easier, you need:

  • humidify the air regularly, using a sprayer for this purpose;
  • it is best to change the position of the slats several times during cleaning so that dust can be removed from the entire surface.

Vertical blinds are most often made of plastic, metal or fabric, so there are no restrictions for this method of cleaning with these materials. This option is not suitable for a children’s room or for the kitchen, here you will have to clean the lamellas using detergents.


In case of serious pollution, there is only one option – wet cleaning. In connection with this, the question always arises, with what means can be washed vertical blinds. Experts recommend the following options:

  • Soap solution. It is best to take household soap for him. A piece of such soap is crushed or rubbed on a grater and dissolved in water.
  • Baking soda can also be used as a solution. But in order to remove stains, it is recommended to first rub the problem area with dry powder.
  • Dishwashing detergent is suitable for blinds that hang on the kitchen window, as it dissolves grease well. In this case, a solution is also made by pouring a small amount of the product into the prepared water. Specific proportions depend on the concentration of the gel.
  • Washing powder is also used in solution. However, it should be remembered that hand washing powders produce a lot of foam. Therefore, later you will have to spend a lot of time on rinsing and washing.

Some housewives believe that it is better to take products with a higher concentration of the active substance or to purchase more aggressive household chemicals. However, this should not be done, since the components included in their composition can spoil even undemanding plastic lamellas.

Proper washing

Another relevant question is how to properly wash vertical blinds? Housewives are most concerned about the need to remove them from the window, as there is always a risk that the mechanism will be damaged. Fortunately, this is not always necessary. The main thing is to act carefully, otherwise you can spray the window glass and increase the amount of work.

  1. The slats of the blinds are moved to the position of maximum protection from the sun, so that a continuous canvas is obtained.
  2. Dust is removed from them using a vacuum cleaner or a broom, as described above.
  3. Inspect the plates, if necessary, additionally treat stains, and after that you can proceed to the washing procedure.
  4. Each strip is carefully wiped with a detergent solution, and then rinsed with clean water. For this, it is recommended to use a sponge, and only later, when the blinds will be wiped dry, you will need to take a napkin. The main thing is that there is no lint on it, otherwise it will stick to the slats.

This is the easiest way to wash plastic blinds. Some lamellas can even be left soaked for a long time if there are stains on them. Metal blinds require more careful handling. They cannot be left wet for a long time (10-15 minutes at most), as any metal is subject to corrosion caused by water. Therefore, you will have to literally wash and dry each lamella separately, wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

Metal lamellas can be washed with a sponge, and for perforated parts it is better to use a brush. But only it should be soft so as not to scratch the paint with which the plate is covered. Therefore, an old toothbrush will be a better choice.

Dismantling blinds

If you need to clean the blinds from heavy dirt, they will have to be removed from the window. To begin with, it will be necessary to understand their design. A distinctive feature of such a system is vertically located lamellas fixed on a straight eaves. At the bottom, they are attached to the guide. To wash them thoroughly, you need to unfasten them carefully.

how to wash fabric vertical blinds

To do this, you should open the structure, making the strips form a continuous canvas, and then remove the dust as described above. On the leading slats, you need to find the side plugs and open them. After that, take out the weights and the chain – all this is located in the lower part of the bars. Strips are carefully removed from the eaves. If we are talking about fabric blinds, then the slats can be easily rolled into a roll.

Fortunately, today there are smartphones, and the process of disassembling the mechanism can be photographed on them, so that it is easier to assemble later. Further actions depend on the material from which the blinds are made. For example, plastic lamellas can easily be washed with running water.

Many housewives want to know how to wash vertical fabric blinds at home if they are heavily soiled, for example with grease in the kitchen. Let’s analyze this process:

  1. Twist the lamellas into rolls.
  2. Put in bags used for washing delicate fabrics.
  3. Pour the prepared solution of dishwashing detergent into the bath and leave the lamellas there for 15-20 minutes so that the fat-soluble components of the gel have time to act.
  4. After that, you will need to wash each strip with a sponge and rinse under the shower.
  5. At the end of the lamella, it is necessary to dry it and only then assemble the window structure back.

Be sure to remove all stains. For this, a solution of water and ammonia is used. This tool is carefully applied to the stain and wait for some time, and then washed off. Alternatively, you need to apply it to a sponge and wipe the problem area with it. But only the washcloth should not be wet, but only slightly damp. You can add a small amount of soda to this solution, then it will be possible to remove even old stains.

Some housewives in such cases treat stains with a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. But there are no guarantees that this product itself will not leave stains, and this applies to both fabric and plastic blinds, so it is better not to risk it.

how to dry curtain slats

General rules

If the owners still decide to wash the vertical blinds and not limit themselves to wet cleaning, then first you need to clarify the fabric composition and read the care instructions for such products. In the future, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Washing can be done no more than once a year. The fact is that during the production of slats, blinds are treated with a special impregnation that prevents dust and dirt from collecting on the surface of the fabric. If the blinds are washed too often, this coating will wash out quickly.
  • Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • The method of washing or cleaning depends on the materials vertical blinds are made of. Natural fabrics and jacquard are not machine washable, but can be hand washed. Fiberglass blinds can only be cleaned, including wet cleaning.
  • For washing, you can use only liquid detergent, since ordinary washing powder is practically impossible to rinse from the material from which the blinds are made.
  • The water temperature during washing should not be higher than 30 °C, otherwise the lamellas will be deformed.
  • When washing by machine, it is advisable to set the program for additional rinsing.
  • The spin and drying functions cannot be started under any circumstances.

Compliance with these rules will allow you to clean the blinds from contamination without spoiling their shape. You can wash blinds in a machine or by hand. In the latter case, of course, there is a great temptation to use a brush. But this cannot be done, because the protective impregnation is removed faster, and the fabric itself can be damaged.

You can wash blinds in the machine only in the laundry bags described above. At the same time, it is recommended to choose a mode designed for delicate washing of thin clothes. And, as already mentioned, you cannot start the spin and drying mode.

Blinds can only be dried naturally. This means that speeding up the process with the help of heat devices is also contraindicated. You can dry the lamellas on an ordinary clothesline, while you cannot bend the strips, you need to hang them along their entire length, using clothespins for this. If you ignore the listed rules, the blinds may lose their shape and color.

How to wash vertical blinds at home